Fear or Love

  It is a religion to follow the ways of nature, we have to have hope that what we feel deep inside is right, have faith in the knowledge we learned that this way works and peace in the fact that we do have the power to heal ourselves, our children our animals, and our planet!

Is it fear that motivates us more than love?

I feel like it does, I see so many sad an unhappy people staying in a situation that makes them sad, or doing things that make them depressed.  They remain in places where they never honestly feel the love that is out there due to the fear of the unknown.  How can we find out that secret path if we stay on the same old path day in and day out?  There are those who have tasted just a little bit of that love, and yet fear has them withdrawal and hiding back in the routine we call life.

I am struggling again, and I know it is from fear of what will happen next with my health.  I have been up, and down this road so many times I feel like I could walk it blindfolded.  That was until last week.  I am thinking outside of the box.   There are times when I finally stop and listen deep inside, and the answer may have been one I had heard or seen a long time ago. It comes back around to help.

Why is it we don’t see the answer the first time it comes around?

I have gone way out on the edge of natural health and found another way.  Where it will lead me I have no idea.  So far it has lead me to more pain, but I am going to persevere this time.

Why do we suffer so much, primarily due to the hands of others?  Why are we taught that being a guinea pig is what we want to be? Why do we trust others more than we trust ourselves?

Do we have to go through situations in a hard way or can we follow the heart and go the easy way?

I look back at how I have handled things in my life, and I know in my heart if I had known differently I would have done things differently. Maybe?  Here the answer comes around again but with more information.  Or am I just ready to hear it now?  So who are we to say once we get to the other side of a situation, which is the best way to go? Maybe we needed to follow the way we did, and others will have to find their way through.

As a parent I want to help my kids to find the path of least resistance, but am I fair in the assumption that they want to go the way I think is more natural? My heart hurts to see that they are heading down a road of difficulties.

Do I step up and tell people the easy way or let them find their way? Do we step back to pray and release, allowing all the same respect and love of finding their way?

I am finding my way back to Love; I want to lose that fear that makes me feel like I have to do something that I don’t want to, and let that fear show me why I shouldn’t allow that situation to continue.  For too long, I have enabled the fear of doing the wrong things to dictate my life. What is wrong and what is right?  Is it right for me yet wrong for someone else? The limited beliefs that I have to do something is wearing off.  Love shows me how.  I am not vague, and it is what it is.  Either we walk in love, or we walk in fear.

I have noticed as the people of the world lose their way in the following of love that they become sicker and as we the people get sicker the planet gets sicker with us.

Are the illnesses of this world due to the way we have ignored the truth that is the beauty of living life lovingly?

I trusted this Doctor, like many before her, who took an oath not to cause more harm, and that is precisely what she did.  I have suffered because I trusted in a woman who I thought had the same love for the human being.  This woman doctor took my trust and hope and showed me the evils of modern medicine. She devastated my health, which I have struggled with for over ten years to regain.  She had no love, no compassion, no care, she only had a fear of losing money if she didn’t harm me.  If she had loved and cared, followed her heart she would never have done what she did.

Big medicine is only out there to make a profit, and it is not there to show care, love, and compassion.  Big pharma is just there to make money not help those who trust them to care for them. I will preach this till the day I die for I have seen the devil and he wears a white coat of trust.  Yes, there is evil in this world, and we have to be our advocates and educate ourselves if we are to have any hope of changing this fear-based world.

I took my little puppy to get her shots the other day.  I didn’t want to take her, I know from lots of medical studies that vaccinations only hurt our animals and that they do not need as many as they are getting.  We are taught to fear our love for our kids and pets.  We allow those who are trained to hurt the innocent in the name of money to damage or scar our children and animals.   I believe if one loves that which he wants to help, he would never hurt them as he does.  NEVER!! There is a way to heal the sick, the injured and to help build up the immunity naturally.  There is a way to improve the spirit, and the mind without causing more pain!!

I felt like I needed to vomit and was super dizzy but fear had me hand over my puppy to a group of people who had no compassion and were robotic in their procedure.  Even those who we try and trust with our health has become discompassionate and showed no mercy or love.

Why do we allow them to keep doing things to us that are harming us over and over??

If I had loved my pet, I feel like I should have left that very moment when my heart was cramping, and my stomach was aching. I watch in horror as the Vet and vet techs stuck and prodded as well as hurt the one I had promised to love and protect.  I can’t take it anymore.  My little love, will not be handled like a piece of meat if I have to stand there and educate them on the ways of compassion I will. If they do not listen, then I will walk away with my love!!  We are allowing our world to become dead and unemotional. WHY????!!

My little pup recovered thank goodness, but how sad that I take her to get hurt only so I can pray she will heal from their intervention! I suffered from anxiety hoping she didn’t die from the vaccines that they gave her.  I kept looking for the signs they told me could happen from the vaccines they gave her.  Am I that stupid not to read between the lines!!!! What the heck am I doing??

I know how to keep my pet healthy in a very nurturing way with herbs and supplements.  I will not allow my heart to be overridden by fear anymore!! I will not doubt myself anymore. I will stand up and fight for their rights to not be filled with questionable crap that may or may not work.

As my challenge to find my health continues, my research has once more found another way I have been lied to. I was not trying a natural way to heal my many deficits, because of the fear from lack of proof that was being spread around about this natural supplement. I was told false beliefs about this way I am following.  I am so excited yet scared as hell!!

It is a religion to follow the ways of nature, and we have to have hope that what we feel deep inside is right, have faith in the knowledge we learned that this way works and peace in the fact that we do have the power to heal ourselves, our children our animals, and our planet!

There is only one way in the country to make big money, and that is illness! Oh, there are other ways, but that is what is focused on at this time. It is our choice if we want to keep going the way we are going.

The journey we chose is the right one, even if we seem to have to take the peaks and valley way instead of the flat path.  There is beauty in finding the power to heal oneself. I am taking time to follow love instead of fear.  There is no challenge in the way of fear, but there is a wonder in the path of love.

WWYHS ( What would your heart say)


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