The division of the season

Here we are in that time of year, where we look to the heavens and look for joy. I find not much joy to see with the world going down. ‘Tis’ the season, but there isn’t much to celebrate.

Wow, this could be a real cry maker, you think?

The one thing I have been discovering in this planademic, is all the gossip, all the negativity, the dis-hearted, and the way we treat each other, is the new FLU in the world.

WOW, what a mess!!

It doesn’t matter what you believe in this made-up drama, the one thing that rings true is we are all being divided and conquered.

We are just voting for one more slave owner, someone, to tell us what to do. It doesn’t matter who it is, the ones in power are pretty much all the same. Those in power only care about how many they can control. We have repeated it many times in our history don’t believe me then look it up!!

You and I were born to be free to live, to learn, to love. Controlled and harassed every living day of our lives is not to be the new normal.

As I watch this Shit show, reveal its self, the sadder I became. Yes, became.

Not anymore. I have stepped up and taken back my reactions to this mess of a world.

The first thing I have learned is, I allow others to go down that road of control. It is their choice.

Second thing I have learned, I will not be a part of what they want to create.

Third thing, I am here to live the best life I can and I do not have to be sucked into the drama of those who want drama.

The best thing I have witnessed is that when I allow what others think, say and do, affect me, I become a mess. My emotions are all whacked out and I can not live the happy life I want. NO, life is not perfect, it is messy, yet I am not under rules to absorb the BS of those in this world.

I am learning to watch, to be in this time and place, and to allow others to think and speak what they will. Cool thing is, I do not have to put my two cents in unless I want to and then accept the consequences.

So with the division of the world, it has become apparent that the only way we will ever see the smiles of strangers, the smiles of our children and get back our God given freedom, is to find a way back to a caring society. It is time to hug our families, friends, and those we hold dear in our hearts. It is time to step away from the fear they have fed us for many generations.

It is time to stand up and say NO to those who are sick in mind and want us to compile. It is time to take back our states from those who think they are kings and queens. I elected those who are in the office to work for us the PEOPLE!!

It is time to quiet fearing the germ and embrace the magnificence of the body! It is time to wake up and stop being lazy.

My son, who is a police officer and in his 30s, told me he believed that there is no way we could self govern ourselves. WHY? I asked him? He had no reason. He just said that we needed to control and tell others what to do. How sad this made me feel for his generation. How sad that I taught my son how to be a coward and to be lazy. He is a wonderful man and I love him, but he is lazy to believe we need others to control our world. It is easier to have someone tell you how you should feel, think and be!


I love being free to think, to live, and to wear my emotions on my sleeves. I love to walk in life with a smile, to cry when someone or something hurts me. I love to live! My Step daughter told me her mom told her she needed to stop crying after she had surgery, that crying would keep her from healing. I told her that her mother was wrong. Crying helps the pain, it helps us heal; it is good to cry!

Why are we taught not to live our emotions?

This past year, as I watched my freedom taken away, I really wanted to exit this life. I do not want others to tell me when to go home, what to wear, how to feel!! My depression at being locked down for the entire year was overwhelming. We are living in small concentration camps and being deluded that we are free!! There are those who wear clothes around their faces and look hollow. There are no more smiles, just fear and division. I miss the warm smiles, to talk to a stranger about the weather, to laugh and to be free to be the Being I was born here to be.

This Christmas means so much more to me. It is the last Christmas that might be. Our children are being taught to fear one another, to fear themselves. They are being taught not to hug or cry or be! This Christmas we, the parents, the grandparents, have taken the very lives of ourselves and children and thrown them away, because we are too lazy to fight for our God-given rights to walk free on this earth!

There is no germ out there that we have not faced before. God created us to fight off those things that may disrupt our every day journey. Life is about learning how to transverse through the in and outs of what life will throw at us.

My Husband and I got the flu or CV last month. We run a fever, felt a tightness in our chest, had a cough, felt tired. It felt like a mild case of the flu. I have not been sick in nearly 5 years so it was a kind of weird I came down with a cold. But my husband and the guys and gals he works with all came down with this cold. There is no test for the CV. Again I say this! The PCR test is not meant to pick up this strain of the virus. Those very words came from the creator of the CV test (LOOK IT UP) Of course, the independent unreliable Fake Checkers say differently. Check into the fake checkers out there, you all!!

Amazing how the Cold and the Flu is now cured once the CV came to town.

I took care of it with natural medicines from our creator above, four days of staying warm, eating well, staying away from others and I feel amazing. AND get this——> I HAVE LYME DISEASE! Yep, I am one who should, by what the doctors say, should have died from this disease! If I were to believe the mainstream media, I should have been rushed to the hospital and killed off with antibiotics and put on a ventilator, even though the CDC says there is a 99.98% survival rate!!

I feel for those who have died in our world. As those who have been placed on ventilators who were murdered by doctors who are only in this for the money. Those put on pharmaceuticals that have over an arm’s length of side effects. I fear for those who are accepting these kinds of treatments without researching the side effects. I fear for those who will accept from the Main Stream Media that CV is what it is! Where is the medical research on this virus?? Why am I not able to download the research?


All this information is out there. I have looked into all, plus I use common sense on all this BS as well. But here is the magic of who you are. YOU do not have to believe me! YOU ARE FREE TO BELIEVE WHAT YOU WANT!

My God given birth right into this world is my passport to freedom. I do not owe anyone anything! I have only myself to watch over. That is the amazing creating creature that is me!! To love others is to allow them the freedom to do what they will. If they do something cruel, then they will suffer the consequences. It all evens out, and I am here to witness and learn from it.

There is nothing in this world you will take back to the other side. You will only have your memories. THAT’S ALL!! So if it were up to me, which it is? I am going to make the best memories I can. And no, I WILL NOT BE A SLAVE to the BS of those who want to control the masses.

Fear is a choice, educating yourself is a choice, living life by others rules is a choice, dying healthy is a choice, being free is a choice. There is no if’s in or and’s about it!! Life is a choice, who you love is a choice, how you react is a choice.

My one Christmas wish this year is that the division that was created by fear mongering by the acceptance of non scientific facts from made up beliefs of others, be defeated and we come back together as the spiritual beings our powers of being meant us to be.

Hope all of you find your way back from the enslavement handed you and you come out on the other side stronger.

United, we are strong!


3 thoughts on “The division of the season

  1. Needed ro stop crying!!! WTF the truth is many want others to shut down just like they did..but we are born to express and not conform to unhealthy shit. Im with you on all.of this 💖toxic controlling ego loves to divide and conquer!! Also to claim the moral high ground

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