To pray

Prayer… that one thing we all do from time to time no matter what our beliefs may be.  Prayers are like little spells to me.  They can be full of good intentions, or they can be for only the gain. Yet is there a wrong way to Pray?  I don’t think so, in fact, I don’t feel like there is anything down here we can do wrong but one, and that is to take the life of one of us.

Prayer can be both a blessing and a curse.  If in fact I was brought up on the limited belief that only through one entity or deity would I ever get anything I wanted.  I was one who believed if I prayed hard enough and I was good enough I would get the prayer I prayed.  As I mature in this world I have come to a new understanding, growth is not in what you get from a belief that you will get your prayer. It is the growth you obtain as you reach for what you want, and are willing to be grateful for what you do get.

My chronic Lyme Disease can be a reason to piss and moan about my woes, or I can look at my Lyme Disease as a way of growing in a different way of health, mental being, and spiritual calm.  Dr. Rowls said it best, while he was on his journey to finding his health he found a strength he never thought he had.  He would be in so much pain and even though he had asked for death when it did not come… he decided that that was his message to try something else.

I have witness prayers answered long after asked that came about in the most unusual of ways.  Most of the time in a much better way than I imagined.

I have seen where people will pray and pray and not look around to see the many messages the Creator of us, has sent.  Why?  I think we get in a thought that the prayer can only be answered in a way we imagine it and become too closed minded to see that prayers are answered towards our betterment.

When I finally saw in my own life that nothing is guaranteed, that my expectations in others will always be tested and that only from deep inside will I find the answers, did I see where a prayer is only a guidance and nothing more.

The earth is not here to give us everything, work of the mind, body,  and spirit are the keys to making this place what you will enjoy at times.  There is no promise that life will be what you imagine and that is okay!

How annoying would it be to get up and know how your days will be, how the kids will act how people around you will be.  To know what will be said, done and be, each and every day of our lives.  How sad to have your day planned out and know exactly how everything will fall into place.   I guess I am abnormal in that department.  I love to wake up and watch as things unfold.  I had gotten into that habit of praying for a routine.  I found myself unhappy, bored, unenergetic and depressed.  Yet, when I allow life to flow through me and around me, I felt calmer and happier.

You know that feeling when you have prayed and prayed, and nothing is coming from your prayers, and you find yourself angry and resentful, full of stress and are losing sleep, but once you let go, everything in your life seems to flow without effort.

When my prayer is of thanks and of wishes that others be well and healthy, my dreams are happier, my life is calmer, and I find my inner peace.  If I pray for someone to change or want to control a situation I make a big old mess of what is suppose to be.

I’ve witnessed prayer as a form of meditation, it is when I can get quiet and listen to the confusion that is going on deep inside.  It is a time for me to change myself so that I can flow once more in my life, to change my life, so I am happier.  There are no changing others that would be to control, and I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t want anyone to control me.

Life is a river, we have a choice on what kind of river we want.  I like mine lazy and scenic.  I like to just sit and watch as the world grows and does its thing.  I don’t want to see the crap that others do and I don’t want to be their jury and judge.

Prayer has become a spell that I cast upon me.  Prayer is my salvation when I find I feel too many pressures of the world.  Prayer is for giving thanks for my beautiful but messy life.

My wish for you is that you find prayer that blessing that it is meant to be yours only.

Have a magical day


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