To Dream

” A Dream is not reality, but who’s to say which is which?” Alice Through the Looking Glass.

I have thought about this question many times in my life.  My Dreams are so much better than the reality of this world. I dream of loves I could never feel here, I have been on adventures that would never come true here, and I have flown all over the world with a leap into the air.  Why would I not want to believe that this world we call reality would be the dream and the dream as it is called be the reality.  Who wouldn’t want to escape and be all they ever wanted.  I genuinely feel for those who have nightmares.  I feel like they have somehow messed up their actual world they come from.  What if those nightmares are a sign that you are allowing the sewage of fake news, un-care, and bias into a place in your mind that is rejecting it.

My dream world is my haven my heaven, and I do not want to allow anything from this world to seep into my sanctuary and distort the beauty I get to behold every night when I go to sleep.  It would be like going on a vacation and bringing all the things you hate and letting them loose in your motel room and carrying them around. I wake up from my dream world feeling better, I come back to this reality, and I have hope that one day I will wake up in the world I can fly and create all that I desire in.

There is something wrong with thinking the same way as others.  I am not happy in their reality, I like my own place of thoughts and feelings.  I don’t mind sharing my space, but I will not allow the real world as it is called to gum up my reality.

What if we are all here because we are to dream up a better world it would make more sense to me to think that way.  I would never want to live in a world that is so full of hate, un-care, depression of individuality, no compassion, hurting others for monetary gain.  I hate to think I would even want to dream up anything like this world.

I guess that is why I am changing this reality state. I am throwing off the shackles of repression and doing things differently than the masses. I have turned off all social media, I don’t watch the news, I don’t allow others to complain to me about “those” things either.  I bring only those things that are loving, caring, compassionate, creative, colorful, joyful, tender, loving, moving, gently, magical, mystical into my world. Some would call me a dreamer.

YEAH, I am a dreamer, I am damn proud of that too, and so are all of you.  I just chose what to dream about.

So if this state of dream is where I am right now, whether my dreams are the reality or this place here is the reality.  I want them both to be incredible.


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