The Heart Speaks all the time.

It’s a Winter white wonderland outside my door today.  Just in time for the Holiday too.  How sweet to wake up to a few inches of new-fallen snow.  As I stood in the doorway and took pictures this morning, I was so amazed at all the sparkles that danced on the snow.  It had me thinking that last night, as I slept, the little snow fairies came out and tossed sparkles amongst the storm, for the morning show.

The imaginary part of the morning is actually hearing and seeing through the eyes of innocents.  We say through the eyes of a child, and that is true, but we can have that sight all the time if we so chose.

It all comes from the heart.  The heart as I call spirit, that inner voice, that feeling that sends such love, such wonderment through your whole you.  I love that feeling, and I work hard to keep that connection always open.  I love to feel good.  It becomes a habit an addiction.  I work to keep that feeling, and I will fight to keep that loving feeling going.  Because I am so worth it!!

When one awakens from the dogma of the world, that negativity the stress, the sorrow the drama and takes back the power you have, a whole new life opens up.  No more am I a disease, an ailment, or a statistic. I have become what I always dreamed I could be.   When I left the matrix of what is expected of me what was taught, I left behind my old stories and my old ways.  I am not the same person, I am the person I always wanted to be.  It is liberating to be able to be who you have always seen yourself be.  No more are you afraid to speak up because you know you speak from the heart! When you indeed find yourself, you find trust and love that runs deep and true! No more are you afraid to speak from your heart.

No more am I Lyme Disease no more am I limited by that definition.  I am a perfect Human being, having a remarkable life of learning how to be what I have always been, perfect in every way!

Learning to listen to the heart is way easier than you might think. The biggest challenge is getting out of your own way.  The mind likes to tell you stories, long, long stories.  The heart speaks love and concise sentences.  The heart doesn’t make you upset or stress you out; the mind does, though.

Have you ever wanted to do something, but you seemed to find yourself confused, angry frustrated?  The mind as I have found out will cause problems, but when I get quiet and listen for spirit or Heart, I find peace, excitement, Joy! I get to do more have more and love more when I listen to my heart!

It is hard to explain, but I will try.  The heart or spirit is always telling us to try, to feel, to love, to be, even when we might have doubts.   NOW, I am not talking about endangering one’s self; the heart would never hurt us!! There is a feeling of security and trust. If you don’t feel that warmth that confidence, then you can be damn sure it is mind talking.  Ever hesitated and then did something dumb and got hurt.  Yep, that was mind, not the heart.  Heart, to me, is a close love, guidance that shines brighter than any doubt; the feeling of heart is the love you always dreamed you could have.

The way I know it is the heart. It is the joy I have felt when falling in love. But now I have come to realize that the love I felt at that time was just me feeling the love I have for myself.  I trusted in my passion and wanted to share it with someone else. I loved me so much at that moment I had no fear, no doubts, I was free of the past, I was brand new.  It wasn’t the other person that made me feel good, I felt good because I was free to give the love I felt inside.  There was no hurt, or let down, or misconception of what I thought I should be like, I was in the moment just living, loving, being free to be that perfect me! That is what the heart is to me!

When you sit back and look at all you have, and appreciate all you do, you are honoring yourself and heart.  When you start to think stuff like what you don’t have or what more you NEED to do, you are listening to the mind.   When I find myself thinking I need to do something, I stop and find my heart.  I would rather change my mindset than to be angry all day because I feel like I have to do something.  Going to work because I can is better than because I have to!  Think about how you are speaking to yourself.  Are you getting into your car mad and angry, or are you excited about the journey?   Kids pissing you off, better to go off and check-in with yourself.  I bet you’ll find it isn’t the kids; it is the shit your carrying around from other thoughts.

When I stop and listen to my heart, I can control the old stories, the limited teaching, or the old dramas.  No more do I have the responsibility of judging myself or others.  I am free to allow all to be.  The perfect me is the one who can say, I feel this way now, but I don’t have to stay there. I can love that feeling and move on. To take responsibility for my own actions and reactions.  No more do I have to be what others think I should be like.

WOW, what freedom!!

Why do I share these insights? Because I am watching my life change in such remarkable ways! I see others for the perfect person they are. I am enjoying flowing with life, not against it.   I want to share that wealth of knowledge and help others find that there is no reason to have a stressful experience. That you can choose not to have anxiety,  be sick, be hurt, be in drama, be controlled by outside events. You can love life anytime and anywhere.  No rules are saying that you have to struggle to do without.  That old saying hope for the best but expect the worse, is a lie!

A great life…It is always just a HEARTBEAT AWAY! But only when you decide to let go of those things that you have allowed to control you.

I have found I can allow misfortune and accidents to happen, or I can create a perfect day.  It’s my choice.

I like being my own creator! What is your heart saying to you?


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