Plant the seeds of awakening

Okay, social distance.  Why, as a human society, are we being made to social distance ourselves? Don’t get me wrong here I being an empath as well as energy worker, I have at times required time alone.  Not that I believe in what the government is doing, but there are times and places in which we may need to grab a bit of space alone.

As I am watching all that is unfolding in the world, as well as the many hours I am pouring over all the data as well as documentation, I am coming up with more questions than answers.  NO, I will not be getting into this whole BS of Covid-19.  That would take years, and I do not feel like doing all the work. I want others to take the time to do their research and find their own truths.  I do recommend you start with TTAV The Truth About Vaccines as well as TTAC The Truth About Cancer. Use Google Search.  Right now, social media is trying to take this research down, and I do not want to flag my blog.  Crazy huh?  We are all under so much censorship!

That brings up my Question for the Blog: Why are we the people being quarantined as well as censored in the name of public safety??? Why are the people of this world not up in arms about having to be grounded to our homes and our lively hoods taken away? And my biggest question, why are so many allowing it?

As you know, I talked to the spirit world.  I love being connected to my higher self and was asking these very questions.  Of course, I was outside, making raised gardens, to grow vegetables as well as herbs.  I will not be in the control of others who seem to not care about the people, and if we the people do not stand up, well, you get the picture.

As I screamed out, why would anyone not want to see the truth of what is happening, and why would they so willingly give away their freedom?  I stomped off, yelling, why would people throw away the very freedom that others had died to protect!! I could not understand, no matter how much I tried to add up the math!

Then as I sat watching the 4th episode of TTAV ( The Truth About Vaccines, it came to me.

Let us revisit my past, it was a beautiful day, and me and my sisters and brother we on our way to the Apple Blossom parade. My Dad was at that time, a Lieutenant with the State Patrol.  He got a call that morning about an accident, and being that he was supervisor, he had to go.  Of course, we had to go since we were in the car.

When we got to the accident, it was very apparent that there was a death.  I will not give the descriptions, but let me tell you it was straight out of a movie, and it was not good!  I will never forget that scene, and I will never remember if we went to the parade after.  So this got me to thinking what if those that are witnessing all that is happening right now with the Covid-19 are having the same reaction I had.

Is the reason why people are acting the way they are because they can not believe what is happening?

While my sisters and brother and I sat and watched the scene unfold in front of us, it was so serial.  I knew what I was seeing, but I didn’t want to believe it.  I was in shock, and my heart was breaking for all those that were involved. The State Troopers went into a trance of sorts.  They became inhuman and did what they needed too to cover this accident.  It was too much for my 12-year-old brain to deal with.  I will never forget as a friend of the victim crumbled in front of the patrol car and cried in disbelief.

This got me to thinking about how people are reacting now, the shock of what is happening right now could very well be too much for some to comprehend.  Is it too much for these folks to take in, is the reality of what is unfolding to much for them to continue to function? I believe it is.  I can see where no one would want to think that their government doesn’t have their best interest in mind.

What a terrible way to find out that you are being classified as essential and non- essential.  To be a nothing a no one that you may very well be expendable.  Wow, I would not want to wake to that!

It may very well be way too much for most to swallow that their government only sees them as a dollar sign.  Again I will remind you I have been doing hours and hours of research into this and would suggest you do the same.

All my years of studying the human mind, I have found that some folks are not able to function outside of what they are told. I know this because I look at my past and all that I followed blindly.  It is from the limited fear-based teachings that I functioned in only that belief system.  There are so many who do not know that they are a spirit in a human body and that they can create their own story.  I have run into those who think I am too radical and that I may even be crazy.

I know from my past when talking to others who were supposed to know more than I, that I was not to question I was to just accept! How many of us as kids were smacked around for asking why? Rasing Hand!

Thank The Goddess that there are more and more of us who are awakening by the moment, but still, you see those who, even when all the facts are laid out before them, chose to see everything in a limited way.

I can not fault them, they do not know, and it is their choice to live as they see fit.  I can not make anyone understand what they do not want to understand.

So this brings me to my closing.  There is no reason for anyone to judge one and other.  It is our Goddess given the right to chose how we want to do things, AS LONG AS IT HARMS NONE! I do not see this happening, though, as those who are asleep are harming those who are not.  So how do we gently awaken the sleepwalkers?  How do we educate in a way that helps others see that their non-actions could very well harm millions?

I leave you with this last thought.  When we plant a seed, it will grow.  So start by planting those seeds of doubt in others so they may one day want to know the answers.  Keep preaching to your friends and family about how important it is to keep talking, sharing, and being around one another.  It is time we stand up and take back our rights. 

If we do not fight for our right to decide if we want time alone or not, we are on a course of destruction of the human being as a whole.  The human is a social animal, and we need one another.  Our bodies are meant to be around sickness, as that is how we build imprints as well as our immunity.  Keeping our kids from playing outside, in school, or having their friends is causing psychological problems as well as lowering their immunity. Wearing masks are causes people lung issues and depriving the body of vital levels of oxygen.  We are setting ourselves up to fail in so many ways.  So go forth and awaken as well as help your fellow shocked humans.  They need you! I need you!


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