Leaving the dark side for the lighter side

On this journey of self-discovery, I am learning how to let go of others thoughts and feelings.  At first, this felt strange; it is only right that it did.  I want to feel everything, but there are ways of doing this where it doesn’t overwhelm me and cause me to spin out of control of who I am.  I am a creator, and I am a loving person, I love the connection to my source.  I see everyone as someone special and unique.  It’s a beautiful place to be in understanding with everyone the way source sees them.  Source sees us all in the pure loving light.  We are perfect in every way, even when making mistakes or a better way of saying this when we are learning what we came here to learn.  There is no right or wrong answer there is only finding the truth in ourselves and making the decisions that help us to have that happy life sought.

I have gotten to a place in my life where I can have an in-depth conversation about anything and be joyful listening and interacting with whomever I am conversing with and not feel like I need to make them understand my point of view.  I do not feel like they have to believe my beliefs and I don’t have to be talked into accepting their ideas.  I can enjoy the interaction and come away feeling a more profound love for who I am as well as love them for all that they are.  I am grateful for the interactions!

My truth is my truth; they are where they are because they have chosen that place.  I do not need them to be where I am to enjoy them.  There are times that others we interact with can feel that they are in discord with themselves and take themselves out of our lives but it isn’t because they hate us, it is because they need that time to find their connection to source and then find their way back to whom they really are.

I haven’t heard from my daughter in a long while, and I still send loving thoughts and desire to her always confident she will come back into my life.  I have been wanting her address and had asked for it from my son.  It never happened, so I asked my source to please send me her address.  Today I got a package from her, it was an old story I had written when I was a young woman, and she wanted to help me correct all the mistakes.  I had forgotten she even had it.

I sat there with this large envelope, and my mind raced with all sorts of things this package could hold in it.  I sat back and reached out to my source, took a deep breath and opened the package.  I was kind of shocked but not really if I had not connected to my source I would have seen only the worse, but I didn’t.  I heard my source say,” she didn’t throw that story away, she made a special stop to the post office and sent it back to you.”  I know Her source is talking to her.  I could hear my source say look she left a return address.  WOW yes, she did, she made sure I had her address.  She may not have known she was following her love, but she wasn’t fighting it either.

I sat there and allowed my human side time to cry for I miss her, I wish it had been pictures of her or a letter.  I didn’t stay long in the thoughts of lack, I wanted to follow those rockets of desires I was sending off of what I want. I want to support those desires of seeing her, loving her and accepting her for the lovely woman I know she is, watching from afar as she is reaching to find and remember who she is.   It felt terrific to allow my source tell me that this was an excellent thing, and there is progress happening.  It may not have been the way I would like it, but it sure is a blessing, and I am very grateful I was connected to my pure loving source so I could see the blessings of this package.

I have had to shut down all contact from the norm of life for a while and allow myself to find me.  I am starting adding things back into my life now because I understand that those things are helping me to perfect myself, it’s  how I am able to be more tapped in, tuned in and turned on to my source. I can’t lie it felt lonely at first shutting off the TV, the news, the movies, the social media, but wow what a marvelous way to reconnect and remember who I am.  I lost some people; it was like we got disconnected from a terrible phone connection.  I could only hear static, or it was one of those noises you start to feel claustrophobic around.  I do not do well with negativity anymore, in fact, I have no patience, and I find myself getting physically sick and leaving a room or shutting off till I can get away from it.

I love how I am joyful, awake and alive with new energy, that sentence doesn’t feel right, it is not new energy, it is more like a warm blanket, it has that feeling of softness, comfort, acceptance, and protection this energy feels like coming home from a long trip.  I feel more confident in my decisions, I do not ask anyone else for their advice and do not give advice.  I do not judge what others do nor do I want to ever again.  I know that no one is in control of my life only I am in that control.  I have a stronger connection with God and Jesus. I have found their actual message of love and acceptance, not from the thoughts of the men who put their aspects of what they heard, transcribed or witness.  I now know the truth of all things.  I am from the same energy, I am a creator, I am love, I am all things!

There is no hell there is no evil in this world there are vibrational thoughts of discord or evil thoughts as you might want to call them, that we walk into when we are not in the deliberate practice of our thoughts. Those who become disconnect from that pure loving place we all come from, become depressed, sad and fall into despair.   There are those who forget who they indeed are and how we are all here to learn from the wonderful controversy and diversity of this world.  We came here in these bodies to learn how to send thoughts of desire, from the things that we do not like or make us feel what we do not want.  We are shaping, evolving into what we wish, but when we come into resistance to what we want, then we create what we do not want.  When we say I want a love with someone who is connecting to their true self, and then proceed to doubt it, or allow false teachings to keep us from that which we desire, we come into resistance to what and how we were truly meant to live.  We become despondent and allow negativity to direct our lives instead of us controlling our outcomes in life.

We are actual creators, and we have access to a wealth of information through our emotions, we are in resistance of them because we have forgotten who we are, we become lazy in our thoughts, and then we allow things into our life we do not want.  It is a full-time job; it is a twenty-four hour seven days a week job to be in connection with our pure loving source. I love this JOB!  I get to find the best, happiest feeling for every moment in my day.  Each morning is a brand new start I get to make my day the best one yet.  I get to learn how to take any contrast that comes up and make it enjoyable in my day that day!!  HOW awesome to have that kind of POWER!

I do not have to wait for fate; I am not waiting for divine interaction I am that divine interaction!  I do not serve or fear a judgemental God I do not fear God, I am following what Jesus really said.  I can create a world full of love and joy.  I can cure any disease with just a vibration thought.  I only have to be connected to who I honestly am.  How freeing is that how many people would heal, become what they dream, have what they want if they would just turn off the judgment, closed the book on fear, unlearned those limited beliefs? What if you let go of all those things you allow to bring doubt into your life and knew that no matter what you do, you are loved beyond words? What if you found out that everything you were told was a lie to control you?  What if you could see how much God loves you and all your so-called faults?  What if you found out that God wants you to go forth, be loved, love, be yourself and make mistakes as well as make your world evolve more into being a place of acceptance??

Did you know that God never judged, in fact, it breaks his heart that it is being taught that he ever hurt any of us!  Who really were these me that were there to witness these retold stories? They were just like you and me.  Who saw what is portrayed in the story of Adam and Eve, was there a reporter in the bushes??  Many put their own thoughts and opinions in the Bible, it is like any of us. A story retold over and over starts to take on a new life.   What I like to ask is, were they who were transcribing, remembering, telling the story in a good place at the time?  Really, were they having a good day, loving life, full of joy, coming from that place where they know who they are, or were they mad at a spouse, neighbor, their kid or coming from a place of limited-fear based belief they had learned?

I feel for Jesus, being he is our brother and all, he came here to share his love, to show others that they have the power within themselves to move mountains or problems, to cure their diseases, to watch what they think and not walk into a vibrational mess of thoughts just hanging out there.  And how was Jesus thanked, well one day he got a bit out of his vibrational view and caught up in the fears of men who had forgotten who they were.  Those who had many in fear and were using that to control the masses felt threatened at this out of the box thinker, they decided to get him out of their way.  Bingo Bango our dear brother was then murdered.  The same thing for others who have tried to remind others that they are from Source and are in control of their own lives.  They are executed for being free thinkers, taking out for trying to remind others of where they come from!

Is it any wonder why so many people have become lazy, not stand up for who they indeed are.  When we finally get off the disk of self-doubt, fear,  being controlled we find a fantastic place of brilliant love, fun-filled days. Those around us get miffed and start to tell us that we are wrong, that if we are not with them we are against them.  So, I am all for ruffling feathers.  Better than sitting here being depressed and waiting for something to happen that will never come!

I have located all these feelings and emotions, I walk a path of joy filled days, being connected with all my loved ones here and on the other side.  I do not walk in fear I walk with love.  Everything I touch becomes love, I am in awe of the bright light that surrounds others.  I see their energy, I can feel them before I see them.  I can talk to others on the other side. I can speak to the animals, I can feel the stars at night. This world becomes a place of intense colors, vibrational love, even magical.  I get goosebumps as I feel those delicious feelings of enlighting emotions I had once repressed, come back to life!

So my question to you is why would you want to wait till you croak to enjoy the fruits of your desires. Once you croak you will remember all that you are. You will get all that you desired out of the controversy you lived through.   Why keep yourself from living the full, remarkable, delectable life you decided to live before you came into this body? You practiced limited belief, you lived with the doubts of who you are, you allowed others to make you fearful, been there done that. You can quickly let all those fear-based thoughts go and follow your emotions back to you, you were really meant to live a full life.  Why not come out of the dark and try out the lighter side of life?



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