The first and Second day of Reiki challenge

With all the new things I start I find I have Herxing reactions. For those who do not know what Herxing is, it is something us chronically ill folks have been witness to many times.  It is where the body has killed a disease, and even though it is dead, there are still toxins these disease release in their death,  this causes complications by the reabsorption of the illness back into the body.  The way the body accumulates what it needs is through our digestive system.  Most of us have a compromised digestive system.  If you suffer from heartburn, you have issues with your digestion.  Chronically ill people have most of their problem in their guts.  If you can’t detox fast enough, you reabsorb the same toxins over and over again.

Lyme Disease effects my guts more than anything.  I can’t digest my food, and I have a hard time detoxing.  I have been using Reiki for this.  I also use supplements that I charge with Reiki Energies.

The first day of getting back into self-healing with Reiki I noticed a lot of Die-off.  I became very sick in all mannerisms.  Not only does Reiki help with the physical but with the mental and spiritual as well.

When you start to work with Reiki again get ready for the waterworks!

I have been an emotional mess, and Reiki has brought up issues that I have not been dealing with which is causing me some problems in my life.  I thought I had them handled, but Reiki has a way of bringing forth that which you have pushed deep down.

Where we are not truthful with ourselves, we will find emotional history bubbling up to the surface.  When we are killing whatever disease we are dealing with, we will feel much worse.  It is the law with Reiki. When I had my attunements, I was miserable for about a week with side effects.  They can become so overwhelming when we are chronically sick.

When working with others, you must understand how the Law of Reiki works.

It will heal you, but it will hurt!! Not always but I have found that the healing showed up in other areas of my life and made me wonder if I was going insane, or new healing crisis as I like to call them, started to appear.

There is no directing Reiki, Reiki goes where it is needed, and that may very well be a deep dark place you have been ignoring.  Yet, even as I feel a bit worse for wear, I do feel much better in other ways.  Keeping a journal and counting my blessings helps me to get through the rougher patches.

I see a lot of blessings when it comes to being calmer, feeling better in my tummy, food seems to be digesting better.  I feel like I may be resting much better as well.  I usually only get about an hour or two for sleep, I am averaging four or more now.  My Dogs are more relaxed around me, and I seem to have clearer thoughts.

So for these first couple of days, there have been some significant changes both good and bad.  I am so excited to see what more happens.

See you tomorrow!


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