How to speak to the mind, body, and Spirit

One who is in Alignment with source is more powerful than millions who are not.” Abraham Hicks

There is not a day I do not meditate, I may meditate for a couple of hours or just five minutes. I love to reconnect with my source.  There is a warm and refreshing feeling when I connect to my source.   As a Holistic Health Practitioner, I learned that the way to health is through the mind, the body, and the spirit.  If you do not treat, nurture, and love all three, there will be no betterment in the health.

So this got me to thinking about all that is happening in our world.  Why are the sleepwalkers not seeing what is right before their eyes?  Is it like I had written in a previous post, are they reacting from a fear-based limited consciousness? I would say yes.  It is easier to most to turn a blind eye to what is happening than to take accountability of their own thoughts and reactions.  Oh, how simple to allow it all to be someone or something else’s fault.

I like to look at the woman in the mirror and take responsibility for my own thoughts, reactions, and feelings.  Not many would, and it was hard for me to do at one time in my life.  But oh, how wonderful to know you are responsible for your own actions and reactions to all that goes on.

I did lose myself in the misinformation that is going on in our world at this time.  I got caught up in the want and desire for others to be of like-mindedness.  Yet once I stopped turned off the social media, breathed, and reconnected to my source, I realized it is not up to me to be the consciousness of others. Too many times from our past teaching, do we feel we have to be held accountable for others.  How I was taught by my mother, father, school, and religion, is I have to be there to save my fellow man.  NOT true.  I am not only harming myself but those who I try to save.  I am not talking about saving someone from a raging river or a burning house. I am talking about those who we would like to be of like-mindedness.  I do a disservice if I take away the rights from another to do as they want.  Even if I think it is a mistake.

As spirit had told me, when we take a right away from another, we take away what they needed to learn.  It is okay to allow others to fail and fall.  How else will they ever learn?

While I do not agree with the choices of some people in our world right now, I have to trust that all will be for the greater of mankind.  Not all will make it out of this earth plan learning what they came here to learn, and even though that makes me sad, it is what is suppose to be.  As an Empathetic person, if I do not love, honor, respect, and believe in me first and foremost, I can end up losing sight in what I am here to learn for myself.

I am learning that it is okay to walk away from situations I can not do anything about, but that doesn’t mean that I can not put forth healing energies to those very things I worry about.  Some would call that prayer or a spell, but it all is energy.  We are energy beings in a human form, and no matter what, we can change our world in just an energetic thought.  I say our, but I mean your own world.   You change your own world in how you think, react, and take responsibility in how you respond to all which comes into your world.

Life is an adventure, and to many times when the routine of your existence gets a bit off-kilter, it can cause one to feel out of balance.  But that is what makes this world so wonderful.  It is the diversity, the conflicts, and the trials that help us to learn what we came here to learn about.

This time and space of what my world is dealing with have given me a much better understanding of how I need to allow others to deal with things the way they need to. I am learning that this will not keep me from having all that I want.  Even though somethings in my life are a bit disrupted, as a whole, I have so much to be thankful for. I appreciate that my energies are bringing more of what I want and helping me to let go of those things I do not want.

It is all about taking responsibility for one’s self.  Staying connected to your breath, and your source, as well as being responsible for your actions and reactions.

It is like this in all aspects of your life.

One more thing, in all honesty, I am hoping that our world does not return to what it once was, but emerges out as a more aware consciousness.  That we as spirit see that we are connected to all things, including our plant, on so many different levels and that we can either help our world be a better place or destroy it as well as ourselves.


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