Heart and mind balanced

Ah, the holidays are upon us once more.  This year may be the first year I am looking forward to Christmas.  I think as I get older and I forget the misguidance of my past teachers; I have found a way to peace in all things.

I have learned how to let go of the hurts done to me long ago.  I believe that if we come from a place or lack, we will only bring a lack in our lives.  If we come from a place of unlove, then we will bring unlove into our lives.  If we come from a place of gratefulness, we will manifest what we want fast and better.

I was listening to a podcast the other day where the teacher was talking about how it takes a while for things to manifest in our lives.  She said that to make a baby, it takes nine months.  So manifesting what we want would be the same way, it will take a while before you see what you want in some cases, in others it seems to happen as soon as you think of it.   Which is a good thing, if wishes happened right away and we were in a bad place there would be a lot of burning people walking around.  It is helpful to know that if we want for something we can come from a grateful state and get what we want in the right form. You have time to change your life around!!  That is great news.

There are things still coming into fruition for me that I know I dreamed of as a young girl.  The crazy thing is that some things we get and have no idea why may very well come from a previous life. Wow, now that can be kind of scary!! Has you hoping you wished for the good stuff in that precious lifetime, doesn’t it?

I am glad that I can manifest all that I want, I have to learn how to do it coming from a place of love.  It’s as simple as that.  If you want something, then you need to be right of mind and heart.  Meaning that you need to have your head and heart on the same page.

Also if you make yourself have to do something I have found that can be detrimental.  I do not see where anyone who has had to force themselves to do anything has had a great outcome.  Life is supposed to be a happy time.  Most of us believe it is the fates that bring us what we get.  How wild to realize we are our creators, we manifest what we want, be it good or bad.  It all has to do with how we feel before we ask for what we want.

I have been putting this into practice here lately.  Before I do anything, I make sure I am in a good space.  To stop and meditate instead of just reacting has been saving me a lot of unnecessary grief.

Try it out see how it works for you.  Before you do anything try this, assess your feelings. Are you coming from the right place where your heart and mind are in agreeance?  Are you coming from a place of lack? Are you wanting to make things even better for yourself because you are happy with where you are coming from?  Are you coming from a place of love or lack?


Happy Thanksgiving a little late.


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