After the Holidays ( Reiki Challenge)

I think that this Reiki challenge has been the most significant growth yet in my life. I am learning how I need to and am letting go of those around me who are not for my greater good.  That sentence sounds really harsh, but it is really the most loving act you can do for yourself.  To stop and love you is the most important thing you will ever do in this lifetime.

Last year was a year of sacrifice.  This year is a year of abundance.  I have changed my home decor. I want to bring in energy not give it out.  I took down old pictures I have had for over two decades. It is time.  I love the ships I have been making, and I brought back my butterflies.  I want good to sail into my life. I want the rebirth of the butterfly in my home.   This is a year of rebirth!

I love what Bill Watterson wrote in one of his Calvin and Hobbes comics.  ” I think our Actions show what’s in our Hearts.”  Really think about that.  The way you treat yourself and others really is a preview of who you are deep down.   Are your actions loving?

I had a dream about how there are just people who do not fit in our reality. You know those who just do not make sense or are so far removed from your beliefs.  Why do we want to keep confusing people in our lives?   Why would you want to follow someone who is hard to love or has been more of sorrow than a blessing in your life? Why is it not okay to allow them to be them and you be you?

My sister told me the sweetest thing on Christmas Eve, she said to me that Goddes puts me in a place of protection when I am not needed.  I felt She was taking me away from the people I love, but if I looked back, I noticed that the Goddess would place me where love was needed.  Then She would set me away from them so I couldn’t be harmed.  I feel better about waiting away my loved one or around people in general.

When we allow the river of life to flow and we float along with it, the answers are always just a moment away.   Reiki has helped me settle my mind chatter down.  I am learning to listen to my heart more, I am feeling more.

I noticed the other day, I watch people, and it amazed me how dead most people are.  They walk, run, and are always filling their lives with emptiness.  They complain yet they do not look for the answers they seek.  They want easy which turns out to be harder in the long run.  It is easier to change than to sit where you are complaining about what is wrong in your life. People are funny, they will do everything they can to ignore the real wrongs in their lives.  It is easier to blame that which is around and outside of us than to take an in-depth, hard, long look at our self.  There is an easy button, there is an easy way to getting well, but we choose to go the long and hard road.  Woe to that person who stands in front of the mirror and really looks at what stands before them.  Hell to those who stop blaming the world and starts to love the hurt child within. You can not control anything around you, you can only control that which emanates from you!

We were taught that life is hard, that without hard work we will get nothing.  It is easier to listen to the limited, controlling beliefs of our forefathers and mothers.  Why would we want to have an easy and loving life?? <—- stupid question!

Listen… I am one of the worse in believing that life is supposed to be hard.  Years of these teachings are hard to let go, Trust me I know from practice and repeating affirmations that it is very hard.  Yet I am also witnessing the considerable changes in my life as I practice Reiki and meditations. Two forms of listening to the inner dialogue of my self.  I only question my life when I become sad or depressed.  I allow my heart to guide me when I am hurting or can’t understand the ways of others.  I learned how to STOP!!! To LISTEN!!!  Then ask myself what it is I want. The most significant loving act you can do for yourself is to live your emotions.  When you allow yourself to be emotional, you give permission for others to do the same.

Only you can change your way or thought, your perspective on life.  Don’t fear to feel what you feel at that moment.  Just don’t camp there!!

What are your actions telling you about you??

For Luck <—-The winds of Change I feel tonight. The waters are calm, and the sky is bright. Luck be mine, come into me. My Desires are true. So mote it be.  Tell yourself what you want not what you don’t want.

Happy New Year you beautiful Emotional Humans!







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