Be authentic

This is one of those days where I need to get some confusion out there, sometimes it helps to write it all out and then reread it to get a better understanding of a problem.

This really isn’t much of a problem, or is it?  I have now been called bias when it comes to my belief in this planademic.  I have no issues with that, it’s just that the one who has called me out, talks on both sides of his mouth.  One minute he is for the medical mafia the next moment he is all about naturopathic remedies.  I guess there really isn’t anything wrong with being on both sides, but then to preach to others how they should be reacting and behaving has me pissed off! <—- for lack of wanting to use better words.

While it is excellent that there is a wealth of information coming out, I am angry that there would be those who want to censor that information.  I see nothing wrong with both sides of this planademic coming out with their versions of what they believe is happening. There is no scientific data that can be produced from either side, so let the discussions come.  Even our own President hasn’t a clue where he stands on this issue! So why are so many so-called platforms removing or censoring thoughts from others?  I do see it as a way of hiding something that should be seen and discussed by the masses.

As the numbers come out, the world is seeing that the way this planademic was handled was not right in any way!  While there were some, who may have died due to complications brought on by the way this virus was medically treated.  I have yet to see that one person has died from this virus!  Where is the scientific data on that?!  NOT HEARSAY!!!! I want to see the real data from a third-party source, not from a bunch of paid fact-checkers!!

It is time to ask questions! LOTS OF QUESTIONS!  It is time to sit amongst your fellow beings and have discussions and listen to one another!  I am so sad to see people in the streets fighting and screaming at people in stores.  YOU HAVE NO ACTUAL PROOF OF WHAT YOU ARE SAYING AND FIGHTING OVER!!! STOP BEING STUPID!!!!

I see these world tearing it’s self apart because of a bunch of paid lies that come from a FAKE source!  It is time to gather together and talk about what we fear and what we can do to get over that fear! Stop the isolation and go out into the sun and talk to one another!  Listen from your heart, not your corrupted mind! Go to church and listen to one another, not just one man or woman in a robe!!  It is time to be a human population with feelings!  It is time to walk out of the shadows and into the light.  Listen to your heart!! Walk into that bathroom and look at yourself and love yourself.  You are smart and courageous. You can be thoughtful and kind to one another, but you have to start with yourself first!

I love that person who said I am biased, I love that he brought out in me, even more, resolve to protect, respect, love, and be my authentic self.  I do not fear the conflict, I do not have to be right.  I will have a voice and honor myself.  And I can do it with love!

“Whoever seeks higher knowledge must create it for himself. He must instill it into his soul. It cannot be done by study; it can only be done through life. Whoever, therefore, wishes to become a student of higher knowledge must assiduously cultivate this inner life of devotion. Everywhere in his environment and his experiences, he must seek motives of admiration and homage. If I meet a man and blame him for his shortcomings, I rob myself of power to attain higher knowledge; but if I try to enter lovingly into his merits, I gather such power. The student must continually be intent upon following this advice. The spiritually experienced know how much they owe to the circumstance that in the face of all things, they ever again turn to the good and withhold adverse judgment. But this must not remain an external rule of life; rather, it must take possession of our innermost soul.”
― Rudolf Steiner, How to Know Higher Worlds


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