When the heart opens,

This new year is turning out to be a kind of roller coaster so far.  Not in the wrong way, but just a lot of old pains going away and new yearnings coming to life.

When you have taken the time to love yourself and teach yourself what true love is, you get this want to go out and put your heart on the line once more.  It’s a brand new day when you have yourself in balance.  The mind, the body, and the spirit are teaching me I can trust myself to be and do what I want.  There is no outside force that can hurt me, only I can allow that to happen.  The heart or gut, which are both connected, by the way, will keep you safe.

The heart energy is connecting you to your spirit guides, your angels, and your higher self.  Those light beings are always there. It is your job to find your way back to them.  Too often, just by the hurts, we have encountered, we get to where we shut ourselves off from the love that we are supposed to have.

This last week, I went lacks on my Lyme Disease Diet, boy did I pay the price on that one.  I knew better in my choices but did not trust nor honor my inner voice.  I paid the cost of having inflammation in my digestive system.  Severe pain, nausea, and cramping in my guts for over a week and a half. NOT fun, I have no one to blame but myself, I knew my food choices could cause me this illness, this DIS-EASE in my well being.

I did not love myself enough to listen to my heart and gut instincts about my choices.  When we get into trouble, I can tell you this. You did have a discussion before you made the choices you did.  It may have been but a mere second, but you did have that conversation.  And if you are like I was so many years ago, you probably just ignored your heart and what it was telling you.

To honor, respect, love, defense, and take care of you first is the kindest thing you can do for this world.  Did you know that when you finally figure out that there is nothing outside of you that controls you, not only do you set yourself free, you set your family free!

I know I have written about me and my daughter not getting along. She has disowned me and taken my granddaughter away.  I will never understand her thoughts or actions, but I know she has given me a gift I will treasure forever.  She gave me back to my life. She removed me from a terrible situation. She helped me to heal and love myself before anyone else.  My daughter taught me how to not be like her! Does it still hurt?  Am I still flesh and blood? Of course, it hurts, but it is the what if there could have been that hurt?  When I step back out of those thoughts, I can appreciate not being in the mess of a life she has going on.

We emanate those we are around, their energy affects us, and I dislike to be around confused, depressed, negative people.  I love to be around people who honor and respect themselves.  I love to see people who are positive even in trying times, but also love themselves for who they are.  To be around an authentic person is so beautiful!

So love, like how spring is just around the corner, has come into my thoughts and energies. Where it will carry me, I have no idea, but I am so grateful that I have those wants and desires once more.  For so long, I have been so hurt and sick that I have pushed away any thoughts of allowing others to get to close.  But as I am finding out, taking this time away to reconnect with myself has given me the trust I never had in myself before.

When you have found love and trust in yourself, you find you can go out into this world and trust, because you know you will allow no one to hurt you again. Will people disappoint you, but of course.  Your thoughts about how you feel they should be like come from your beliefs, not theirs.  When you can accept yourself for who you are, you find you can allow others to be who they are!

Judgment comes from the insecurities that you have about yourself. Life reflects those insecurities.  Life takes on a different hue when you find you can accept your flaws, faults, and messy parts.  To embrace your authentic self is a spiritual awakening.  When you can walk by the bathroom mirror and laugh, wink, smile, and love that person looking at you with the hope of approval.  Approval is needed from you, not from others.  So be that approval you have always needed!

Life is wonderfully messy, it is full of twists and turns. There isn’t a moment that life doesn’t show us a lesson or a better way to experience life.  When we have healed the heart and mind connection, a whole new life springs forward.

As the heart opens up to new thoughts and new beliefs, a new life opens as well.  Be receptive as the heart opens.  It can seem pretty scary, but the benefits outweigh the non-existent fear you have created in your life.  You were born to explore. Remember who your authentic self is.

Love is all I am and will ever be.  The same goes for you.

Until next time.


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