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I have had a facebook page called Desert Rose Holistic Teaching for years.  I pretty much just shared holistic medicines, herbs, and how others have healed from many different types of ailments. I never shared the true me on this page.  All my writings, all that I have gone through, none of those things.  I asked myself today, WHY?  Why do I have a place where I share all these wonderful natural cures and not one word about how I am using these herbs, these energy healings, those profoundly spiritual moments I have had.

I know the answer now…it is the fear of being judged.  How many times do we bow down to the masses and try not to be seen? How dare if I share my journey, and it rubs a person wrong.

Some folks just want to defend their lifestyle to the death or out of ignorance, who knows.  But they will rip you apart for being different or not believing in the matrix of conformity.  I am and have never been one to follow the herd no matter how hard I try to cow down to those around me.  I always seem to piss them off or set them off.

I am getting to the point where I love setting others off.  And I have awakened to the fact that it is okay to bring attention to oneself.

I have a motive to trust, believe, and love me.

I would love to help others to find that same trust as I have. I want to help others find their power inside themselves.  I want to empower the masses.  I want them to all know that yes, you can heal yourself.  Yes, you can cure yourself!! And yes, you can cure anything!

Yes, I have found that perfect combination, where I see tremendous results in healing my self as a whole.  The whole being mind, body, and spirit.  Without that knowledge, you will only gain so much in your health and then fall back into the same old routines.

Did I find my way alone?  No, I had to keep trying and searching, and then I discovered when I allowed spirit in this world of mine, I was set up with all that I needed to accomplish all I was striving for, that help in me believing in me.

We do need others to help us, that is what this world is about.  The journey we are on is meant to help teach us what we have forgotten.  Yes, you need to share your growths, and yes, it can be scary putting yourself out there.

So I am going to be reworking this page.  Of course, I will be sharing herbs, recipes, as well as energy healing, but I want to add more about how these powerful allies are helping me and others.

I have faith that these moments I share will help you in your self-discovery, and I want you to enjoy the journey with me.  Please feel free to share what is working for you and what you are doing to help yourself.  I love getting shares.  Also, please share my post so we can help others as well.


DRHT (Desert Rose Holistic Teaching)

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