Now, there is a word you don’t hear too often.  It is a word we should be using more and more in this world though. I heard this word but really never paid much attention to it.  It makes me wonder, why do words find us when we are in need of a change in life?

Alchemizing- to change by alchemy.   Alchemy: the transformation of matter. Matter: a physical substance in general, as distinct from mind and spirit; (in physics) that which occupies space and possesses rest mass, especially as distinct from energy.

What if we can change a word in our belief, that will result in changing the way we perceive something?  That would make physical matter unimportant in the aspect of life.

I need a physical body to live on this plant, but the body dies. Would that mean that the Scriptures were written for spiritual purposes? So spirit is the real self?

I believe we live in spirit but have an outward view because of the limited beliefs we are taught.  That is why death is feared instead of celebrated.  It is easier to ignore the truth of who we really are because we are not taught who we are.  Most of our life we take life too seriously, and that seriousness becomes stress!  Thank you, JP Sears, for pointing that out the other day in your masterclass of how to bring play back into your life.  You can find his masterclass on his FB page.

I had fallen into that fear-based belief that life is to be taken seriously and have found that I am a repeat offender.  I felt I had to be serious about all that is going on in my life.  WHY?  Why do we think that seriousness helps us control the uncontrollable in our lives? How does one break the cycle of seriousness??

Play.  Is the answer, I know it makes me feel weird to think that play is the answer to fixing all that happens in life.  Yet, if you think about it, when we were kids Play was the way we dealt with all the ups and downs of our life.  So why do I bring up Alchemy? How does Alchemy come into play?  When we change the meaning of something, we end up turning the whole of that thing into a new meaning.  When we play we change the way we perceive something.  It’s okay to feel what we are feeling at the time but add humor into the mix, and you change the feelings and the way you deal with whatever you are going through.

As we grow up and take on responsibilities in life, we forget to play.  I have been so serious about several things going on in my life I had shut myself off to the very life-saving process I needed to implement.  PLAY and HUMOR> I love to laugh yet I had become so serious I forgot to use humor to balance my emotions.

How do we recognize that we are too serious and how do we get back into balance?

I will share more wisdom from JP Sears.  Awareness, fear, and Alchemizing.

I had to become aware that I was being too serious about all that was going on.  I took three problems and wrote them out.  When you write something down, you become aware of the situation.  Then I asked myself what my greatest fear was on each of these problems.   When I wrote down my fear for each issue, I became aware that I had no control over these situations.  There were more people involved than just me, and I can not control the outcome of other people.  When you are too deep in the situation, it is time to back off.  But HOW??  When I was in the throes of what felt like heartbreak, the what if’s moment, I wondered how am I suppose to be able to bring humor into a moment that has me heartbroken?

This is where Alchemizing came into play.  Alchemy can be the transformation of words.  I had to really live my fear, I got up ranting and raving, throwing my arms up and cried then I did the one thing I hadn’t thought to do, I put in my rant the craziest words I could think of.  I’ll give you an example.

One of my awarenesses is my ongoing health issues.

My fear that I will never gain back my health and will always be in terrible pain.

Alchemizing —-> My rant went like this… I will never be healthy and whole again I will forever wake up in pain, complaining all the time.  I am pushing everyone out of my life I will never have the love I crave, the freedom of going places, everyone is tired of helping me.  I hate my life, and that’s why I will have to cut up all my underwear and go commando for the rest of my life.   Plus bunnies don’t like it when you eat raspberries on a Tuesday.  While I was feeling all the pain, these couple or wild sentences made me laugh so hard.  I felt so much lighter.  I let go of the seriousness, and I let go of the control that I don’t need to have.  The fear disappeared.

I have control over how I deal with what I have going on.  I can make things ten times worse, or I can allow the need to control go. I realized that once I recognized the stress (seriousness) to go, I could see that I am doing the best I can, and I am getting better, it’s just not as fast as I would like my betterment to go.  No outside force will help bring me back in to balance, that comes from within, but I had no idea how to do this until I found the video JP Sears did.   I am not one to give up, but there have been times I have been close to giving up.  I thank God for my spiritual closeness I have with him, he always brings me back from the brink, be it a friend he sends to my aid or a message from social media.

One thing I have learned through this process is I want to bring more play and humor into my life.  I want to let go of the fear of not having control and allow my life to unfold like a rose.  I love when I allow life to be and stop trying to make it something I think it should be like.

That brings up another question…what if life has no meaning?  What if we are the meaning of life? What if the ups and downs of our lives are the meaning of life?  Puts a new look on life doesn’t.  Instead of doing what is “right” ( of course dictated by others before us) Life was about living it in the here and now. I love that thought much better than the alternative I had believed before Alchiemizing my life!

I never stop learning.


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