The third day of Reiki Challenge

It’s not the best of days, but I believe that is because I have a lot of change happening.  I feel like I am more tired today as well I feel anxiety.  Mind fog is a bit more today as well.  Worried is what I seem to be doing more today as well.  These feelings may be more die off from my Lyme.

I am drinking my reishi, sitting on an infrared heating pad. I’ll also be drinking lots of zero water.

Just for today, I will not worry, is my motto for the day.  It’s hard not to be concerned as this is the norm for the mind to go.  It’s hard to have these days where I am so off.  I usually will not write in these days, but I feel it is essential to keep a complete record of what is happening.

So this is going to be short.  I will be working more with Reiki and taking it easy today. I need to listen to my body and help it through this healing crisis.  I feel we all should stop when we are tired and give ourselves some time to recoup.   And as the holidays are hard on a lot of people, it is even more crucial that we stop and give ourselves extra comfort and love.

This time is when we find we eat more of the stuff we shouldn’t instead of eating the sugary sweets, find an organic alternative.  Drink more water and herbal teas.  Stay away from the Flu shots and get more sleep.  And just for today don’t worry.  When we let go things can flow again.

I want to leave you with a letter I got this morning from a great group of people.  I love how it was dead on with how I am feeling today. I will be meditating this message all holiday long.

The moment you let go..

 Vibe Source

Have you noticed when you just surrender or let go of something, things just start to fall into place? Well, that’s the power of life’s flow. The moment you let go, you restore your ability to see clearly. You become creative and able to discover solutions that you could never have seen before. Most of us get to this state when we’re just tired of going against the flow, so we just surrender from exhaustion. However, this flow is forever present. You can connect with it by shifting your mind from the attachments, resistance, and overthinking to letting go, accepting, and trusting in the process. You can’t force anything. You lose energy and drive yourself crazy trying to hold onto things that aren’t meant for you.

Start letting the universe know, that you trust in new beginnings, by letting go of things and people that no longer serve your growth. Make space for blessings. Clear your mind and surrender to the flow of life. You will be surprised how much your life transforms, once you stop resisting your own growth and allow blessings to flow in.

Enjoy a blessed day 🙂


Shawn & Spencer

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