How is love working for me?

I really felt like I needed to post this out there today, so here goes.   By the way, this is a before and after picture of me.

I have been working with loving energies, there is such a thing.  I have been working on being a Braveheart, which was created by Dr, Darell Wolfe.   You can find his library at  Everything I am going to be sharing in these next few blogs can be found on his site, and yes, it is all free information.

Now here is where I will lose a bunch of people.  You have to take the time to work and love you! If you want to see results, you have to love yourself enough to work on you everyday!!  THERE IS NO EASY BUTTON!!  There is no one pill fix, there is no prayer that cures you!  There is only loving you more than anything or anyone else out there.

That is not an easy way for us to think, we are taught that we can find all the love, cures, and answers outside of ourselves.  THIS IS A LIE!!  You are the only one who can cure, heal, and help yourself out.

Until I woke up from the matrix of self-denial, I could not fix all that was going wrong with me.  I still have Lyme Disease, but Lyme Disease does not control me.   I am teaching my mind what I want it to know.  I am following my heart more and more every day!

I have changed my diet completely, I have changed my belief, and I got up and started finding me!!  Since doing that, I am a new person.

Before turning my diet, thinking, and feelings, though,  I was heading for 400lbs.  I am 5’10, so I held that weight okay, but I was heading towards a heart attack, I was pre-diabetic, had insomnia, IBS, Chrons, and a butt load of inflammation.  No medicines and thousands of dollars in supplements were helping, no amount of organic foods were helping.  I was dying!!  I was heading for cancer!

It took the courage and honesty of one man who asked me the one question no one else had ever thought to ask me.  WHY DO YOU HATE YOURSELF?

Talk about a slap in the face!!  I was so angry and started to cry.  But then it hit me, do I really love myself?  NO, I didn’t. I was taught by my parents, my religion, my social peers that I was not unique, I was unlovable, I was a born sinner, and that being a woman I was beneath the male gender.  It was refreshing to have some kind of drama playing all the time in my life.  I watch the fake news, I listen to the complaints of my family, I took part in their dis ease, and I was addicted to feeling sorry for myself.  I was a great victim.  When I found out I had Lyme, it gave me a reason to be.   UGHH  Wow-what a reality to wake up to, huh?

How many of us wake up every morning and look into the mirror and smile to see that wonderful person looking back at us? How many times do you go into the bathroom and make yourself laugh and feel joy?  I didn’t, I hardly looked at me, I was so disappointed in that person in the mirror.   I would even say how much I hated her.  Every time I was upset and broken-hearted, I would go into the bathroom mirror and put myself down in every way I had been put down by others.  How can you heal when you are saying such awful things to yourself.  Those things you heard as a child or a vulnerable adult.

So that day, I decided to love, respect, honor, believe, protect, forgive, be a hero to me.  I stood there with tears streaming down my face, as those hauntings from the past, from others that I thought loved me, whispered in my ear. And I promised myself that I would protect, love, honor, fight, and believe in me from that day forth! No more would those whispers from the past tell me what I wasn’t, no more would I look for advice outside of me.  No more would I trust in anyone but me.

When I did that, my world changed in a flash!  I became stronger.  I felt all that energy that I had been giving away come back to me.  It was like seeing a circle of light engulfing me, and I felt the power.   I felt the truth, I felt closer to spirit, I felt myself remember who I really am.

I am a spirit, and this is only a tiny, atom of me in this body.  I am here to learn how to shake off the limitations that had been taught to me.  I was not in the matrix anymore.  I didn’t feel alone though, I felt millions of other beings in my world.

After two months of living this truth, I have lost a lot of weight, I am sleeping, I don’t have to take supplements for pain.  I have more energy, I am learning to drive again ( after losing that ability for over three years), I am full of life and laughter.

So how about it, want to learn how to break free from your Dis- ease?  Want to remember who you really are?  Want to gain back your power to create and heal yourself?

Follow me!! This is going to be fun!!

DRHT (Desert Rose Holistic Teaching)

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