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Why do we give up control over our lives?  So we can keep the peace or so we can feel like we are the good ones?  Is there right and wrong when it comes to life?  I think we do the best we can until we deal with the emotions we are not dealing with well.  When we are not facing the real reasons, and we have a conflict in our lives that we have not dealt with, we are doing ourselves an injustice.

Take for example this month… I had my stepson and family move in with us.  No worries I figured.  I had in mind a short stay, they, on the other hand, thought it would be a much more extended stay.  My husband and I do not have excellent communication skills and most of the time that is a big problem for us, but when the kids noticed that we don’t communicate well, they used against us.  When you think things are going to be one way and they turn out the complete opposite, it is because no one can predict the moves of the third party.  Oh, I had the best intentions, but the kids had their agenda.

I felt out of control, and the more I tried to control the situation the more out of control I was.  So how do we end the stress and drama and help ourselves survive the mess we have gotten into?  I have no idea! Indeed I had no idea how to get my emotions to settle down and the fear of always sounding like the wicked stepmom.  I talked to my sister and my Bff but they too even though they agreed with me, had no idea how to help.

Believe it or not, the answer came to me last night after I had been binge-watching The Dead Files.  One of the things that stuck out was how some of these folks were haunted the worse who were sensitives.  It had me thinking if we can make ourselves sick with unresolved emotions than of course that could cause us what we think of as hauntings.   I do believe in the spirit, and I do believe there is evil in this world, but I also believe in the power of Our Lord and Lady in heaven.

I got to thinking about all the drama and the emotions I was taking on with these kids, and it finally hit me. Bind them to our Lord and Lady in Jesus name.  So I woke this morning and did just that.  I made sure to bind them to my God and Goddess with love and care.  I want only the best for them, but I want to be free of the stress of feeling powerless around them.

I got up this morning feeling more in control because I had let that control be taken over by the spirit! I didn’t have to deal with all that fear-based thoughts, and I felt more in control than I have ever since this stuff started.  Ever notice how Amy off of The Dead Files always tells these misfortunate victims to get someone who knows how to deal with those demons and spirits out of there homes and lives.  I know how to deal with evil and misguided spirits, but not so with the living. I was to close to the situation to see what I was doing, not until I sat down and stopped trying to be right and in control did I see what I was doing to myself.

There are so many things going on in life, and we tend to get absorbed into the messes life hands us way more than we need to.  It doesn’t help when others contribute to those messes with their messes.  I have a hard time dealing with others problems, I am a straight shooter, and I like to tell it like it is.  I want people to do them, and I love to do me!

I have a way of feeling when things go wrong, and I have a hard time allowing it to transpire.  That is what life is, is it not.  Life is messy and full of conflicts at times and miscommunications, as well as dealing with others issues.  We do not have to be sucked into those messes if we do not want to!

We do have the power to get through these days unscathed.  The power of words and believing in the reality that is you.  I started to doubt myself, and I allowed that doubt to take over. We have the power to use words. Words have a power all their own, and they can either help us or get us into bigger messes.   You have heard the saying, leave it at the cross, or bind it in love.  If we took the time to sit and quiet the mind the heart would know what to do!

I hate to say this but I was doing the very thing I didn’t want to, and that was judging others. Wild woman sisterhood said it the best.  ” The happiest people I know are evaluating and improving on themselves. The unhappy people are usually evaluating and judging others.” No words are more exact I believe.

One final thought. ” The meaning of life is just about being alive.  It is so plain and so obvious and so simple. And yet, everybody rushes around in a great panic as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves.” Alan W. Watts

I have learned to allow others to find their way in life.  I do an injustice when I get involved and try to help.  It is okay to give a lifting hand at times, but when we start to do what others should be doing for themselves, we are creating a messy situation for all.


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