Intuition and Honoring yourself during the holidays.

Intuition, to me, is a way of moving through this world.  Intuition is the guidance for the energy you will dance with every day.  Life is a dance, and you can make it a train wreck, or you can flow like the branches of a willow.  Trust me, my willow tree can look like a twister is moving it.  Not that that is a bad thing, though.  Life is movement.

I don’t understand why I was taught that I was to find one place of perfection (which is not out there) and then hunker down till the day I die.  I know that in my spirit, I do not like that feeling of settling.  I love to move and grove with the energies of this world.  Life is a remarkable journey, and everything I have done and felt has been a blessing.

Life is movement and energy.  Every day is intertwined with movement from one wave of consciousness and subconsciousness.   I know that I react because of past history and from past emotions. I am learning, I can change those reactions from past to present.  The most significant part of how I do this is intuition.  I feel by going inside and listening to my heart.  Like I have said before, heart answers are short and sweet and to the point.  The mind loves to tell you stories.  That is why it is so important to listen to your intuition.  Those little voices, nagging feelings are your guide through all the energies you will be transversing.  Intuition is your GPS!

As the holidays come up, it is so important to be connected and protective of yourself.  It is intuition that will help you know where you will be going and how much fun it will be.   Intuition is there to help you have the best day you can have.

Example:  I dearly love my husband’s family, but I don’t fit in their energy.  I am very different from what they are.  I feel like I really can not be the authentic me.  There are people that we connect with on a deeper level, and you can feel and sense that feeling.  I am a very open and honest person, I do not like trying to win the approval of others, that can come off as being stuck up or unapproachable to some people.  Which I know is not who I am because when I am around strangers, I find people gravitate to me and end up having very long in-depth conversations.  I love to teach and to learn, but that can make others very uncomfortable or even have them become defensive.  I have noticed through my experiences that not many people want to be challenged in their limited beliefs.

I am not one to back down and try to fit into other people’s beliefs of this world.  I listen, but I also have trust and love in only me,  have intuition, and a connection to spirit. That has caused me to have conflicts with others, it’s just that my energies do not mesh well with my extended family.  Which is perfectly fine.  But to protect and honor me, there is a lot of times I chose not to be around them.

The best way to figure out why you may feel uneasy is to follow your intuition.  If you have a doubt, an uncomfortable feeling, anxiety, sadness, depression, anger, or any odd sense, it is best to step back, check inside with your heart.  The answer will be quick.   Do not second guess your feelings.  If you feel like you shouldn’t go, then do not go.  It is really that simple.  You are the only one who can protect and honor you.   To love and honor is to love and accept yourself.  If you do not like you, then how can you expect to love those around you?  Your energy affects everyone around you. Remember that.

The toughest part of this life is learning how to trust in you first.  Intuition is that trust that voice that helps you to be the best you.  When you take care of yourself, you find it easier to take care of others.  There is no way that if you are empty and lost that you can help to fill and guide others.  When I started to care and love me more, I found that my intuition became a stronger force in my life.  I could hear Spirit clearer as well.

Intuition is that soft, beautiful voice that loves you unconditionally and wants only the best for you! Find time to listen, sit, and be one with that voice, that feeling, that love.  Do not let others make you feel guilty for how you feel or think.  Trust in yourself and believe that you are making the right decision for you.  Remember, you are in control of all that you do and react to. Believe in you! We came here to make mistakes but not live a train wreck of a life, and to remember who we always have been.  It is time to honor that Spirit-given gift, intuition!

Have a Great Holiday Weekend!


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