Connecting with your Chi

In these uncertain times, I have been following my emotions. Of course, they all seem to go in many directions. I ended up having to take some time away from my home. I love my house, and I have tried to make it my vacation spot, but there is something about leaving and going off somewhere. I think you appreciate that which you leave and then come back.
I found myself in a deep depression that I could not meditate or emotionally feel my way out.
I live with someone who looks at everything negatively. It is hard to be around that day in and day out. I know I am learning how to find my center, find good feelings, and leave them alone to their own choices and feelings. We are all free to do as we please.
Yet, I am one who likes to uplift and is uplifted. I love that feeling!!
Life is supposed to be full of differences that help us send out energies to what we want.
When I found I could not bounce back into a more positive emotion, I knew I needed to find my Chi!
Life is a messenger from the spiritual realm. I know which messages to follow and which ones to let go.
I know I am not just bones and blood. I am an energetic being here on this Earth plane, learning how to create joyous days.
There is no right or wrong way to experience Earth Life. The one thing we forget is to enjoy the journey. Even though some wish to live in a limited lifestyle, it does not mean it is wrong. It is what they were and do. The only way this can affect me is if I allow for it to affect me. My reaction is my message from my inner being; paying attention to what it is saying is my job.
Life is a journey; there is no end; there is no getting to the end; there are only new beginnings.
I found my energy Chi once more when I took time away from the everyday things I do. I made happier choices. I let go and allowed myself to be happy with what I was doing at that moment in my life.
I found that spirit is always talking to me, still guiding me toward joy.
My natural state of mind is supposed to be calm and peaceful.
I found that the very birds are messengers from the spirit world. All that is living has messages from the other side. Energy is our living fuel. I found I needed to pay attention to this energy more; energy is in my food, and I take in the very breath of life. We need these energies to survive.
But as with anything in this world, we have to take the time to clean or cleanse it. Energy can become muddled, negative, and emotionless.
Have you ever, after going to a restaurant, come home only to have a terrible tummy ache? You think well it may have been to food, but what if those who handled your food had destructive energies or where your food came from had negative energies attached to it? If you were listening to your energies, your spirit would have noticed that you felt a little odd about that food. That it had an off taste, or you just knew you shouldn’t have eaten it. How many times do you ignore those feelings??
As I allowed these thoughts to come to the forefront of my mind, it was as if I remembered something ancient. I felt I connected with a deeper understanding of who I am. The powerful me came up to help me find my way out of this depression and uncertainty I was feeling!
It is okay to be healthy, happy, and full of abundance. It is okay to want!! If others tell you-you are selfish, tell them, thank you!!
I remembered who I am again, and all the power of my Chi in me.
You might ask what is Chi? The vital force believed in Taoism and other Chinese thought to be inherent in all things. The unimpeded circulation of Chi and a balance of its negative and positive forms in the body are held to be essential to good health in traditional Chinese medicine.
We are given all the tools to deal with what is happening in this Earth realm; those tools are touch, sight, taste, sound, feelings, emotions, and spirit; one must find his way through life with all these tools.
This life is about you, not about others; we are all here to learn and live. We co-create, but we are not responsible for how others deal with this life.
We are all free to choose what we want and what we do not want. That is real freedom. That is connecting with your Chi, not being afraid to be your authentic self, no matter how scary it may be. Life is about mistakes, which are not mistakes; they are life lessons.

“Your work has nothing to do with the problem; it is the lining up with source.” Abraham Hicks.


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