The shift in humanity

Oh, what an excellent time to be alive in this world.  Today marks a great time in human history, and I am so happy to be a part of it. I am so proud of all those in Colorado who are standing up for my freedom as well as theirs.  This date will be part of history, and that is a beautiful thing!

As we, the people wake up to the fact that our government does not have our best well-fare in their agendas. They care not that what they have done has caused more harm than good.  Ohh, I know there will be those out there that will disagree, and that is fine.  YOU do, you boo!!  I have no harsh feelings towards you, I only hope that one day you will look back and realize that we that stood up, that was not fearful made sure you had the right to decide what you want.

I am not against what others want. I just do not want anyone to tell me what I can or can not do.  I also will fight to make the doctors of this world live the oath they swore before getting their license.  DO NO MORE HARM!!

As I watch the people of the world, I have noticed that there are two different types of humans.  The awaken and the sleepwalkers.  There is nothing wrong with this, and I am not picking on those who are still asleep.  I know from talking to Spirit that we came here to live in a diverse world, we came to live in a world that allows us to define what we want and what we do not want.  It is those desires that help us create what we want.

It is a joy when one awakens and realizes that every day we get to create the way we want to feel, act, and do things.  Life is a joy when you think of each problem, solution, and all those things in between as plans that come up to help us define what it is we want from that day.

I have compassion for the sleepwalkers, for they are the ones who would instead leave it up to their diety or to luck. Which again is not the wrong or right way of doing things, it is what works for them.

My issue with all of this at this time in our life is those who want to push their beliefs on others, so they do not feel alone.  I am not for the herd mentality.  I am for the individual and his own wants and desires.  Am I going to go out there and kill others, that my friend is stupid, no, I do not want to stain my soul in such a manner.

This is the time that we as a people get to stand up and decide what can or can not be pushed upon us.  I do not want to tell anyone what they can do with their own bodies, and I demand the same respect! I am Holistic, so I believe in much more than being a zoo of kept animals that are not allowed to make their own decisions when it comes to their health. There that is all I will say on that subject!

Life is meant to be experienced to be joyful, and we are allowed to experience every human emotion we have.  It is our God-given right to be free to make the choices we want.

So today, as my fellow human walk for freedom demanding that the government work for us because I am pretty sure we still pay their paychecks.  We the people demand they do their jobs and allow us to be the human beings we are.  I do not remember the 10th amendment being on a need to know bases. In simple terms: Tenth Amendment. The Tenth Amendment was part of the Bill of Rights that was added to the Constitution on December 15, 1791. This amendment states that any power not specifically given to the federal government by the Constitution belongs to the States and the people.

The Tenth Amendment was added to ensure that the powers of the federal government remain limited. The writers of the Tenth Amendment wanted to make it clear that the power of the federal government comes from the states and the people, not the other way around.

When did I give them permission to put me in lockdown?  NEVER!! NOR WOULD I EVER!!

I know we could go into all the fake BS out there, but I will not be a part of that erroneous BS.  NOR will I put my readers in that position to read it anymore than we are having to right now.

It is insane to me that anyone would want to give up their rights to anyone!  If you want to stay home in lockdown that is great FOR YOU.  I do not live by those fears and will not just so I can make a few out there feel better.  I have no issues with you doing what you feel you need to do.

But let me ask you a couple of questions. Does it make you feel happy and joyful to live in a state of constant fear? Are you happy with the thought of never being able to walk outside and be around others?

If anyone should be afraid it should be me, I have one of the worse autoimmune diseases out there, I was, and I state I was very susceptible to viruses and flu. Yet I walk through the valley of death, knowing I am doing all I can to support my health and build my incredible immunity up.  I am taking steps every day to help my body do what it is supposed to do naturally.  You cannot sit there day in and day out, eating crap and stressing about this BS and expect your body to fight off viruses and the flu. Your body follows your thoughts, as well.  So, where is your heart at?

I was looking back on all the posts I had on Facebook, I could see that for the last couple of weeks I was living on a roller coaster of emotion,  one minute being fearful,  the next depressed, then very angry,  and then excited.  It is very easy to absorb all those energies.  In fact, it got so bad I started to have dizzy spells and anxiety.  I felt so sick and could not sleep without having nightmares.  I had to sit quietly and remind myself that these emotions were what I was picking up from others.  Then I went deeper and thought, were these reactions making me happy.  I try to live in a place that makes me happy. If I feel anxiety or fear, I know that this is not where I want to create from.

Life is about making decisions from a place of peace and happiness. When I create from a place of chaos, I create chaos!

I digress here.  I am writing today to celebrate a great victory. I am recording the accounts of a nation standing up for its rights to be the beings we are. I am celebrating being a part of a movement that will rock the very government we have to its knees.  I am so proud to be in this time and space.  I hope we all can look back and be proud that we stood up for not only our rights but our children and their children’s children.

Have a fantastic journey you all, and remember to listen to your heart!



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