When we find ourselves in the energy matrix.

I guess the best way to start this today is just to start it.  I had to move rooms in my home do to an energy that was affecting me.  This may sound like the beginnings of a Ghost story, but really it isn’t. Let’s continue…

Energy is all around you and me.  It flows and moves, but it never dies.  Energy continues on and on indefinitely.  Energy is in everything; the planet we live on is breathing and living just like us.  Every cell in our body has a mind, a heart, and eats.  Energy is our power source.  We get energy from the people we hang with, the food we eat, and from our higher source.   Energy can affect every part of our life. A couple of examples, when we are around drunk people, we can feel those effects without drinking.  When we are around someone angry, we find we get angry, even if we were having a great day.

So I moved into this house about three years ago.  The home is lovely, but later as we settled in, we found out that the owner before us had died.  No worries, I do not believe we stay here on this side of death and haunt places.  I do think we leave energies behind, though.  I have had trouble sleeping in my bedroom, I would feel anxiety, panic attacks like I could not breathe and would wake up feeling lost. I knew it wasn’t me; after all, I have been cleansing, changing my thoughts, and working on bringing my self back to a healthy status.  So I kept trying to change the room, even changed my bed.  Yet night after night, I felt terrorized.

When I am not intuned with my thoughts and feeling, I know I go into the fight or flight response.  I began to live in a fearful state of mind, and I would fall asleep in my living room chair, wait till it was about 4 am and then go to bed.  I had been doing this for nearly 3 years, and I was finding that my health was taking a backward step.  WHY? I asked myself several times, why was I waiting until I was in pure exhaustion before I would go to bed? Why was I living in fear?   I kept thinking and asking why can I not sleep.  I sleep as well as I can in a chair, but why was I not getting sleep in my bed?

So as I am learning and working with my energies more and more, I thought I would do an experiment.  I decided one night that as soon as I was sleepy, I was going to bed.  I got into bed and no sooner did I turn out the lights… I started to panic, I felt like I couldn’t breathe right, I would try and fall asleep only to be woken up with a startle.   I jumped and tossed and worked so hard to sleep, but I felt like my mind was on high alert, and I was in danger for my life.  I got up, took my blood pressure, my pulse my O2 status.  I was great health-wise! I do not take any medications, didn’t eat before going to bed, no tv or wifi in my room.   I was being terrorized by my own thoughts, or was I?

Let’s stop here for a moment.  When I first came to see this house, I noticed that the house had an ADT alarm system, but only in one room, on the front and side doors and the garage.   The house had deadbolts that you could only lock and unlock with a key.  By the way, in my state, those kinds of locks are not allowed; in case of an emergency or a fire, you could cause your own death by not knowing where the key is.

I did not know the owner, but by the way he lived and the locks you could tell, he was very uneasy; maybe he had dementia and was scared all the time.  Whatever it was, I was feeling it.  He didn’t die in the house, but he was taken away by ambulance and never returned from what neighbors said.  I know he is not still in the house, because I can talk to spirit, but the energy of those last few days seems to always be here.   I do believe that most spirit investigators are picking up on these energies.

Okay, back to the story.  So I woke up miserable and tired.  Humm, I scratched my head, rubbed my face, and thought, what was I going to do?  I can’t keep living like this, and my body can’t heal if I am not sleeping. Sleeping also helps us delete previous and helps us organize our thoughts.  I do not want to sleep in my living room forever, either.  I do have other rooms in the house, but they are much smaller, but two of the rooms are on one side of the house, so I decided to move my bed and stuff to the other room.  At first, I was angry that I had to move, but the more I thought of it and the more positivity I saw, the more I liked the idea.   I would just create a super bedroom, but with a bathroom between where I sleep and where I get dressed.  WHAT woman doesn’t want a whole room to only dress in!!

It took me a whole day of moving, and I made sure I thought of ever positive way this would help me, there would be no reason to be hating the move and hope for a positive outcome.  Two negatives do not make a positive when it comes to working with energies.  And come to think of it that holds true for all things in life.

I got everything all set up.  I did the exact same thing I did the last night in my old room, I waited till I was tired and went to bed.

I slept better than I had in the past three years.  Was this just a fluke.  I thought I would test it again.  For the past three years, I had waited until I was exhausted to go to bed. So this was new for me to go to bed when tired.  I repeated the same way I went to bed last night, I waited till I was sleepy and went to bed.  I slept perfectly again!!

Through my own experimenting,  I found that the energies I was feeling were not mine; it was the residue of the past owner as he had been suffering from Panic attacks, dementia, and breathing difficulties.  Even though I had cleansed the room, there was no way I could move the energy.  Being a sensitive person like me, I could feel those energies, but take this to heart, that doesn’t mean that anyone else would have issues in that room. There are those of us who can live in a home for years and not have one problem; someone else could move in and find hell.  We are all different, and we all feel differently.

That is why it is so vital that you sit and listen to yourself.  You need to reach deep and look into what is going on inside of you that could be manifesting issues outside of yourself.  I have found as I work with my energies that the more I take responsibility for my own thoughts and actions, the better my world around me becomes.  When I open my eyes and see that there is so much more to our world, more than the everyday mundane things, I have found a place full of treasures and surprises.  It is when we get dragged down by the dogma of life that we lose our power to be the creators we came here to be.   Find yourself, live, and love who you are, no matter what others may think or say.  When we live the truth of who we are, we create miracles for ourselves every day!

Have a great and creative day! Ohh, and don’t forget to cut them cords!


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