As simple as speaking to Spirit

One thing I can say for the past year, is that I have found it super simple to stay in touch with the spirit realm. AKA Home!

It is strange to say out loud to others how I hear from spirit that this or that is going to happen.

And things happen. I get some sideways glances and those nervous little laughs. I really don’t mind, but it has me feeling alone in this world.

The funny thing to me is I hear spirit more when I am vacuuming or doing something. I asked Spirit why, spirit told me it was because I get out of my mind and can hear them easier. As they explained (and yes, there is more than one) but I pretty much only hear a female voice.

No, I do not have any mental disorders that I know of.

As Spirit has told me, we can communicate with them anytime we want. And no, they do not vibrate at a higher level, which is supposed to make it harder for them to communicate with us. They are always talking to us. They use many ways to reach out to us. It is the lowly human that has a hard time getting out of their limited teaching and thinking. Only the human vibrated at a low energy.

Life here on this Earth plane is far from fair, nor does it give us all that we desire. Life is about making mistakes, taking risks and finding that inner peace, with all that is happening around us. NOT AN EASY FEAT!

There is no one golden rule, there are many ways we came to live this lifetime, I have yet to find out why we have to suffer so much. I have asked, and the answer is, because you wanted to experience everything.

Now I have a hard time thinking I planned to come down here, acquired a disease and live with all the limitations that come with it. But I will have to check up on that once I get back home.

The teaching of this world makes it hard for us to find that inner voice that is there to guide us. There is not one book out there that tells us, we are the most powerful being in this world. That there is not one ruler out there that we must obey! There is no manual that tells us it is okay to have a quiet conversation in our head, that those emotions we have are our internal compass and that we are all connected to one source. NOT one and I have LOOKED!!

As spirit has shown me through my trails and tribulations, I am the only one who can improve my life, that may take a different thought or losing a negative learned thought! Life is not commanded by a being who judges you on how well you do rules and regulations. Sorry to burst the bubble, but you are the only one who holds yourself accountable to stupid things. And yes, they are stupid when you examine the rules you follow closer and with an open mind.

My sister-in-law has cancer, she has fought hard and long to get over the medical damage she has undergone. The only reason this poor lady has lasted as long as she has, is her will to survive. She has survived all the medical intervention, finding out that they were hurting her more than helping her. Most of us learn this the hard way as well.

One day she was talking about how God was angry at her. He had helped her through one bout of cancer to only smite here when it came back. I asked spirit why would a all knowing all loving god be so ugly to bless then take away that blessing? Spirit said there is no such law and to feel in my heart that my sister-in-law was under a limited thought about where she came from. They taught her to fear, and that if she somehow displeased her god, he would punish her.

Sprit has shown me that even in the ugliest times of this world, it is man who allows himself to be harassed, frightened and manipulated into doing things that make him sad, depressed and angry.

I have fallen into these fearful times; I have wished to leave this earth for I was so scared of the rumors and the harassment that I seen playing out on MSM (Main stream media) and SM (Social Media). If I stopped watching the TV news or The F.U. BOOK, I fell better instantly and I stop panicking.

How awful are those who are on a power trip and want to control those who they look down upon? Those men and women who we voted in to work for the betterment of our world for us. See, we are the ones to blame for the unlawful and ugliness. We the people have given our rights away and allow the ugly and hateful to run our country under the guise that we need to be ruled. Most who are in power are mentally ill, I feel, and do not know who they truly are. The blind leading the blind.

I have walked through that valley of shadows, those who are mindlessly manipulated and are only allowed to speak when spoken to or to follow the herd of lost souls.

It is a coming time, one of big changes, and there will be those who will make it and there will be those who won’t. It is up to the individual to walk the path that they feel most comfortable with. It is up to them to open themselves up to their truth.

I asked Spirit the other day what will happen now as I see people turning on brother, sister, mother, father, family, and friends? Spirit told me it will become worse, that it will only affect those who need it. That there are those of us who came to witness and be here in these changing times.

Spirit told me to watch and listen, to be here but do not absorb. To watch where I get my information from and to trust nothing from outside myself. That many wonderful changes are happening and all will work out for the best, but there will be losses, and those will be because that was their choice.

Life moves in and out like the ocean, it moves and flows like a river; it is gentle and hard like the wind. I came here to be tested, to find my way to a peaceful, loving place no matter what may happen around me. It gave me the emotions to find all I need to heal, love, live and become. Spirit is always talking, showing and helping me make the best decisions. I only have to get out of the outside world and focus on what is in my heart.

This post will find the right people who need to hear this message, and some will find this post unsettling. Spirit would say, stop, feel the words, and then decide on what your heart is telling you…


9 responses to “As simple as speaking to Spirit”

  1. I love this.Thank you so much for it. I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in 2016 I wish to God I never had the medical intervention which was both surgery and radiotherapy.. I really believe i did not need that diagnosis. and the intervention did more harm than God.. I did not go for the last two follow up checks.. I believe Spirit can help us heal the angels such as Raphael can help us to know what foods to eat and actions to take to stay well. I love this so much i am going to reblog it.. thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom.

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    1. good I meant to write but what a typo!

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    2. I agree with you. I went to school to learn Holistic Health, to help me recover from a medical induced injury. I have not been back to a GP in over 15 years. It’s amazing how God/spirit directed you to how to heal through God’s medicine chest here on this earth and our spirit world. You are amazing!

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      1. I decided to stop seeing doctors after that cancer experience. I am sorry you went through that but if it helps us to grow then its a good thing.. the old model does not take into account spiritual issues or carried trauma from past generations either.. of of which affects our physical and emotional health.. sending you lots of positive vibes..

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  2. Reblogged this on Emerging From The Dark Night and commented:
    This is so chock full of wisdom… I just had to share.. it really spoke to a truth..

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m so sorry you were injured, by the very people we trust to help us heal. Thank you so much for sharing. Sending healing energies!

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      1. It okay its the medical model.. i believe that our spirit chooses all of this for us to learn.. do you know of Anita Moorjhani.. She has a lot to say about how the medical model is not very helpful if we dont lean on our own inner knowing.. She died of terminal lymphoma and came back after seeing she got sick as she was not living a life of self love. its a very interesting story…

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      2. She has videos on You Tube.. her book What If This is Heaven is well worth a read.. I have a post in process on that book.. I must get it finished…

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