The extinction of the individual

My thought for the day.  As I keep an eye on what is going on around me, I notice one very prominent component in what is being played out.  There are no individuals anymore.  There are only masses.  Those who do try and be themselves are beaten and tortured until they succumb to the rights or the lefts of the world.

It reminds me of the KitKat bar commercial. Did they foretell that we would have this kind of subdivision??? If you are not for the left, then you will be removed and visa versa.  WHY?

Where has that rare and magnificent beast the individual gone?  Have we been so dummied down that we know not where we indeed come from?  I have for years preached that I am a spiritual being having an incredible journey as a human.  I feel as if I am all alone in this world that I live in.   If you are not of a group, be it of color, religion, working man/woman, political, vaccinated, or any other number of ways of being a mass, then you are frowned upon. WHY??

What happens to the individual dreams, cares, wants, and being? What happened to being of ones self, dream, achieving, and loving amongst the others in your life?  As I see it, there are not may such people out there like me.  Or there are so few that they like me have had to find a place of solitary existence.

What makes me sad is that as a spirit, I came here to live in a culture of differences, to experience the triggers of what others do and say.  But not lose myself in their behaviors or thoughts.  I came here to live in a free world where any dream and any desire was yours to try and do.  Yet the masses have given up their rights to these beautiful gifts and became lazy!  Those who would rather have everything given to them and not know how great it was to enjoy that time of living around others, watching them obtain their dreams, are genuinely lost!

Those who have lost their individuality follow the crowds and do things without a thought in their mind.  Some do as they are told, or there are the ones who tried to be themselves and got tired of the fight.  It is easy to follow the crowd to do what you are told. I guess? I could never stand to be told what to do.  I loved to be a free thinker and have discussions that made others uncomfortable.  I loved to be different!!

I come from an evil place, and I do believe that conforming to the masses is evil.  There is no room for individuality in a conforming world.  As I struggled to right, the wrongs did against me, I came out the other side very protective of myself.  I do not allow others to browbeat me into submission.  I stand in a place of hard love, and that love is my shield and sword.  I do draw lines in the sand, and I will fight for my individuality.  Not many do I see do the same.  Most start out strong, but when they fall weak, they allow the world to overcome them and fall back in line with the rest.   It takes dedication to oneself to reach a kind of nirvana of the true self.  Not many seem to be up to the task anymore.  I would say that is due to the drumming down of the spirit.  I was suppressed by my parents, school, medical, and religion.  In No way, were you meant to find the strength to stand tall and protect the individual!! That is a no-no in this age of the world.

Medicine and big pharma now control you.  The government is no longer ruled by the people; it has become cancer to the people.  There is no self; there are only the numbers in the masses.

I struggled with the wounds of the medical mafia and won by only a small margin.  I will have scares deeply embedded in my skin and soul.   There will never be another time they will get to do what they did to me.

As I watch the fear train that has been created in our society, I am saddened to see that there are very few who are of their own accord.  I do see those who are being prayed upon, paid, and feared to do terrible things to themselves and the rest of the world.  NO, where do I see the individual that is not beaten and taught to be submissive once more!  I know Social and mainstream media keeps us in a fear-based station in life.  The rare and magnificent individual is on the execution list!

I am becoming a very rare bred.  I will not go quietly into that night, but rise above and stand up to the masses of control.  I will not tire and give in to their fear.  I will stand up and be the spiritual being I am, and I will fight for my right to live as an INDIVIDUAL!! Who will find the courage to do the same?  Will you find that person that you lost so long ago, or will it be too late?

It starts at home, not with the masses! Take care of yourself and grow strong in your individuality!  Become that warrior and stand up to the tyranny of this world.  It is time to educate and acknowledge that there is a problem! Stand up, my fellow INDIVIDUALS!!

Beneath this mask, there is more than flesh Mr. Creedy. Beneath this mask, there is an idea. And ideas are bulletproof.  — V for Vendetta

“You will not be good teachers if you focus only on what you do and not upon who you are.”
― Rudolf Steiner


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