My Reiki challenge

I have been working with Reiki energies a lot this week.  I know that there are times I do not feel like it works.  I am finding out that expectations are not always a good thing either.  Reiki works like living water, it goes where it is needed first.  When you work with Reiki, you have to let it flow where it needs to, not where you want to direct it.

Energy is like water, even when you try to dam up, water will find a way to stay on its natural course.

Last week I was talking about where is your heart and mindsets.  Are you asking from a place of love or are you asking from a place of Lack?

Life is like Reiki, it ebbs and flows where it is supposed to.  If I find that I am fighting the course, I will have rougher days.  I am very grateful for the healing energies I am seeing.  The more I come from a place of Love and allowance the faster I find peace and relief.

The power to heal ourselves is excellent.  The body knows how to recover, it was built to heal.  It is when I get in the way or allow others to mislead me, that is when I find out that I have become my own worse enemy.

Since we are coming up on the new year, I have decided to give myself a new challenge. I became a Reiki master about two years ago.  I was practicing every day but stopped.  It is hard to believe in healing energies when I am in a fight for my life.   I struggle with that a lot.  I have this constant dialog going on between my heart and head.  I would say it is EGO  that nasty little devil that has a way of telling me that I will never live to see a change.  It is that limited thought that I am not meant to be happy and have a happy ending.

I will be doing a hundred-day challenge of Practicing Reiki healing on my life.  Everyday! I will be writing what I practiced and what I felt.

It’s hard on those who are white lighters, empathies, naturalist, believers and you can add to the list.  I have the hardest time trying to stay in that positive flow all the time when I am faced with pain, and struggling to live just one day at a time.

I have poured over my books, practice day in and day out, and all will be well for a while until I have panic attacks and can not even ride in the car.  I am so sick I can’t eat,  I can’t take one more joint and muscle flair up, or my teeth hurting so bad I wish I could pull them all out.  Every day is a new way to experience pain that most people would be riding in an ambulance for.

Yet, I have started practicing my Reiki once more.  It has helped me to ride the wave of pain.  Reiki has helped to remind me that there is more to life than waking in pain and negativity.  I feel this challenge with help me to find healing and peace.

There are no shortcuts in life as I am finding out.  Those who try to take an alternative or try to ignore their life lesson will be able to repeat it till learned.  Even if that means you will be reborn again and again.  I don’t know about you, but I would much rather learn and go on.

The heart tells us what we need all the time, we are never alone.  I have so much help from the other side, heaven, home.  It is easier to allow the feelings to flow and follow your heart than to try and mask the experiences with drugs, alcohol, food, work,  tv, social media, and the list goes on.  When you find any of these distractions listed above consuming more time then living life, this is when you should be listening to what your heart is trying to tell you.

I am so guilty of doing just what I am preaching.  I was meditating for two hours or more a day, I got really sick and could not take the pain and guess what I did.  I got back on Facebook, looked up emails, turned on the tv.  I went into hiding mode on what I was facing.  It is so easy to find a distraction from that which I did not want to face.  It breaks my heart every time I have a relapse.  It SUCKS!!  It hurts, and I hate IT!! It’s okay to freak out and run, but there comes a time when you have to stop and face your fears.  I like so many others am scared to die, I am not afraid of death,  I am afraid of the pain of dying.

Reiki is helping me to face the reality of my immortality.   I am energies, a spirit, I am not of this world. Reiki helps me to accept that and to grow with my pains. Reiki helps me, it may not help others, but this is my story, and I am writing this for me.  It is up to you to write your own story.  We are all free to choose how we will discover the path that leads us either to victories or defeats.

There are many ways to hear the heart, there are many ways to follow our callings.  There are no wrong ways.  These writing are of my own personal experiences.  If they help you on your journey than I am grateful.

Try giving yourself a challenge today.  Write down your days. No matter how mundane they may seem, take stock in your life.  What are you doing, what are you feeling, how are you dealing. What are your dreams, where do you want to be in a year?  Keep taking the time to think about your wants, desires, your goals.  Practice being more mindful of your situations. Ask yourself if you are living or just existing.

Love from WWYHS

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