The true hero is the one fighting for their health

Today has been a blessing as well as a trying time for me.  I hate to write about the downs of life, but it seems that is what I have been dealt here of late.  Why is it that those who are fighting for their health are looked down at?

I have tried to allow others to do what they want, I love to enable them to find their own way.  I stopped listening to others at stores or restaurants as they complained of their aches and pains. There was a time I would gently interrupt and try and direct them in the direction of how they have the power to heal themselves.  That just ended up causing me more stress and those who I tried to help wanted me to do everything for them including providing an easy fix.   I am much happier allowing them to be them.

When we deal with the sick, injured, and ill it is so hard to allow those who are suffering their freedom to find their way to health.   The easiest way to help them is to stop and let them do what is best for them.  It is better to not put the stress on them of making them heal faster than they want to.

I being ill love being free to do as I can and wish.  When I have the stresses of others pushed on to me, I find I fall sicker.  The frustration of having to deal with others shit can be very overwhelming on those of us who are dealing with a disease or injury.  Why do we resent those who are sick?  Is it the fear it brings up in us that sickness is to be feared? Or is a disease looked at as a weakness?

Is the disease really a limitation or is it a blessing? I have found that my condition has helped me to let go of a lot of things that are not important that I once thought were.  I have started to embrace the things we take for granted more as well.  Why do we see sickness as something we need to fix right away.  Illness is necessary for our lives sometimes.  Pain tells us that we are doing something wrong to our bodies.  Pain can be emotional or physical.

Why can we not see illness as a call to duty?  It is a call to love ourselves more, to pay attention to what is happening around us.  I read somewhere that it is better to open the wound and dig out the infection that has developed than to leave it or ignore it.  Why would you want to live with a festering wound be it physical or emotional?

I see my disease as an abundance or ways to learn how to love and protect myself.  The sick are not to be feared but to be revered.  We are strength in so many ways.  I show compassion more, I understand what others are facing in their healing crises times.  I know that to love them and allow them that space and time is a treasure for sure.  Not that I want to be ignored, I want the hugs those words of encouragement and most of all that peace of knowing I don’t have to worry about how and what others are doing.

I watch as those of us who struggle… I don’t like that word struggle.  Those of us who are healing challenged, encourage those who are not.  I watch as we care more intensely than those who could give more. And I am proud to be a healing challenged hero.  I care more deeply, I hear, and see those who are not doing well, more lovingly.  I am not one who gives up on others easily as well.  I am a hero, I am the strength.  I am always looking for ways to help others through my suffering. We are the real warriors out there.

The world is a place for learning, fear keeps us from growing.  Instead of us trying to eradicate illness, if we stopped and looked at what it is trying to teach us, maybe just maybe the cure could be in just that act.

All we need is the freedom to be all that we can be, to be accepted as genuinely super as we fight to find our way back to healthy. I send love and pride out there to all my fellow warriors, those of us who struggle to heal and help to fight the dogma of Disease.  Keep going you, Braveheart people!




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