A little more positive energies, anyone?

I really wanted this blog today to be more about the self-love that I have been working on.  Yesterday I kind of went off on a darker subject. I know some days just have to be like that, but I am not one to camp there for long. So here we go.  Let’s learn about Energies, you energy being!!

I have always been into energy healing.  I believe that energy has a lot to do with our health, not just the physical but the mental and spiritual parts that are us.  There is energy all around us.  We learned in school about the radio waves that flow throughout the air, which bring us songs, sports events, and television shows.  Most of us have Wi fi in our homes as well.  What we do not see are the energies that all humans produce.  We are walking, talking feeling energy beings.  Every day we are affected by these energies.

To me, these energies are like light beams, and some are like spider webs.  There isn’t a time that we are not encountering these energies.  Life is all about energy.  The power of this energy is pretty cool, and yet it can be pretty destructive.

It is too bad we are not taught about energies in school or even at home.

My word, my life would have been so much better if I had even a clue of what I know now.

As an Empath, my life is nothing but feeling everything profoundly.  I can feel sickness, where it is in the body, around others or myself, what that illness is, and how bad that disease is.  I have learned how to treat these illnesses naturally.  Does it scare people how I can see illness, but of course, what we do not understand we fear.  I do not judge why they do not understand these things, how can they know, they were not taught about such things.  Our countries history shows us what happens to those who think outside the norm.  How many of us are told not to mess with things you know nothing about, or you will end up opening a portal if you’re not careful. I love to teach folks what is out there.

For years I have searched and found the knowledge I seek.  I love to learn, and I follow my intuition when it comes to learning. Spirit is always speaking to me.  If that makes me crazy, then I’ll live with that!!

I can walk into a room and feel every energy, sometimes it is beautiful, a lot of the time it isn’t.  Most people walk around blind to what they are feeling, and they emit those feelings around them.  Did you know your heart sends out an energy that can talk to someone else heart before you speak one word to that person?  You already know if your energies mesh or don’t mesh.  That is why you may like someone instantly, or you may dislike them instantly.  We only use a tiny percentage of who we are energetically.  And guess what, you can read energy when you are on the phone as well.

Boom, mind blown!! Right?

So every day when you awaken, you become a cell tower, and the majority of the world has no idea they are walking through or into these energies.  When you drive to work, have you ever found yourself happy one moment, and then the next, you want to kill people.  If you are intuned to your energies, then you can stop, breath, and figure out why you had such a sudden change in your emotions.  I have had this happen in a store. One moment I am happy and full of energy; the next, I am tired and very depressed.  As an energetic being, we have not been taught how to protect nor how to distinguish between our energy or someone else’s.  This ends up where we take someone else’s energy on and deal with that all day.   I don’t know about you, but my energies are enough for me to deal with.

It is a blessing when you can figure out what energy wasn’t yours and send it back to the one who needs to learn from it.  Or better yet send it to the wind to be cleansed.  It is so sad that we are not taught what our ancestors knew before big corporations took control of the masses.  It is all about dummying down society to help control them. ( But I’ll save that topic for another time).

So how do you tune into your own energies?  It really is simple.  Breathe.  When we take five minutes, ever 15 mins and breathe, we connect to our energies.  Find an app that will help you do this.  Set it for every 15 minutes.  When the alarm goes off, breath in deeply through your nose for a count of 6 hold for three and breathing out from your mouth for a count of 7.  Do this at least three times each time the alarm goes off.

Drink more water.  Your body needs water, want to know why your joints and muscles hurt.  YOU are dehydrated!!  I drink a gallon of water a day.  I can’t believe all the pain that went away.  I was turning into beef jerky!  In fact, that is why 90% of the country has inflammation and chronic pain. ( Again I will save that for another blog)!

So you stop, breathe, rehydrated, and take action.  I like to use crystals and colors to help me protect myself throughout the day.  I drink crystal water that I make myself.  I use clear quartz or moonstones to help me differentiate my energies from others.  And I cut cords.

Cutting energy cords from those connected to me has been a true blessing.  We all do link to one another, and we leave little threads of energy.  There are fine silver lines that attached to us every day.  It is our way of communicating with one another with our world.

I want you to try something.  After you have done your breathing, imagine your favorite weapon, be it a sword of any kind, an antique gun, a lightsaber whatever you like.  Now imagine you can see these tiny shimmering cords attached to you everywhere.  If we could see all the energies we pass through, it would like some kind of sci-fi movie.

These cords are energy, and we don’t need them on us. We make new ones whenever we are around anything. Remember, you are an energy being, so you have ways of taking in everything you come into contact with.   I think of it this way if I am at a store full of people how many cords am I picking up, how many am I walking through, and do I really want them attached to me? To me, that is like setting at an old phone communication station listening to everyone online.  NOPE!!

Here is where the fun begins. My favorite sword is a ninjato sword, she is a beauty, and I know she is super sharp and deadly.  So here is what I do, before I go to bed or when I feel heavy, sad or out of sorts, I imagine these cords in my mind’s eye, and I imagine cutting the cords cleanly.  I even imagine I can hear what it would sound like when cutting these cords.

After I cut all the cords, and let me tell you I am really getting good at this. I use color to help keep me protected. This is where color comes in, imagine your favorite color, now imagine that color bathing over you. You can see the color of your choice slowly covering you from head to toes. Feel that color, is it cool and blue or hot and red.  I like moonstone, the color is milky white with rainbow shimmers in it.  This is my protection for the day.  Or whenever I need it. The color can be different from day to day.  Whatever comes to mind, trust that.  Trust in that love for you!

This may seem really alien to you, but I would suggest you try it for a couple of weeks and see what happens.  Energy plays a huge part in our lives.  We are always being influenced by it.  I would rather be the one in control than to walk around blindly and being influenced by other people’s energies.  I like having clear feelings of my own.  When we reconnect with ourselves, we find a deeper meaning in all we do.  I find I am more loving towards myself and others.  I do not react first then think later.  It helps me take back control of what I am bringing into my life, not just leaving everything to chance. And we all know how that feels.  The game of chance, where you might get what you want… yeah not my kind of game! I would much rather be in control of my life by being able to decide what I want to allow in my life.

I will continue with more on energies in another blog.  Until then, enjoy this little experiment on how to clean up your energy field.  You can find me on What would your heart say: on Facebook.  I would love to hear from you and let me know how it goes with cleaning up your energies.

Until later,



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