That tiny sparkle of energy left over from the Holidays

Well, as the Christmas season comes to a close, all may return to the humdrum and in and outs of your regular schedule program.  But what if you could save that little bit of magic you felt over these past couple of weeks? What if you can make that sparkle of energy grow?

My son and I like to play a game called Dead by Daylight on PS4  I love the game because of the chases the adventure and the guessing how someone will react.  A game can teach us a lot about ourselves.  But the thing that happened last night was while my son and I were talking between waiting on matches.   He brought up his fear of having kids in this day and age.

His fear, the planet is showing signs of dying, and it is all because of us not loving ourselves. He went on to quote things which I know are based on fear from the news; it is the lies of our news stations, our government; it is the fear from those who want to control the masses.

I don’t believe that it is too late for us to learn how to love ourselves and change the energies that will help heal our planet.  But if you have no love for yourself and no way of know-how to change those thoughts, how do we teach the next generation of kids how to care?  That should be everyone’s fear!

As Christmas is over, the fears come back, the doubts, the limiting beliefs the insecurities.  So how do we combat these limited misguided beliefs? How do we remember who we indeed are and change the world for our next little creators to be?

Why is it easier to believe in fear then it is to believe in the magic of creating the world, a world you would love to be a part of?  That really is the question here.  I can sit here day in and day out and preach, write and share all that I know about creating a remarkable, loving world, but if you want to believe in the limitations you have been living for a lifetime, there is not much I can, or anyone can do.

My son has created in himself, by the limited stories he has surrounded himself with, that he is not able to have love or children because the world is going to shit, and he doesn’t realize he can change it.  It is easy to go back to the humdrum of life and repeat the same lifestyle decisions over and over.  It takes guts to break those chains and walk with strength and determination.

I wonder how many people will go back to work today and fall right back into that same old life routine? How many will get back on Facebook and complain about their uncreative life?  How many will call up a friend and complain about the same old shit as last week?

I can not stress this enough; you are the gatekeeper, you are the only one who can change your world!! You can stand in front of that bathroom mirror and have a heart to heart with yourself about keeping that sparkle of energy you found yesterday and make a change that will not only affect you but all that is around you!  You can be that creator you were always meant to be.

So what did I tell my son?  He said mom, how do I say to a child I brought into this world that the world is dying because we do not care, that the seas are warming up that the earth is being poisoned, that medicine is killing not curing and that they will become much sicker because of it?

I said: you tell them the truth, that without loving yourself and caring about yourself, this world is like a mirror, and it is reflecting what we are doing to ourselves.   The power and the answers to all things are within us.  We have the ability and the energy to create the world we would like to have.  But if you are waiting for someone else to do it, it will never happen. <—— NEVER!! Not for you.  Life will go on, and others will succeed, but unless you put in the work to change you… well, you get the idea.

That Christmas sparkle you felt this year can be your new start.  Instead of doing a rinse and repeat of what you have been doing, change your routine.  If you feel the need to get on social media and complain, get on, and share something you are grateful for.   Instead of calling your friend or the family to complain, call them and tell them how appreciative you are to have them in your life. Little steps lead to the most significant changes.

Life is a reflection of what energies you are putting out there.  There is no blame; there is only room for growth and change.

May you keep these thoughts close to your heart.  You came here to share your gifts, and we all have gifts.  You are a creator, so create.  It takes the same amount of energy to be negative as it does to be positive.   Be that prayer you have been asking for. Listen to your heart, and quiet your mind.

From my heart to yours, be that change you are looking for! I am so looking forward to the creations I will be making for 2020!!  HOW ABOUT YOU?



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