You are more than you could ever imagine!

What a journey this weekend!  I have discovered much more about myself, again, and it has been amazing.  To realize that we are our own creator and that we are not stuck in this body, it is extraordinary.  Just let that sink in, you are not trapped in this human shell, you are able to move freely to anywhere you want.  And no I am not talking about having to sit for hours till your butt is numb and then for some unexplainable reason you seem to leave your body and go out into space. Why would that happen, why would you want to?   There was no explanation.   Never was I able to make that belief a truth to me.  It didn’t sound right to me nor was I able to do all that control breathing, while standing in tree pose, and shaking a gnomes hand. Just kidding but that is what it felt like to me, what was being taught and what spell would make it happen, it wasn’t happening.

Yet I was able to be where ever I wanted to be without doing much of anything, I was able to see myself beside whomever I wanted at any moment.  I can close my eyes and see, feel, hear, taste and be where ever I want to be.

I thought everyone was able to do these things.

When I was very sick, I was not able to move around like others.  I was bedridden. I found that I could sit or lie there and go anywhere in the world.  I visited many places I didn’t know, and  I revisited those places I was away from.  I felt like I never missed a moment of time away from there.  I found health, reasons to continue on by imagining my self in my home State. I sat up weak and worn out outside and imagined myself by my favorite lake, hearing the ripples of water lap at the edge of the lake.  I could smell the clean water and feel the air playing with my hair.  I could feel the warmth of the sun bathe my back.  I could hear the distant Hawk cry out from above. I watched as the big fluffy clouds grew.  I believe there are places here on earth that remind us of where we come from.   I felt and still feel like those memories were made in those areas, even though I was in bed in a different State.  I now realize that I was creating in real time and are indeed authentic memories!!

So the other day I woke from another nightmare about missing my granddaughter. I have tried to be positive, and I was doing pretty well with that, but every time my son shared a picture my daughter sent him of my granddaughter I would fall down to my knees in physical pain, or wake up from nightmares.   I finally understand why, I recognize this as resistance, going on inside of me, I was fearing I was losing time with my little love. I laid there for a while trying to think of better words, better thoughts but nothing was helping. I got up, and  I grabbed some tea, sat in meditation and waited for the answers. I believe that source can bring us any solution if we will only stop trying to keep ourselves busy or distracted.  I felt the need to look up the question online, isn’t it great that we can connect with the answers we need from Source by the technology we have in our hands? I asked what do I do to help myself get over a loss.  My favorite teacher as of today is Abraham Hicks.  One of their videos came up, and I sat there watching as my question was answered, I was overwhelmed with love, joy, and appreciation for the answer I received and cried with relief at what I was finding.  I felt such relief, so much hope, a deep knowing came over me, and it was like they knew the exact thing to tell me.  I know now today that it was a message from my non-physical self. I am so glad she has my back! smile

Now stay with me on this.  When I was in the thought of my lack, because of thinking I was losing time as well as missing out, I had no idea I was shutting myself off from my Source, the place where all answers are found. I was missing out on having that very time I wanted to share with my Granddaughter. I know some will think I have lost my mind, but this really hit hard in my heart.  It makes so much sense to me.  It feels like I finally found air.

That was the reason for feeling so much sorrow or being depressed after that nightmare.  I was in resistance of who I really was, my source was trying to get my attention. I had no idea I was causing myself to lose that time I feared losing.   When I tried to stop thinking about her, I was shutting myself off to her!!

My source was trying to get my attention to tell me to stop doing what I was doing.  I am a creator, I came here to create in a world full of diversity, controversy, limited thinking, limited beliefs, lies and the list goes on.  I came to enrich my life, to evolve to do what I know I came here to do.   I knew before I came here to this body that I would be faced with many lessons, that’s why I came here.

I was thinking about how as I was trying to ignore the problem I was pushing away the love I wanted to give.

How about this, you are able to think about what you enjoy doing with that loved one that you are away from, your imagination is a tremendous gift.  You can spend a whole day, in just an hour,  with your loved one.  Now, this is going to blow your mind and all those false beliefs.  The time you spend that energy, the vibration you are creating goes into your vortex.  A vortex is a place where all or our desires and wants go, while those desires are in there the vibrations will find a way to the other person, and those vibrational thoughts can be accessed by us! Everyone has a vortex.

Once I remembered I could do this, I got busy!  I imagine myself playing with my granddaughter, we had the best time ever doing all the things I want to share and play with her.  I can sit here and write knowing that when I think of her, we are connected instantly.  No more do I try to shut out the thoughts or memories I have shared with her, in fear of them bring up feelings of lack or pain.  I lack for nothing, every day she is with me with ever thought of her.

Those vibrational feelings are gifts.  We are creators, and we have the power to change everything we touch with our minds into rainbows of loving feelings.  Why would I keep myself from having those precious moments? We come from pure love.  I love to love.  I am meant to enjoy all that is out there.  When we see the gift of controversy, we find an ocean of lessons.  I can walk in love and light, knowing that nothing can affect my well-being.  I control how I feel I only care how I feel.  I want and wish for everyone to find that happiness, but when it all boils down to it, my feelings come first.  When I am making sure I am loved, cared for, joyful, eager, grateful I pass those vibrational feelings on.  It is up to those around me to accept them or to ignore them.  That is what is so great about being the creators we are.  WE HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE EITHER HAPPY OR SAD!! No one else’s feelings matter.  Not you or I can control how someone sees, feels, perceives or cares about anything.  We can only control our own feelings and cares.

I now know that in my granddaughters quiet time or dream time, she will receive those thoughts those vibrations I am sharing with her.  She will actually feel, see, hear all that I have shared in my waves of love sent to her.  It might sound crazy to anyone who has never been away from a loved one or someone they love.  But those of us who have been apart, have a knowing that there is this unquestionable energy that keeps us connected.  Those of us who have this connection can see and feel others emotions at times.  If we get lazy or allow resistance to get in the way we lose that connection with them.  I have a best friend I know when he is thinking of me, my nose itches and soon after I get an email.  If I allow myself to think about him I can sense his mood, I can feel the vibrations from the pictures he sends.  I am never really without him. But if I get lazy and stop thinking and sharing with him, I find he gets distant.  How sad that our laziness or the allowance of hurting for miss them, has a way of disrupting our connection to them.

How wonderful to know that if we only allow the connection to grow stronger, we get to live another life within our life. How many times have you allowed someone to slip through your fingers to only wish you hadn’t.  Why would you keep yourself from loving a part of you that you had made plans to be with before you were even born, to be with you always?

I have been witness to this happening for others around me, when we love that hard and spend that time sending that vibration, we are making a memory that is stronger than we could ever imagine.  The child or person you were imaging this time with, will if they are connected to their source share that experience with you, just like you had really spent that time together in person.  When they crook they will receive it all anyway, so why not enjoy it while you are alive??

You are spending that time together, the now time is always happening.  When you think of someone, you bring them into your vibrational field.  In a millisecond you are together anytime and anywhere.

We are more non-physical than physical.  We were born with this knowledge as babies but when we came here our parents with their misgiving thoughts taught us their beliefs, then we had teachers that taught us their opinions, we learned from friends and their views, the school had their views, tv had its thoughts, and the list of misinformation goes on and on.  As time went on, we forgot who we really were.

Once we wake up and remember who we are, we are able to connect with source and with our vortex, accessing all the rockets of desire we have been sending to our vortex. When we recognize who we are, then we are able to allow all that we wanted and wished for to come to us.  The source is always trying to get our attention.  ( I use the word Source because it feels right to me.)  It hurt my feelings to think of a God that was angry, unloving and only chose a few people to give special attention too.  Then all of a sudden he sends his son here to teach us about loving one another while placing laws no one could ever live up to no matter how saintly they lived.  The source can be whatever you believe in.. God, Buddha, The big guy upstairs, Sun God whatever it is that resides with you.  Source to me is not a judging entity that is just waiting for me to mess up so that I can be punished.  There is no such thing.  YOU ARE ALWAYS LOVED NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO! <–Repeat

There is no time that we lose with anyone, no matter if they are on this earth or if they have transitioned to home base.  The only time we lose time is when we are in resistance to who we really are.

Once I felt this truth I was so excited, I cried because of all the joy coursing through me. How awesome to be able to spend every minute, every second of the day with my little love.  She will never lose a moment of time with me.  I can share all that I have dreamed of sharing with her.  I can be there whenever she needs me. Nothing is keeping me from having the memories I have always dreamed of having with her. I can teach her about being a creator, about herbs, how to heal her mind and body. She will remember it all! Isn’t that amazing? Everything I imagine with her right here while she is miles away she will remember like we were together in person that day.

It is incredible that we are able to be anywhere we want, with just a thought we are instantly taken to where we want.  We are able to love from afar if we only remember who we are, you are so much more than this body.  It is so funny to me that some people think that we are these massive souls smashed into these itty-bitty living spaces. I use to be one of those people. If you think about it, it doesn’t make sense.  I am so much bigger than that.  Think of yourself this way.  You are energy a vibration, you are so much bigger than you were taught.

This world of ours, here is our world just a speck with infinite space surrounding us.  That endless space is the non-physical YOU!!  YOU are that space you are infinite!!

I love being reminded of who I indeed am.  I am a creator.  I want a t-shirt that says that.  I want to write that on my mirror so every morning as I brush my teeth and make funny faces at myself I am once again reminded of how special I am!!

You are a creator, just a tiny piece of who you are in this human shell.  You are able to create anything you desire. You came here in this time because you wanted to create in a world that was a challenge.  You came here knowing you could and would succeed in creating all that you want and desire.  You came here knowing that you have access to a vortex full of every desire ever wanted or dreamed… You came here knowing that no matter what, your life was to be filled with WEll-being.  You came knowing that your body can and will heal no matter what.  You also came here knowing that your resistance, feeling of lack and not allowing would keep you from all that you desire and dream of.

You just need to remember, your emotions are your guide.  When you feel joyous, eager, excited, loved, happy, confident, you are connected with the whole that is you.   When you are stressed, have anxiety, feeling in lack of, depressed, angry, frustrated, tired, you are not connecting to your source.  How do you get connected?  Feel your way back to your well-being.  Your emotions are your guide.  Life was meant to be experienced.  Your wanting brings you into alignment with your higher consciousness.  When you find yourself not wanting something, your awareness comes into focus on what you are not in alignment with. Find your way back to that eternal river of well-being. You are meant to be happy, to live a life of diversity, to live completely, healthy and fully.




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