Ahhh out with the old and in with the new!

How blessed we are as we embark on this new year.  The blessings from the past year that help us to go on strong in the coming year.  I am learning and experiencing each and every day. Even the not so good day has been a joy, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in this world.  As I have come to accept that I came here to this world to experience it all.  The Good the Bad and the Ugly. All are seen and dealt with by my own choices.

When I finally awoke to the knowledge that there is nothing outside of me that controls me, a WHOLE new world opened up.  I am excited to have this power, and I look forward to using it to my advantage every second of the day.  Like a game, life gives us new weapons, elixirs, and knowledge to explore, and open up new maps and challenges that life has in store for us.

Each day as I rise up and greet the morning, I feel like I am shedding layers of old dogma and old ways of seeing, feeling, and being.  When you find that change is your friend, you find a whole nother part of yourself to enjoy.

The secret to life is living.  It is making it all about enjoying each moment and allowing yourself to change positively.  It takes strength and determination to put yourself out there every day.  To often we get settled into the routine of living and miss out on the curiosity of this life! Nothing is wrong with the okay of life, but I crave the childlike wonderment of what else is out there.  Life is a mystery, and that mystery can be excellent!

I want to create magic every day and live in a curious and awaken state every moment.  This only can happen if you are ready to let go of those things that are not helping you to grow and become the authentic you! Too often we grab onto those things that make us feel comfortable and hide in work or excuses not to try what the heart is trying to get us to do.  When all we have been taught our whole life is to get in a safe place, be it a dead-end job, a marriage that is not growing or allowing others to tell us what we should be doing, that feels like death a to me.

How can a flower grow with a rock on its head?  It will find a way, but it will be hard and uncomfortable. Life is like that flower; it will find a way to teach you all that you came here to learn, it’s up to you if you want it to be difficult!

As the new year is here now. I feel the need to get rid of those things that I have held on to because well, I might use them.  I am allowing old patterns in my life to change and move me into new things in life.  What I lose will fill in with new. I do believe that!

I look forward to the new I want to flow with the river not against it.  Have you ever noticed that the harder you fought to keep something the messier life became, but the day you just said fuck it and gave up, everything turned around and worked out better than you had planned? When my heart rules, my world is better, but as soon as the old stories and beliefs come up, my world turns into confusion and anxiety!

I found this out the other day, as I rang in the new year, I started to get sad.

I gave myself a couple of days to cry and go through what I was feeling.  Today as I woke up, the answer to what was happening came to me.  I miss my Granddaughter, this is the second year that I missed out on sharing time with my granddaughter and my daughter.  There is nothing I can do to change whatever my daughter is going through, and it makes one feel very helpless.  I can only change how I am reacting to this situation.  I know that one day I will see my granddaughter again. Until then, I will love the emotions that come up, respect my sadness, and honor myself for what I am going through!

There is nothing wrong with honoring and respecting your low times.  In fact, what I very loving gesture to give to yourself.  We are too hard on ourselves, so is it not right to give yourself a present of honoring and respecting yourself as a whole?

I am sending out a love that this is the year that you can find the courage to love all of you.  To be proud of how far you have come, and look for that curiosity, child-like ahh haa moment, and allow the heart to guide you.

I hope that this year you will try something for two weeks.  Do not ask for advice from anyone or anything, look and find your answers in yourself. It takes a lot of strength and courage to do this, so be gentle and kind to yourself!

I wish you a Heart Following YEAR!


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