The authentic story

I have been sitting back and watching as I take notes on how we, as people, are reacting to another Virus.  You do know that we have millions, in fact, no one knows for sure how many viruses or how many bacterias are out there. When you ask Alexa how many viruses are in the world, she tells you over 300 hundred and 80 trillion viruses, and there are more we have yet to discover.

So why now are we having such a meltdown about this Virus? Well, that is an excellent question, yet not many want to know the answer.  As we are locked down in our homes being flooded by programs that have to go through regulations, it makes me wonder what the HELL is going on??

Yes, we have a lot of information that is coming out in all different ways.  Social media, local and national news, news conferences, and then there are the speeches from a very confused president that has no medical background in any way.

Come on, you guys, even we know that you have to have some kind of knowledge about the human body!  Right??!! I’ve had to go through 4 years of anatomy just to get my Holistic Health practitioner license.  And I still am going to school for there is always more to learn.

I am a Reiki Master Teacher, and herbalist, and a life coach.  I still know that there is not one expert out there that knows it all.  NOT ONE!! There never will be! The reason why is human error.  And I thank Spirit for that.   Not one person on this earth will ever be perfect, nor know it all!!  So that is why we have an instinct.  We have that incredible gut instinct.  We ask questions, and we seek answers every minute of the day.  You are always asking questions weather you are aware of it or not.  You are always asking WHY!

So now we are all being locked up in our homes, with our toilet paper and cans of beans. WHY?  Why are we allowing the government that works for us, not the other way around!  We are allowing them to cut us off from family, friends, and loved ones. WHY??

So we do not overwhelm the er and hospitals as well as all their resources.  I say bullshit, that smells like a lie! Look what they are doing to help these people.  Nothing!  They put them on ventilators and allow them to die horrible deaths.  The medical community knows this doesn’t work. There are other ways to help, but the CDC is telling them to just wait for a vaccine that will not work.  Doctors are so frustrated because they do know how to help but have their hands tied. WHY??

What am I talking about: Every practitioner should study Hydrogen Medicine and know that mastery of the three medical gases—oxygen, hydrogen, and CO2—will deliver healthcare practitioners and patients alike into the promised land of enlightened medicine using substances that do not have side effects. It is showing great relief for those who can not breathe.  But why are we not seeing this??

How about this: A suite of intensive care minerals (magnesium, iodine, selenium, bicarbonate, sulphur, potassium) are used aggressively to improve cell metabolism, mitochondrial function, cell oxygenation and elimination of toxins and cellular wastes. Minerals matter, and they make excellent medicines for emergency and ICU departments. Magnesium, selenium, and bicarbonate are injected in the direst medical situations. Minerals can be used as powerful medicines to treat cancer and all other diseases.

And the list goes on!!  So why is the government not allowing Doctors to use this kind of care?  And why are we not permitted to share this kind of information?  It is not claiming anything, but it is something to try.   Diagnosis means an educated guess.  They are guessing that a vaccine will work, but there is no research, or is there?  Have they planned this all along, and we are the guinea pigs?  It makes me wonder!! How about you??

Another thing that doesn’t make sense, why are we allowing the government to take away our homes, our cars, our freedom of choice?  Why are they bankrupting the county over a flu type bug?  There were more deaths of the regular flu this year than the CV19. Doesn’t anyone else want to know why families are struggling to keep food on the table?  We have an immune system for a reason!!!  Right???

What is wrong with our great Country?!! We fought for our freedom from others who would have taken it, we had men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our rights.  Yet we are going to allow all that they sacrificed to end with this Virus!!?  REALLY are you all going to allow that to happen? What happened to all you Gun-toting people who were in arms when you heard they wanted to take your guns and rights away to bare arms.  NOW you huddle inside and hug your toilet paper?? What the hell is happening to America?!?!?

It is time to ask questions, it is time to stop watching the programmed news that tells only what it is paid to say.  It is time to stand up and protect our loved ones, our friends, our own very lives.  It’s so simple, so stand up and ask questions!  It is your God-given right!!

Benjamin Franklin wrote, “It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.” So before we agree to serve in the military, before we voice support for a president or other government official, we must be willing to dissent. And I believe this can take the form of questioning authority.”

It is time to breathe the energy back into the people of the world.  It is time to stand up and take action and ask WHY! I have been asking why, and I am actively looking into everything that people are putting out there.  Do I trust a government that has me in lockdown, that is not telling me why and that keeps saying wait we have a vaccine coming?  HELL TO THE NO!!!!

I do not trust people who are killing and allowing loved ones to die horrible deaths!!  To use our loved ones against us is so nasty and vile!!

John CoffeyHe killed them with their love. That’s the way it is, all over the world, every day.

How dare they use the love we have for one another to make us fearful. For medicine that has shown not to work for centuries!! It is a profit that guides them, and I, for one, will not be one who runs with the crowd to be used as a guinea pig.  NOPE, I will take my chances and let my body do what it does best. Make antibodies to help me stay well!

I do not use western medicine and have not since 2008.  I was medically injured to the point of death, and I will not allow them to touch me! I will continue to study and give my body the things it needs to heal. Our bodies are remarkable!! We are a whole being, so we need to be treated as a whole.

I know that there is something much more significant on their agenda than this virus, and as a great warrior, I will be looking behind myself and keeping an eye out for the real reason we are being scared and fear-driven.  I can only hope that what I have expressed here will help others to do their own soul searching to ask Why and not just accept what they are given.

John Coffey Quotes. “I’m rightly tired of the pain I hear and feel, boss. I’m tired of bein on the road, lonely as a robin in the rain. Not never havin no buddy to go on with or tell me where we’s coming from or goin to or why.

Ask WHY!



Healthcare Providers

No need to agree: Founding fathers considered dissent a form of patriotism

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