Women of the world this is your wake up call!!

  It has taken me a while to write since this Covid19 came out. I had no idea what to say. It seems so stupid to me. I have been watching as the world falls apart, my heart breaks at the untruths floating around out there. I woke up this morning, sending healing energies out there in this world. I got to thinking that even a positive thought can cause an enormous ripple effect. I also got to thinking why is our world such a mess, and it was like Spirit looked right into my heart, and I felt these words:

  I am calling all the women of the world, the healers, the teachers, the creators, the magic makers. We need the energies of all the women of this world we need your power to create.

 We are the ones who can heal this world. And the first step is to stop the followers, the crowds of fear mongers. We need to give back the power to the people! You do have the ability to heal!

My heart breaks at the fact that our world was taught to live in a constant fear-based lifestyle. We are a society of people who are trained to be lazy instead of creators. We are taught to rely on those who only want to make money from the shortcomings they have taught us we have. It has been going on for Centuries. 

You can say I am wrong, and that is fine; that’s your opinion, but let us look at what is going on right now in our world.  

We live in a world with more germs, more viruses, more bacterias then we can name or count, but can just one of these virus’s take our planet out. REALLY?? That doesn’t make any sense. Our human bodies are built to overcome anything if we give them the correct tools to heal. Yet we eat crap, take medicines that destroy the very fabric that holds us together.  

Hippocrates was born around 460 BC on the island of Kos, Greece. Hippocrates teaching Hippocrates held the belief that the body must be treated as a whole and not just a series of parts. He accurately described disease symptoms and was the first physician to accurately describe the symptoms of pneumonia, as well as epilepsy in children. He believed in the natural healing process of rest, a proper diet, fresh air, and cleanliness. He noted that there were individual differences in the severity of disease symptoms and that some individuals were better able to cope with their disease and illness than others. He was also the first physician that held the belief that thoughts, ideas, and feelings come from the brain and not the heart as others of his time believed. The heart center is where healing comes from.  

If all the diseases, germs, bacterias of the world could have wiped us out, we would never have been. Are we all walking corpses?

If this virus going around had any truth to it, then we all would have died over and over many times. 

Next, I have witnessed the CDC on the brink of going out of business many times. And each time they have created a pandemic of some sort to help them get the money they needed to keep themselves in business. How do I know, well there is history to prove this. To name a few from my past till present-day HIV, Ebola, and now Coronavirus. Doesn’t anyone else see these things?  

I am not into conspiracy theory, but come on guys look at their history! Look at our news, and our government, their stories are not even matching up. 

It’s a shame that we have no way of getting the facts unless we dive into the deep dark web where most have to hide. They are the ones who dive deep into the paperwork the videos that are being suppressed—those who know things that the government wants you not to find out. I live there most of the time, for I know that is where the truth will be. Who are these people, well look for them, go searching as I have. I think it is more believable if you take the time to find your truth. 

Those who want the fear, the drama, and those who seem to hate themselves wish to fight for the end of the world. There is no conversing with them. 

They will spread known lies that even the government has rebuked. Why would you want to destroy the world? 

These fear thinkers go out and buy up all the groceries that they don’t even need, the waste we will see at the end of this is heartbreaking. Why do you need to be selfish and buy up all the fresh produce, the frozen veggies? When you can’t eat it, and you throw it out, I hope you think of those who do not have the means or the want to do such stupidity. How wasteful! It is such a shame that our world is so disconnected from its heart.

It is a shame that the elderly will not have toilet paper or frozen or fresh foods because you allowed your limited beliefs to take over your heart sense!

So, women, I call to you, we are the makers, creators, we are the ones who have the energies to share and help heal our broken world.  

Women of the world we can take back the control with heart energy, that will help heal the wrongs of this world. I call you to stand up and show the world that there is no reason to stay in a fear-driven society. 

In our history, the man brought woman animals, wood, crystals, herbs, and she created food, clothing, natural medicine, and healed our people. We are the life-givers. We are the life-givers, and we need to stand up and lead our families once again. We have to power to create medicine once again, to feed our families, and to squash the fears being spread. 

Man has forgotten his position in a family, and no more does he protect his family, he knows not where he stands. Man has forgotten his place, to be the protector, and to help give encouragement to the woman and help her create.  

We, as a society, have been shown to rely on others instead of our thoughts, feelings, and power. 

We need to break free and trust in our gut feelings, we need to remember to love ourselves unconditionally, then and only then will the truth come out, and we will know where we stand once more. 

Instead of fear, we need to be given love and our power to heal back. You will remember, and you will know all, it has always been there!

Women, this is where you come in. When you find your strength, you help your family, your loved ones, the world. 

Men, you need to protect and help your women to find that power and strength to create, to love, to bring healing, to bring forth life in all forms. And men< the dividends you get back will blow your mind. 

Women of this world, you are perfect in all ways, you are beautiful, you are powerful, you are the bringers of life, you are the healers of this world. You have all the knowledge you need in your DNA. All that experience from your foremothers runs in your blood in your energy that is you. If you only believe in yourself in your importance, you can change this world. 

Wake up, put your arms towards the sky, and love yourself unconditionally.  

Today is the day we need you! 

Women of this world you are remarkable, find your Spirit-given gift, and remember you are a great creator; you are the image of our Spirit, you are life, you are our hope. WAKE UP WE NEED YOU!!


References: https://www.kosisland.gr/en/kosisland-history/hippocrates-from-kos.html

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