Energy and vibration

I was reminded the other day about how much those who have passed on, went to the other side, went to heaven; however, you express it, are always with us.  Energy is me, is you, is the flowers, trees the bugs the birds… and the list goes on.  When we get out of the dogma of what society wants to preach to us, we can see it, touch it, smell it, taste it, and be it.  Loved ones who have passed on are all around us and get to experience all that we feel and do.

Energy is emotions, actions, movement, and spirit.  As a practicing Green Witch and Reiki Master Teacher, I practice being aware of all that flows and ebbs through my life day by day.  I take full responsibility for all that is me, my emotions, my reactions, my actions.  There is nothing outside of me that can or will control me.  Once you learn that you are responsible for everything that you do, life becomes more manageable, it flows, and you find freedom.

When I was younger, my mom, dad, school, and religion dictated all that I did.  I hated my life.  I was living a lie, I did not believe in, and I felt that every moment of the day.  Energy is vibrating at different levels, when we are not happy with where we are, we vibrate at a lower level. When at a low vibration, you attract that same energy.  If you are depressed, angry, feel trapped, you will bring much more of that energy into your life.  It is only when you realize this that you can break free of that negative energy.  Like attacks like.  You will never be free of the energies your emitting; you will only continue to attract the same.  Like attracts like.

When I started to work with my energies and took responsibility for all that I do, I was able to change the vibration of my energy.  NO, it was not easy!  But it is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself.  It takes a lot of practice and attention to change the old stories and thoughts you have continually running in the back of your mind.  It is easy to allow those old energies to take back over.  I have had this happen.

I started with 20 minutes of meditation for over a hundred days.  It seemed to help, but once I got busy, or something came up that was stressful, I went right back into my old vibrations.  I started to blame outside influences and started my victim story back up.  Instead of working on reworking my old stories and taking responsibility for the way I reacted to everyone and everything around me, I was trying to blame others for how I was reacting or feeling.  Big mistake there!  All I did was give away my energies to things I could not do anything about.  I had to cut the cords and save myself.  It sounds selfish, and it is, that is what we all need to do if we want to care!

Number one rule I found out when reworking my beliefs.  I will never understand others!

Number two, mind your own business!  If you can do anything to help, you will, and you need to trust that!

Number Three, FORGIVE YOURSELF!  If you knew better at the time, you would have done better! If you hurt someone on purpose, then you are a shit head.  If you did it because you didn’t know better than you are human.

Number Four, you can not help others if you they do not want to be helped.  If someone comes to you and wants to defend their actions and reactions, walk away!

Number Five, this is your life, your experiences, your decisions, your mistakes, your loves, your life!!  YOU DID NOT COME HERE TO GIVE IT AWAY TO OTHERS!!

Let me ask you something, how the hell are you going to love others when you have no idea how to love yourself?

If you don’t care and love you first, then you are not going to care about anything or anyone.  Ohhh, I hear you out there, but I care; I sacrifice for my family, my friends, I give them everything… and what do you get back? Are you happy, living a full life, are you energetic full of life?  Do you wake up with a smile on your face glad to go out there in this world and learn love and do more?

Or are you tired, not sleeping, drinking caffeine, eating lots of sugar, energy drinks, have heartburn after you eat, overweight, fighting for no reason with your spouse your kids, not sleeping, always fearful, full of anxiety?  Shall I go on?

How many times do you go to the doctor, get a cold, feel bloated, have joint and muscle pains?  NO, it’s not that you’re getting old! It’s because you are not caring for you! You are giving your life away to everyone but you! In truth, are you really doing what you want in life, or are you a zombie just taking it one day at a time doing the same old same?  Are you doing things because you really want to, that excites you, or are you doing them because you feel pressured to do them?

When you do what makes you happy, others feel that energy, that vibe, and have a much better time.  If you force yourself to do things you do not want to do, others feel that energy that vibe!   How do you want to make others feel if you care so much for them??

It pays big dividends when you take care of you first!

WARNING:  YOU will lose loved ones, friends, and family when you stop acting like them! You will lose those who want to fight and fuss because it makes them feel seen and heard. You will make those who knew the old you very uncomfortable.  You will be called out for being different!

You will find you heal just fine if you stay true to yourself. You will bring different people who share the same vibes in your life.  SIDE EFFECTS: Your family just might learn from you, how to heal, and love themselves as well!

Energy is always moving, it changes direction, but is never-ending, are you bringing in the energies you want?  If not, it is time to change the way you react in life.

  1. You need to acknowledge that there is an issue, and it is coming from you, not someone else!
  2. Become aware of how you are reacting to everything around you
  3. Take responsibility for all you do and say. That fight became because you allowed it to.  Winning is not winning! You are only right when you can walk away and let others be who they want to be.   TOUGH ONE THERE!!
  4. Ask yourself questions: an example, is this how I want to react, how I want to feel?
  5. BREATHE! Breath in for a count of 6 hold for 3 exhale for a count of 7<<< Do this every time you feel stress, pain, confusion, anxiety, joy, before bed, before getting out of bed…
  6. DRINK LOTS OF FRESH WATER!! If you feel stressed, hungry,  are in pain, before bed, once you get up, drink water.  NO PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES<<< One of the ways I get more water, I carry a stainless steel 32 oz cup.  When I get up to go to the bathroom, I drink 8 oz to replenish, 1/2 hour before I eat, I drink water.  If I get up in the middle of the night, I drink water.  Water is a great energy conductor!!
  7. NO white sugar or flour! If it isn’t made from all organic, came from nature, you don’t eat it.   Food does have vibration and energy! My go-to for sweets, organic maple sugar, honey, coconut sugar. Do I have them every day, I do have organic maple syrup in my chaga tea.  It’s my treat!

Energy is always flowing; it never stops.  I am a vibrational being, and I react to energy.  If I do not practice being present with my energies, I will find myself vibrating at a much lower level of energy.  Low vibration brings conflict into my life.  I do not want to bring low vibrational things into my life.  Like, brings like into our lives.   So what do you want to bring into your life?

I will stop here for now and will go into how to create and attract what you want into your life in my next blog.  Your heart has a lot to do with how you control and create energies!  Until then, be conscious of how you are working with energies.

Until later WWYHS



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