Reiki Challenge Day 12

There are those who just can not let go of the past, they hold and caress it like it is a newborn child. They live in a world where they can use these memories to keep a blame game going on. It is sad…

I have had some real issues with my daughter and Granddaughter these past six years.  It has been a work in progress.  I have forgiven and moved on for my own health, but I am finding that she, my daughter has not.  It is as if she needs to be able to have some kind of drama in her life all the time.  Is this, so she doesn’t have to deal with the reality of the now part of life?  I would say yes to this.  I see this in the adults of this time.  The 20 and up group.   These young people have no appreciation for the growth and accomplishments they have done.  They are so disconnected from the who they are that they go around doing life in a rush and wondering why they are where they are. 

I can only see her hatred and disappointment in her self, for there is nothing from the past that could ever be redone, so why keep bringing it up.  It wouldn’t be so bad but her memories of that time frame are not even correct.  I wonder why this has happened?  Is it from the tales of others that have these time eras all goofed up?  How can anyone go back into time and make what has transpired a problem?  If I had known better, I would have done better right??

Noone can forgive… WHY? I have forgiven transgressions from my past, there is no reason to carry those weighted memories that do nothing but bog one down and keep us from growing in the direction we want.  All that has happened cannot be changed. I can only forgive and go on.  Why can we not make mistakes??!!  Why is it not okay to be fallible?? Stop!!  When you make a mistake how about you be grateful for it.  It’s okay to be wrong, in fact how liberating to yell at your loved ones… I WAS FUCKING WRONG!! How much better would my daughter feel if she could just stop working at being right and just be okay with having been wrong. What she doesn’t understand about me is that I DO NOT CARE WHO IS RIGHT OR WRONG!!!!!!  That she doesn’t have to be perfect, she only has to be!! And have everyone be okay with that.   How better would our lives be if we allowed ourselves to be HUMAN!

There is nothing in your past you should be harboring, they were about us learning lessons.  It is okay to blame by mistake.  It is not okay to keep kicking those who messed up or didn’t! We do not need to be bounty hunters. We need to be supporters! Leave the past alone, if it keeps coming up, it is yours and yours alone to deal with.  When we have something keep coming up, it is because we have not learned to love it and let it go!! There is no need to fear you will repeat anything unless you want to.  


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