I sit here listening to the spring birds sing this morning.  To be reconnected to life and to once again feel as if I belong in a world full of mystery as well as conflict.  Many years have passed where I felt as if all I have done was just exist from one day to another. I lived with negativity and excepted that this was how it would always be.  NOT SO! There is no manual for this world, but there is an energy we can connect to that does help direct us in the right direction, but sadly it is too easy to get distracted and lose that very excellent guide.

I watch as others around me keep doing the same things and bitch when their life doesn’t change.  I am not being mean either.  It is true I have been there.  To keep doing the same action over and over and yet wonder why things will not change.  It took me getting active in my own life, to really be conscious of what I do every moment of the day.  Accidents happen when we stop paying attention to what we are doing.  If you allow the mind to stay on that same round track, you will continue to get the same results.

How I wish that I would have learned more about how to change the energies within myself.  I have been learning how to dowse with a pendulum and help remove the energies that are not compatible with my energies.  Those energies that we could be carrying from past lives even.  There is a wonderful man who works with the farmer to help them to move energies that are causing their crops to die or become infested with bugs.  He has helped farms where the cows, pigs, and sheep are sickly.   He moves the energy around in the barns and the fields that help attract the like energies that help to cure the land and the animals.

As energic beings, we are always being bombarded with energies from different sources.  Look at all the waves of energy in the air that moves around us. Our cell phones, our satellite dishes on the eves of our homes.  Energy even runs throughout the earth.  One of these energies is called seismic waves. Just as wind energy causes waves in the water to move across a lake or ocean, seismic waves move through the layers of the earth.  ( Oregon State University)

So I have found that energies from the human heart, the heart’s electromagnetic field is by the most powerful rhythmic field produced by the human body, it not only envelops every cell of the body but also extends out in all directions into the space around us.  The cardiac field can be measured several feet away from the body by sensitive devices as well as sensitive people.  So, in other words, your heart meets those around you before you consciously become aware of those around you.

How many times have you stood in a crowd and had a sense that you knew the person you made eye contact with, or a stranger tells you their life story?  We are already communicating before we become aware of it.

The same happens with nature, we are communicating with nature all the time.  That is why I will feel better just getting outside for a moment and listen to the birds or the wind blow through the trees.

As I work with my energies with the dowsing, I can find the energies that are not compatible or are not helping me to grow.  I have found that when I dowse with the pendulum, I can find those energies that are causing me to feel upset, anxious, irritable, and move them from my space.  I have been working on this for over a week, and I can tell you I see massive movement in the way I feel, am healing, and interact with others.

Dowsing has helped me feel more in control of how I react to outside forces that surround me.  I know I am an empathic person, so it is nice to be able to reset myself every day, and this helps me work with the energies of others.  It is like this, if you want a better life, a calmer life, a life of prosperity, and to create your own perfect day, you have to put in the time.  I love to learn how to use the nature of what we are.  Energy can affect so many different aspects of our lives.

Reconnecting with who you are is a beautiful gift! I am ever so grateful to have gone through all I have.  All the past struggles, all the heartbreak, all the joy, have brought me closer to knowing who I really am.  I have found my voice as well as my authentic self.  I honor, love, respect, and protect these things that are me.  Life doesn’t have to be a mundane thing.  Life is so much more than getting up and doing the same actions over and over.  I enjoy finding new ways to journey through this life. I am intrigued by all that we have access to, but we just have no idea is out there.  Having an open mind is really the key to reconnecting to who you are.  It takes courage to break from what you think you know.

Life is a journey to honor, love, protect, and respect, as well as to fight for.  I know that I am very blessed to be one of those who have awaken to this great Quest.  To become a warrior of healing energies and to help teach others how to heal themselves. I am but one in a group of courageous fighters with a voice for the human being.

How is your Quest going?


References: Excerpt from the publication: “Science of the Heart” by The Heartmath Institute pg20

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