Old age is the new age for me.  I love the freedom of allowing my age to be.  It saddens me the way we are bombarded with the commercialism of youth.

Life is to be celebrated with each year we make it in this life.  Some people did not wake up this morning.  When we really sit back and appreciate that we made it through the night, we find gratefulness!

What would our world be like if we were all to wake up, smile hugely and be thankful we woke up this morning? To many of us are dying before our time due to complications. Not too many are dying out there of natural causes.

Why do we need to find a way to be forever young? Is the fear of death the new way to control the masses?  Here’s something I think about, we are eternal, but the body is borrowed. I see that age as an actual life lesson. Age is getting through these life lessons deeply appreciating that you have made it this far in life.

With age there is wisdom.  As I slow down in this, I have come to the reality of clarity.  If one waits for just one moment in silence, clarity is usually found.  I love to allow all freedom of emotions.  Don’t be afraid to be upset, frustrated or even to daydream the worse.   There was a time I was so scared to feel any negativity or to think of the worse in a situation.  When I allowed those thoughts to have their time they went away or were forgotten.  Why is it that there are folks out there that use that fear to control?

There is a guide inside of us all that helps us to navigate this big classroom here on earth. It is only deactivated when we start to listen to outside influences.  I have found that forgetting everything that I was once taught by others and looking deep and connecting with myself, is the only truth I need.

Winston Churchill once said: “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.”

I guess it is easier to make everything in this world about others than to self-love.  It is easier to ignore the truth than to live it.

“It’s not my Job to motivate players…It’s my job not to demotivate them.” Lou Holtz

To be our own boss, our personal motivator, our own cheering section is a privilege not many come to fruition in.  I love that I am accepted as is, and I don’t have to look outside myself to find that acceptance.  How freeing to not care what others think of me.

I love this next sentence that I am going to leave you with today.  From the book Alchemy of the heart By Elizabeth Clare Prophet. ” Each time we criticize we actually crucify the God in each other.”

Love yourself and you love the world.


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