Intentions (Reiki Challenge continues)

I hear this word often.  I bet you do too, but it wasn’t until recently that I started to understand its true meaning.  What is an intention?  What does intention mean to you?  That is the question, we all have different beliefs. We come from different backgrounds, then add on previous lives, and you have a whole lot more to think about. I am just kidding.  Yes, indeed we all come from places that can be very different.  So what does Intention mean to you?

To be honest, I didn’t think about intentions much as I was growing up.  I pretty much took life as there is this big guy upstairs and he is directing my life, kind of like a movie director.  I never thought of myself as anyone special, and I was just to go where the wind blew me and react to each and everything that came up in my life.   If I did a good job and made it to the other side of the problem with no more problems, I was happy!

Reiki has taught me that this idea is not the truth and it has shown me in many, many ways what is the truth! Some of those ways seemed pretty harsh, but when I stopped long enough not to react, I found that what I was supposed to learn came and went quickly.

I do not know why we humans hate CHANGE.  It is a bad word for most of us.  I was one who didn’t like change if it meant I had to be pushed out of my comfort zone.  I think a lot has to do with my Illness.  When one is chronically ill, we have a sense of vulnerability.   We are weak, and as with the animal community, the weak are usually weeded out from the herd.  Yes, we are a lot like our counterparts.

It has gotten worse as the years go by.  I find that friends look the other way or just ignore me altogether.  My kids are the same.  I guess it is in our DNA, even though we do not have to fight for our food or very survival, we still have that part of us which weeds out the small and weak.  It’s a good thing that most of us are learning we do not need the acceptance of others.  Thank Goodness we had great mentors like Stephen Hawkings.  Don’t know him, look him up.  If society had had their way and he believed in the thoughts of others, would he have been as great as he was?  Not perfect but look at the windows of thought he created.  INTENTION??

Great minds come from those who were sick most of the time.  We are not taught these things in history books.  Nor do some want to know.

Reiki has taught me that not all want to be healed, not all want to learn. I have to ask permission to heal others.  It is hard because we are taught to help others, yet there are those who do not want to be healed.   When someone or something becomes difficult in my life, I have had to learn to walk away and let go.  That is tough on us caregivers, those of us who still want to believe that we can help the helpless.  It all comes down to choice.  You can not make others care for others or themselves.

You know you will step in when they ask, so trust in that. I believe that we are placed at the right time in someone’s life to help to heal them.  Healing is so much more than just being sick.  The mental/emotional causes of our problems can be profound even past life deep.  I love to practice Ho’oponopono when I feel stuck and am reacting to others.  I say the Ho’oponopono phrases to myself.

I am sorry ( your Name here)– Please Forgive me– ( your name here)–I love you ( your name here)—I thank you ( your name here) Self-love is the most honest and loving thing you can give yourself every day!!

I do not always remember to love myself though, I am human, and humaness has a way of clouding even the most positive person.  So it is good to practice stopping and taking stock of where we are mind, body, and spirit, every day. Sitting for five minutes each day and learning to listen is a great way to improve your life.

Reiki is a calling; it is getting real with yourself and learning to face your deepest darkest secrets.  Reiki has brought forth the meaning of intentions for me.  I know I can affect others with my energies. Like I can influence people through my words depending on my intentions, I am capable of influencing people with my energy.  It is just most people are not taught how to do this.  So simply put,  Reiki uses my intentions to improve the energy field of others. I am mindful and heartful!

Remember it is your intention that guides what happens.  If I am not in balance with heart and mind, I can not guide my intentions.  I am like the spider on a thread I am at the mercy of the wind. And there is nothing wrong with that because if I am in balance and have clear intentions, I will know where and what I will do once I land.

It is hard at first making time for ourselves, but it is like eating right or exercising, it takes practice.  Even taking a break of five minutes and just breathing outside.  Looking outside and telling yourself you are doing a great job goes a long way.

Before you react think about what your intention is.  Are you angry, sad, depressed, needing to be right?  Will it matter five years from now?  Walk away if it isn’t for your growth or great good. Hang up the phone turn it off for an hour, give yourself some space.  Be a giver but don’t become a punching bag.  Listen to your instincts,  if you see someone and want to hide, do so!! It takes a stronger person to walk away than to stand there and stress or feel guilty.  No matter how right you are, doesn’t make you the boss!  Here’s a good one to remember, It’s none of your Business unless they bring it up to you! Then it still has nothing to do with you if you don’t want it too!

Make your intention for the day to be a teacher, then let others learn what they need to.  It is okay to allow others to make mistakes.

Mind your own business is a great new years revelation.  I know it is supposed to be a resolution, but I don’t believe we need resolutions.  We need revelations. We need to be more loving towards ourselves and take care of our self.  If the healer is sick how can the healer heal others?


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