Faith and Hope

This week has been a week of learning how to let go of those things I was taught. AGAIN!  As a Reiki master, I am determined to prove to myself, that there is a natural order to all things.  The best lesson is that I do not know it all!  And that feels so damn good.  My thoughts are not for others they are only for me.  I have no rights to what is wrong or right.  I do not have to make my beliefs anyone else’s.

It feels so good to stand in front of the mirror and say.  I do not have to be right!  Ahhhh what a breath of fresh air.  What a weight lifted off.  I do not have to be right.  What a freeing magic all of its own. In fact, I love not being Right!!

This week turned into a few weeks.  It’s incredible how fast time goes by.  Another month has come and gone, and that’s that.

Winter has settled in, and I like to think of myself as that beautiful grizzly bear getting ready to slumber for the winter.  Winter is my time.  I love the brisk cold air, the snow the fuzzy sweaters. I am a thermal kind of girl.  If it is made of soft wool or has a lumberjack feel, that is my style.

Life is what you make of it. I have no idea why I would choose to have a deadly disease.  I have no idea what I was thinking in heaven before I got here.  All I know is that if I don’t keep being kind to me, I will not make it to the finish line.  And you know, there is nothing wrong with that. You have to love every moment you are experiencing.  The good the bad and the Ugly.  Faith is my shield and hope is my sword. I have become my own hero you could say. But, you have to know how to use them though.  It takes practice every day.

Faith the shield that helps you to let go of the negativity that seems to have a way of seeping through the cracks of our positive energies.  Faith is when you struggle to get up from a night of nightmares, having pain that racks the muscle and joints.  Faith is the friends you wish were there for you.  Faith is what stands up next to you as you lean on it for support because you feel like your body weights a thousand pounds that day.  Faith is what listens when you cover your face and cry because you just can’t seem to make it one more night.  Faith whispers softly that you are strong enough to go through another day of pain. Faith shows you why it is all worth it.

Hope is my sword I use it to lash out at those who seem not to care or don’t try to understand. Hope is quick to take that enemy down.  Hope makes the devil run away.   Hope helps me to realize that it isn’t for others to understand or help me out. Hope helps me to stand and be strong in my convictions. Hope helps me to make a hole so the light can shine through.   Hope is that big, shiny, sharp sword that cuts through the doubts that life can bring up.  Hope is what slices through the messiness of life. Hope even helps you cut out those people who need to grow and go on their own.

It is when we lose our Faith and Hope that has people give up.  And there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, it is okay to love those moments as well. It is just sad though that these folks didn’t stay to see the end of their show.   I can understand that things can get pretty bad and you don’t want to keep going on. I have been on that thin line myself.  I can tell you why someone would lose their hope and faith and end their time in this place.

This world can seem like a very harsh place at times.  The only thing that helps is my Faith and Hope.  I come from a place where I could have anything I wanted.  I suffered not, I wished for nothing.  Then I decided to come here to this place where all is limited.  I suffer much and I have nothing but worry.

Our spirit still comes from that place of love, that peace and those carefree times.  It is up to me to remind my human self why I am here.  I am learning to overcome the limited thinking, the harshness of those who can’t hear their higher self, to see the bigger picture of their existence.  I think of earth like school, and I didn’t like school.  School to me, is being taught the limitation by teachers who were taught limitations. I wanted to learn who I really am, and then you put about a hundred thousand lost and homesick souls in a building built like a prison, and you have a mess!!

How enlighting would it be if we were taught what we really needed to know?  How about we teach our children who they are that they came here to learn how to let go of the expectations and limited thinking.  How about we teach them how to focus on their higher self and to listen to their loved ones who have passed.  What a crazy notion of having our kids practice meditation and letting stupid shit go.  Sheesh, what am I thinking?

No, No it is much better to force our thoughts and feelings on others and then have them go through years of learning how to forget what they have learned.       Right?

Today, more than ever it is time to let go of the control and help ourselves as well as our young ones, and teach them the truth of who they are.  You are not a human having a spiritual journey you are a spirit having a human journey.  Big difference! It is time to embrace and love that homesick feel we all get from time to time.

I had spirit tell me the other day that when we pass on from this earthly form we become everything.  We are part of all that is.  I can sit by my children all three of them at the same time!  Wild Huh?  I talk to my sister every day, she left this earth about 6 years ago.  Her Birthday is in just a month.

It is only when I forget that I am a spirit, and my humanness and limited thinking, take her away from me.  Read that sentence again… It is only when we forget who we truly are that we lose what we lost. So look in the mirror today, and tell yourself you don’t have to be right. That you are a spirit that came here to learn and live the best you can.

Be Kind to you.





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