In the Darkness

I can hear her, she calls to me from the Darkness.

I can see her as she sits in the Darkness,

I can feel her loneliness in the Darkness.

I can feel her heart breaking in the Darkness.

I can hear her screams of pain in the Darkness.

Yet no matter how hard I run, I can not reach her in the Darkness.

I call to her, and yet I can not find her in the Darkness.

I can feel the fear, anxiety and panic that has her overwhelmed in the Darkness.

The Darkness is deep and vast; it consumes and devours faith, hope, and Love.

I can hear her cries and I can feel her fear.

I am at my wits’ end! Where can she be?

I need to get to her but when I think I am close; the Darkness consumes my progress once more!

I am desperate to find her in the Darkness! She cries out my name, I can hear her from the Darkness. Is this just a Game??

My progress is like a long hallway and the floor moves in the opposite direction.

I can hear her, I can sense her, I can feel her so near.

I am desperate I can not handle being away from her; I need to find her, I can take no more.

I wake up lonely, living in a void of despair, I am trapped in the Darkness and I am so scared.

I can’t live without her, I know I lost her so long ago; I need her back I can’t go on; I feel it in my soul.

I am lost without her; I hear her cries from the Darkness; I feel it connects us, but I don’t know how to reach her.

I’ve look in every nook and cranny in my shadowy world, I have meditated till I can not anymore.

I scream and cry and run as fast as I can, yet still no progress to be at hand.

I need her; I know this deeply, yet I still can not find her.

Am I missing something what more can I do, I have called back to her but I fear there is nothing I can do.

It is there in the Darkness I fear my answer is there.

Can it be?

No, it can’t be.

Am I the one lost in the Darkness?


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