Emotions Guru

Why do we not see more Emotional Gurus?  How come we are not seeing a revolution of emotional people? Why are we taught that emotions are a weakness?

I see a world of selfish, emotional detached people going around looking for distractions and checking out of life.  No more is there a comradery there is only a oneness that excludes most of us from ever reaching a oneness together.


I have decided to change my practice from a Holistic Practitioner to an Emotions Guru.  I love that!! These past couples of years that is all I have been working on.  There is no way I would go back to being the mindless limited belief Zombie I have had to be for most of my life.  The only time I was allowed to be “emotional”  was when I was pregnant.

WHY is it socially acceptable for women to be emotional only in a crisis when their child is being picked on, or they are passionate about a cause??

I am discovering a problem with the way I handle my emotions, and it is causing an epidemic of physical unwellness! Did you know that when you repress your feelings, you are now helping to create a disease? Most if not all of the cancers, autoimmune diseases are caused by unresolved emotional issues.  Don’t believe me then ask your local physical therapist! Those of us who do work on the Mind, Body, and Spirit can see this reality more and more every day!

Welcome to the Apocolypse of the emotionally impaired. Those who are in the rut of routine and can not think for themselves.  How scary to know that the only joy one feels is if one can find a meme that represents what they would like to feel!

I am saddened to report that more Holistic practitioners or naturalist are trouting cures by using tools and one herb pills to treat their clients. There is no one tool, one exercise, one cream, one pills wonders out there.  To help a person it takes the whole of the person, the mind, the body, and the spirit.

The other day I was looking for an all natural progesterone cream.  There are non!  They all have very cancer-causing chemical in them.  Most companies have taken out parabens but they have replaced it with a much worse chemical and they are telling people it is safe!  IT IS NOT SAFE. NOT EVEN IN 1% DOSAGES!!  If I hadn’t look up the ingredients I would never had know? We all are under the false belief that just because it says natural and no parabens we are safe.

Why are we being fed a different poison and no one is calling this out and those who do are made to feel badly for blowing the whistle? WHY, because there is money to be made in distraction from the truth.  If the real root of the problem was cured there would be no money to be made.  The traditional way to treat is to retreat!

So I am changing my field I am working on helping people find their emotions, to follow their instincts, to look for the distractions and find out why.

When emotions are ignored, or we distract ourselves from them, we cause illness.  The unloved feeling turns into a physical problem.  It is that simple!

Christiane Northroup M.D. writes ” First of all, there is nothing to be gained by categorizing emotions as “good” or “bad.” Instead, think of them as guidance. The emotions that feel good are guiding you towards health, while the ones that feel bad are trying to get your attention so that you can change either you preception or your behavior.  It truly is as simple as that. Emotions can also become toxic if they are allowed to persist unresolved, rather than being worked through fully and released.”

Why do we not live our emotions? Because it is easier to control the masses who know no better.  We suppress our feelings because that is what our parents did.  You were taught to get up, pull up your bootstraps and get going.

I see it like this,  How come we allow the child to cry in a dark room alone instead of holding them until they feel okay? How come we are not allowed to cry until we feel better?  How many of us would love to be held and comforted until we feel better? We have become too tired to have to deal with those issues. I am ill, so I have now become an annoying problem.

There was a time in our past history where anyone who was ill, depressed, and not following the rules of proper social behavior, were put in asylums.
Guess what, we are doing that again, we just call them retirement communities!!

It is easier to ignore emotions by distraction than it is to sufficiently allow the feeling to keep company with us.  When we find ourselves sick, depressed and fighting off more than just a sad, mad, we wonder why and run to our doctor, it is unimaginable that a  repressed memory could be causing such destress.

Did you know that Menopause for both men and women is a time to reflect, a time to relax and allow all those past hurts to go? YOU didn’t?  It has become standard practice to give anti-anxiety meds or anti-depressants to treat a natural right of passage..  It is easier to drug those who need compassion!

When you ignore any emotion, you can count on getting sick.  Wonder how you get that stupid cold in the middle of the summer when everyone else is off having fun.  Might want to ask yourself what you are not dealing with.

My husband and older children went up to a place in the mountains I have always wanted to go.  I had seen this place on a family vacation when I was a young girl, and I had begged my mom to see it, it was just across the street from our motel room. I wanted to visit this place so badly.  My mother would not allow me and my siblings to go.

I drove by this place many times with my own little family.

The other day I made a conscious decision to visit this place.  I enjoyed myself so much.  But the next day I developed a nasty cold that turned into bronchitis. I could not understand why I was the only one who got sick.  I sat and read up on emotional health, meditated and realized what happened.   I finally allowed repressed emotions to come up to the surface, with those emotions there had an illness attached to them.

As a woman, I have had to be super strong and defend my actions most of my life.  I was abused as a child and I do believe all those hurts have been causing me to stay sick.  No amount of medicines, herbs or therapy will help me.  The only way to get well is to face the realism that is me.  What I do not want, what I do want, to be heard, to feel heard all have to be acknowledged by me.  No outside force will help me to heal the emotions I have repressed.  There is only one way to get health back, and that is to take back my power, to stop allowing myself to be mistreated and that includes me getting down on myself, and face the emotions that come up. Sounds so simple but it has been kicking my ass!

The other day as I watch the light fade from the day I began to cry.  I miss my family as they grow and go on.  I have nothing to compensate for the loss. My husband and I are on two different planets when it comes to dreams of the next phase in life.  I am an outgoing person, and he is a recluse.  Nothing wrong with that but we are not meshing up anymore. A vast canyon has developed between us. The time has come to face the reality that we are not happy with where we are.  It is time to allow him to be him and I need to allow me to be me.  That may mean we go our own way.  I want to travel with my kids he wants to putts around the house.  Yet there is a loneliness that has cropped up. I want to share my adventrues with someone who I have more in common with.  I am tired of feeling as though I am a bother, a dead weight and I am want to do for me more than making it more about someone else.  When we make life more about someone else we get resentful and angry.  I don’t want to be angry or resentful.  I have no issues with my husband I just don’t want to do it his way anymore.  Yet when do you call it off and allow one another the space to find what we are craving, being called to?

I am not happy where I am.  That is not something my husband needs to fix.  I need to allow the answers to find me. It is hard to allow our partners the space to find themselves when we are not grounded in our own self.  Fights erupt and discouraging words are handed out when we are not compassionate enough to know it is not us that they are not happy with.  I am unhappy with the way my life is going.  I know a lot of it stems from making everyone that has ever been in my life more important than me.

It sounds so easy but it takes work to find the strength to ignore all that one has been taught.  I am teaching myself how to become an Emotional Guru!

I want to hear how well I am doing.  Life is way to short to hear only about your shortcomings. Even Jesus told others how well they were doing, he gave them the courage to go forth and move mountains.  Nadia Bolz-Weber said it so well the other day in one of her Sermons ” God will find you in the darkest places.”  I feel you only have to ask!!

I asked God lastnight to help me, I am lost and I need her guidance, I need to see the signs, I want to feel the love.  Last night as I walked out the back door to let the puppies out there sat a baby toad.  The meaning in many cultures on frog was the very answer I was looking for.  There is a lot happening and I need to relax and enjoy the journey, as my spirit is reborn once more.  There are many ways we are reborn and life takes on new adventures.  I realised that God was telling me I needed to let go of the death grip I have on old limited beliefs.

I want to help others find their emotional guru as well. But first I need to find that emotional guru in me. I am so excited because I have seen another purpose in life.  I need to find me so I can help others find themselves.  Heal the healer first.




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