Life is worth living

My question for the day is this, do we come here to Earth to learn how to be limited?  I am able to speak with my guides from the other side.  I have been doing this all my life but lost contact when I became very ill.  I have just recently been able to communicate with them once more.  What a joy to be able to ask a question and get answers.  That being said there are some answers that I find a little too honest. We all have this gift to talk to our guides or loved ones, but we choose if we want to have that communication.

I am struggling with loving who I am.  For so many years I have tried to get the acceptance of others so I could feel validated in who I am.  This, as I am finding out, does not work.   It only ends up harming those of us who are seeking approval.  I love doing for others but find that I have to make up excuses to do for myself.  Why do we feel like we have to justify being our true self?

So I asked my Guide,  my sister, if the reason we come here is to learn how to be limited.  With a resounding, yes, she replied.   So here we are going through this life to learn how to be okay with limitations.  WHY?  Let’s call my sister Dee, she told me that we have everything in Heaven, home the other side ( whatever you want to call that place you are returning to) we are part of all that is here and out there in space.  We can become, be and do all that we want on the other side.

I asked Dee if it was pretty there and she told me that it is more beautiful than words can describe.  You know that feeling you get when all is great in your world, you’re in love with life you feel so alive, that’s what Dee said the other side is like. I was standing outside watching the clouds turn rose, gold, and purple.  The feeling of those colors and the site of that picture perfect sky held my thoughts in awe.  Wow, to see this beauty and to know that it was even better on the other side, was life-changing for me.

Dee went on to say that we are only limited here on earth, that we only get a glimpse here and there of where we come from.  There are artist that paint those colors and scenes. I dream in colors.  In small ways, we are reminded of home.  So we come here to learn how to transverse limited thoughts, to follow our own feelings, and to learn how to allow others to be themselves.

So I asked Dee why on Earth would we want to come here and be in this craziness?  She told me it is the only place where we can grow and become more.  We come here to learn it is like a school for the soul.  I have heard this from other people before. So we come here to remember who we are?

These conversations have been so healing and helpful these past couple of weeks. It is hard to hear the answers at times, but it helps to know why something is happening in my life.  Not in a future telling way but in a general reasoning of why.

As Dee has been telling me, we have to come here to learn what illness is, to learn limited beliefs, to learn how to love ourselves with all our flaws.  They really are not flaws at all they are period in life where we learn how to love ourselves more.

It seems to me that the history books take sides, and it becomes distorted when the writer puts in his/her own opinions on why they think something happened. Reminds me of the news, it is easy to sit there and tell about others whats, where and what ifs, but how much of that news is their own opinions? We all have different points of views about how life is.  It is what makes this big school called earth so important.  Yet, we take it all way to serious!

What if you were taught at an early age that you had guides you could talk to and ask for help from?  Not that they would do anything but guide you through your classes.  Those classes being different stages in your life that help you learn more deeply about yourself.  There are no grades just the pure joy of learning from all these experiences.   What if your guide is here to help you transverse all these lessons, by assisting you to void out the opinions of others?

It is okay to see how others see what you see in different ways, but you have a truth inside of you that helps you know what you know.  It is only from the lack we feel in trusting ourselves that causes us to look to others to help us feel real! It is okay to have your differences and allowing others to have theirs.

Dee told me that where I get messed up in my thought that I need to have others validate how I feel.  If someone speaks from their heart and you don’t agree with it, it is okay to stay quietly in your own thoughts and allow others to have their own opinions.

But you see these are my thoughts and feelings.  What is your Heart telling you?



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