Taking responsibility for your own actions

The other day I had someone decide they needed to share with others on someone else’s post no less, about my WWYHS.  It was sad, messy, and very unclear what this person was trying to say.  I knew it wasn’t about me but about them.  I would venture to guess it was about the thoughts they have about themself but was trying to reach out and try and make it about something outside of themself.  It is hard when awaking from the limited belief we have about ourselves and the world.  It is lonely work to take responsibility for our own thoughts, actions, and feelings.  There is nothing outside of you that controls what you do!

I would suggest that they ask themself a few questions before commenting on others’ posts.  Why do I feel the need to say what I am going to say, about someone I chose to follow, but do not know?  How about this question, is this comment going to make a difference in my life?  I can tell you straight up, I will delete and block anyone who wants to start drama on my page.  I am not going to take on your issues with yourself.  My blogs are about me, myself, and I, and we are very selfish when it comes to what we believe.

You are perfect and are doing a fantastic job in this world, don’t allow the distraction, misbeliefs, and bullsauce out there keep you from being the best you, you can be!

It’s hard to deal with the word the belief that RESPONSIBILITY provokes in us, for so long it was taught in the wrong context. When you are beaten, grounded, and shown that you’re not doing something right, I don’t know about you, but I can really hate a particular word! The hurt that comes up from individual words, phrases, and memories can cause us to not be able to grow.  Like energies that keep repeating the same results. If one does not acknowledge and love that message, then how can you expect different results?

In this day and age, it has been shown to me that we do not need to criticize. We need to encourage and help. We, as a society, have become some weak-minded and overly sensitive people.  The world is always up in arms about so many things that do not warrant the attention.  Most of these things are just ways to keep us distracted from remembering who we really are. Check within yourself and ask why those hurts are coming up, and do they need your love and guidance.

I am perfect, I came from a place of love.  Everything I do is the right thing, there is no wrong way of doing or learning what I do.  If I should of could of or would have done things differently, after the fact, then I would have done those things differently.  I have to relearn how to trust in myself. How many times do you ask yourself first before you go out and ask someone else about the things you do.  The biggest mistake you can do is ask anyone what they would do.  They are not you!

Everything you need is in you.  You are brilliant, you are so smart, you have everything you need in you, you just forgot!

What if I told you that you are here to learn, to love, and to remember who you are?  It might sound way too simple for those who are stuck in that same reaction to all outside forces, but really it is just that simple.

Let’s change the subject here…

My Grandma is 101 years old, she has been sick for a couple of weeks,  I sat there yesterday and watched as medical and family kept telling her what she needed to do.  Made her get up and walk, giving her rehab, pushing her, She knows what she needs, but here are these people she wants to trust and does love, standing over her telling her what she should do.  Grandma IS 101 YEARS OLD!! She has done an excellent job in life, she has made it further than most people, she is tired and wants to go home!  Instead, these people who profess to love and are caregiving are pushing her to do things that are not helping.  She is so tired and looks tired.  WHEN DO WE STOP THE PUSHING and just love, laugh, and help our loved ones to move forward and head home?

Crazy thought here I had, it takes 9 months to come into this world, it takes just a second to leave. And no, I am not talking about how long you might suffer, I am talking about that last breath.

Why do we celebrate birth but not death?  We have the parties, the cake, the games, and get everything ready for the homecoming of the new baby. But we don’t do the same thing for death.  Why do we not have a party with our loved ones, celebrate what they have done how much they have brought into our lives?  Why not the warm blankets, the supportive care,  make them comfortable and warm.  Make sure they are not hurting and scared.  Why do we not sit and laugh and remember the love the fun the trials the tribulations?  Why are we scared to celebrate the love and help our loved ones be comfortable going back to where they came from???

Would it not be lovely to bring the food, the cake the warm blankets the laughter, to be together, to love, to share the memories the whole time our loved one is getting ready for their journey home, to love and be there to celebrate their homecoming?

When do we give ourselves a break in this world? When is it okay to take care of those who need care, and how do we stop obsessing about the lies we were taught?

Here is a thought:

I get to take only my memories with me to the other side.  I can choose to pick and make great memories, or I can use the same energies to make really shitty ones.  Which ones would you want to live eternity with??

Life is all about the choices we make, the way we react, and how much responsibility we take for the decisions, the reactions, and the actions we make.  Spend your time and energy totally in love with who you are and are becoming.

Until next time may you be more open-minded, love those around you unconditionally, allow others to do and be what they want to be, and make some great memories!

WWYHS (What would your heart say)

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