The red-headed Witch of Phantom Canyon

This is the story of the Red-headed Witch of Phantom Canyon, haven’t heard of her? Well then, you’re in for a treat! Sit back and let me tell you the story! There are many stories of the Red-headed witch. This is just one of the many!

It was a beautiful day for a drive. Our beautiful red-head witch thought as they drove up the winding road of Phantom Canyon. A beautiful little canyon up above the town of Penrose, Colorado.

The canyon is full of wildlife, a babbling clear stream and so many yellow and orange flowers. A Mountain road switching back and forth as it follows the cut of the stream. The canyon walls so high that you could only see the light blue sky above.

It had Carol, feeling like she drove into a magical forest, and she loved it, it was perfect because there was no phone service here.

Carol was a witch, a tall, beautifully red headed witch. She was also an elemental witch. She worked with herbs and the elements of the earth, the energies of the earth. A healer.

As Carol and her partner traveled and followed the curves of the mountain road, Carol could see herself running along the stream. Dipping her feet in the cold water and enjoying the scent of the pines, to feel the breath of mother nature in her hair.

After some time on the road, the pair found a nice, open place to pull the Black Nissan over. It was picture perfect. There was a cliff where you could see the stream down below, and a meadow that ran to meet the forest, like two long-lost lovers. Wild flowers and blooming cactus covered the walls of the cliff.

It was the perfect place to have a light lunch and then go hunt up some white quartz. Carol loved to collect stones, pine cones, wild mountains sage and herbs.

As she and her partner finish up with Lunch they gather their bags for gathering their treasures and start out towards the cliff, which had a nice little game trail which lead to the stream and the meadow below. Carol was so excited about the hike.

But something told her to stop. She puts out her arm and stopped her partner. He looked at her, puzzled. She put her fingers to her lips and told him to listen with her other hand.

Carol had this sick feeling like doom and negativity were coming their way. She motioned for her partner to follow her behind an outcrop of large boulders. He followed her, still with a puzzled look on his face. But he knew that this wonderful woman has magical. And she was reading the energies on the wind currents. The earth and spirit talked to her, and he had seen this many times.

He can’t feel it, but he can read her and she is showing him that there is danger coming their way.

Carol and her partner make it to the boulders just as a large van comes around one of the many bends of the mountain road. It was silver with a messed up front bumper and one of the back window broken out and replaced with some partical board. It slowed down as it came up on their black Nissan.

Carol put out the intention that the silver van keep going, the feeling of anger and destruction reaching out and making her feel fear. But the intention was ignored, and the van pulled over on the opposite side of the road from their car.

Carol closed her eyes and summoned the spirits of earth to help her use the elements of the earth. It is said that she could feel the power of the spirits surround her. Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and spirit all surrounding her that day. Her body feeling the energies rush in, and she took on a white light gleam.

Her Partner watched as she breathed in deeply. He knew she was gathering her powers.

Carol and her Partner watched as two men in their thirties got out of the van and crossed over to Carol’s car. They looked in the windows and tried the doors. Of course, they were locked, because she and her partner were on their way to the meadow down below.

The two men looked around and walked towards the game trail. Carol knew she needed to do something. She didn’t want these men to know that there were two of them. It would be better to take them by surprise if anything was to go down.

So Carol used the wind to throw her voice to a different outcrop of boulders just behind the two men. ” Can I help you? What do you want?’

This startled the two men, and they turned around to face the voice. One guy recovered quickly and yelled out, ” hey, come out and play.”

Carol used the wind to move her voice to another place behind some trees that were across the road. “Nope, you both need to move on and leave me alone! You need to move on!”

The two men laughed and walked towards the voice by the trees. Carol summoned up the wind energy into her hands and with a wave of her hand, she directed a blast of wind towards one man. The gust of wind hit the man in the back and sent him stumbling, like he had tripped over a rock. His buddy looked at him, puzzled, and looked at the ground.

The guy turned towards the gust of wind.

Carol could feel his ugliness, and she was tired of playing with these two. She would not allow these two to cause her to feel afraid.

She hollered out by the trees again, ” leave and you and your friend will not get hurt!”

Now here is the thing, Carol and her partner always carry a weapon, with the world like it is , and being in the mountains, you always protect yourself. But she would much rather use elemental magic than to use violence.

The other man left his buddy and walked towards the rock where she and her partner were hiding. So Carol summoned more wind, rocks and dirt this time.

” You need to move on. This is moronic.” She called out!

This time, her voice coming from the rock where she was hid.

She looked at her partner and whispered to him to move closer to the cliff but stay behind the boulder. Her Partner agreed and knew she would let him help her if things got out of hand.

She gathered more earth and rocks, with a wave of her hand, she flung them towards the two men. Both were hit hard by the gust of wind and pelted by the rocks. It stung them both, and pushed them backwards a couple of feet, and they looked up in surprise, holding their chest where the rocks and earth had hit.

Carol summoned more wind and rocks and created a dust devil and pushed it towards them, the mini tornado enveloping them.

While the men were distracted, Carol whispered to her partner to sneak over to the car and get ready to leave.

Now she stepped out from behind the boulders, armed with her magic. She made the land shimmer behind her so you could not see the cliff behind her. The shimmer made a mirage that looked like the ground was flat.

One of the two men finally cleared his eyes of the dirt and debris, saw his chance and took off running towards her. The other guy was still too stunned and blinded to react yet and stood there looking around.

The guy advanced on Carol and just as he went to reach her; she dashed behind the boulder, causing this guy to run through the shimmer and over the cliff. And this cliff, let me tell you, was very steep and full of trees, rocks and cactus.

The guy went over the edge and bounced all the way down the rocks, through the trees and hit a couple of cactus as he journeyed down the mountain’s side.

His buddy gained some mental awareness and ran over to see what had happened. Carol, in the meantime, glimmered herself to look like the countryside and snuck to the car.

She and her partner took off toward the town of Pinon. Once there, they called the sheriff and The Department of Wild Life.

The man who tumbled down the mountain didn’t fare well. He had many bumps and bruises, a broken leg and a couple of broken ribs.

They arrested them both, as you can imagine, one taken to the hospital, the other to jail.

It was found out later that both men had been harassing couples in the canyon for sometime and could get away with it because there was no cell service. But see, they didn’t realize Karma comes around and a beautiful witch was there to take them down that day.

So when you take a drive through Phantom Canyon, remember the red-headed witch that took out the evil of two nasty men.

Written by Witchyanwise stories

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