A song on self-love

I have noticed as I am working on rewriting my life, that the songs I use to gravitate to… just don’t reside with me. They make me feel helpless or useless.  Did I really listen to some of these songs over and over and believe in them? There was a time when a song was where I thought I felt I was, that they told me how I should feel.  It’s pretty scary how we give our power to so many different things.  Where I use to look for songs that had the thyme of completing me, complaining, hating, and feel just worthless. I now look for songs that are self-loved filled, help me to feel empowered in my own thoughts, and believe in my own power.

Everything we allow into our lives is a reflection of what we have going on inside of our head.  Our thoughts, feelings, self-worth all that we do each day depicts what we allow into our life at that moment.  What programs are you consciously running, or are you allowing your subconscious to control your moments? If you were running a mess of old thoughts, old stories, and taught beliefs, how much are you in control of you?

The songs that have the words of coming back to the living or coming to life are me singing to myself in the mirror.  I do not need anyone.  Ohh, don’t get me wrong… I love sharing my experience with others, but I want us to be on the same level.  I do not want to sacrifice my love to make others like me.  I respect myself way too much to hurt me anymore.  I am not a yes woman to others, I only say yes to me.  I love to encourage others to find that deep, love that we all crave.

Some will say that I am narcissistic, NO, I am still loving, Kind, and a gentle soul like I have always been. I just don’t lower my energies to make others feel better about the limited life they are stuck in. If you want to challenge your life, find self-respect, honor, forgive, and self-love…here you will find that in me.

Why is it okay to make yourself miserable to only find out that you didn’t and are not helping other people out?

You have had this conversation with many people, they feel inadequate, they are hurt, you try and let them know that they are going to be okay, and you agree with them.  Yet, they still want to defend their hurts, their anger, the way they eat, and it gets to where you want to dive off a cliff. The most loving act we can do for others is to love and make ourselves a priority.  When you love, respect, protect, forgive, and honor you, then you have enough love to go around.  When you are drained and depressed, giving to others who are messed up, there isn’t much you can do for others, because you are in survival mode.  You are not helping others when you are a mess.

When I first got into Holistic Health, the first thing I was taught, is I can not heal others if I am unwell.  We teach by example! So what model are you sharing?

Treat you right, and you treat others right.

So what song are you singing to yourself?  Are you a warrior for your own mind, spirit, and body, as well as deep self- love, or are you waiting for someone else to complete you?  You have been waiting for how long now??  I would think that would be your answer there if you are waiting for someone else to make you happy, your in for a long wait.

So what song are you listening to today?


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