Spirit says be yourself in all ways.

The news of Coronavirus had me in a terrible pickle here.  I have been in a quandary!  Let’s be honest here I have been a mess!

I being a Holistic Health Practioner as well as Reiki Master and now just added Life Coach to my Resume.

My knowledge of how to help heal the Mind, Body, and Spirit has been my life for many moons, as they say.  I live by a code of the west most westerners do not live by.  That might be because I live by Eastern medicine.  As I watched the underground news on what is happening, I found myself sucked into a world of horror and drama.  The information out there is being miss-used on both sides of the platform.  One is that this virus is man-made.  That is a fact, and most will want to disagree.  And that is perfectly okay.  Do I have proof?  YES YES, I DO!  Am I going to waste my time fighting and trying to prove it.  NO NO, I WILL NOT.  Even for some people, if you tell them that the sky is blue, they will still argue just to argue.  Some want to fight for every little limited belief thought they have ever been taught.

What started out as a blessing and awakening now has become a fight about who is right.  There is no right or wrong in this virus, there are only the lessons to be learned from it.  I am very saddened to see people who are taking this time and becoming more ignorant and trying to fight for their beliefs.  It is okay to have your own opinions just STOP PUSHING THEM ON TO OTHERS!!

I talked to Spirit last night, as my heart was heavy with all the ignorance all the fear and all the negativity that is being spread out there.  Even though we have a chance to stay at home and grow, others take to social media and continue to put content out that has no usefulness.  WHY?  Why do we feel the need to bash that which we have not taken the time to study and learn from??

Why is it seem that most people live by drama and the lack of common sense or the want and desire to do better for themselves?

As I asked these questions of Spirit, this is what she told me.  Stop taking on the world and trying to be its consciousness. That others need to learn the way they need to learn.  If people of the world want to create panic, distrust, conspiracy theories, drama, and the list goes on a mile long.  Who am I to tell them to do it differently.  If I take on the thought that I must make them think my way and try to help or move them from their path, into a different way of thinking, I am creating a considerable misdeed towards them.   I am robbing them from awakening, from making their own mistakes,  to eventually and hopefully find their own truths.

Spirit went on to tell me that I am where I need to be, I am safe and that where I have come from is helping me get to where I need to be.  I am living the best way I can for me. There is no one outside of me that knows better than what I need.  I was also told to unlike all news, social media, and So-called experts and stop listening to them.  What they are telling others to do is not right for others, it is only right for them!

I can tell you that after having this conversation with Spirit, my heart lightened, I felt like I could breathe again, I felt lighter and happier.  A weight of disharmony left me, and my house, the energy in my home, was lighter and brighter.  I slept for the first time since this virus came into existence for nearly 9 hours.  I woke up feeling at peace.

I learned from this past week that this virus, just like everything else in this world, is here to teach me how to defend, honor, love, protect, depend, and believe in just me.  People living and learning outside of me are learning at their own speed, from their own knowledge, and from their own beliefs.  Does that mean I am selfish and not helping?  NO, I am living and showing others how I do it.  If it sounds and feels useful to them, they will follow.  There is no right or wrong way, that is what I am learning!  That it is okay to allow others to create their day as they wish.  If they want to create panic, confusion, distrust, drama, distractions, and fear, that is their God-given right.  I have the choice of not being a part of their world. And that is perfectly okay!

I am happy today, I am not stressed or worried I am home, I am safe and I am doing the right things for me.  I know that loving myself unconditionally is a gift I give to others as well.  When you love and take care of yourself, you will send that positive love back into the world.

I hope you are creating the perfect day for yourself and not allowing what is going on outside of yourself to mess that up.


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