Web’s of Energy and thought

So this past week I have been playing with cold water therapy.  I am having so much fun with this, and the benefits are too numerous to list here, well to tell the truth I don’t want to sit here and type a plethora of words on how good I feel.  Lazy or path of least resistance? smile

I have also been enjoying how energies feel.  I have been able to pick up on how others are feeling.  Which makes people feel either comfortable or very uncomfortable.   I feel I am having a different effect on those closes to me.  They have no idea how to deal with my emotional happiness.  I love to see the positive aspects of life, and I feel their frustrations as I go on enjoying being the fun uplifted person I am.  I don’t care about things that do not effect me.  Why would I expend energies on things I can not control.  It is so fun not worry about how others feel about what I do or say.  I don’t care what they think.  I want to drag them with me to this side of life that is so different than what they have been lead to believe. I am learning how to let go, give up and walk away.   I walk away looking back at them with care and good wishes.   I can feel the separation between us grow, I want to bring them with me, but I can not make them. I concentrate only on how beautiful it is to feel joyful, alive, excited and eager to experience this beautiful world.

I think that can be a real hang up for others that keep them in a place of resistance because they feel sad for leaving behind things that are frustrating, depressing or feel like they owe it to those who are not happy.  I would love to teach al what I am learning, but I can not do the work of finding and remembering for them.  They have to put in the time and effort to receive those blessings.  It isn’t like I am leaving anyone behind we all end up together in the end.  I want to go on and explore all this world has to give, I want to feel all those things I desire and want.  I do not care what others believe in, those beliefs are from other men who have found others to believe in their thought and then wrote it down as though it is law.  It isn’t my law I am free to find my own truth.  I do not care to follow others paths, I want to support my own.  I do not worry about a higher being judging me.  I don’t care! I know better, I am always loved, Say that out loud, BOY if that doesn’t make you feel powerful!!

I do follow the rules when it comes to some things though.  I am not stupid.  If I go around in my car without a seatbelt, I will get a ticket.  I may be running around thinking I am free, which puts out a vibrational sign to that lovely police officer looking for me not wearing a seatbelt because I have freedom of choice. He/she will then do what he/she believes and give me a ticket, of course, I am still free to not wear the seat belt, but the tickets are really not to my wanting.  It’s all Law of attraction so be smart with your freedom, you are free enough to choose prison!  You are co-creating with others.

I can not understand why someone would want to stand there and defend their sadness, illness, a life they feel they are not happy with, having that deep down feeling that there is so much more to life than what they are allowing.  They have seen, touched and tasted that joy, but they fear it doubt it and go back to the same old way they have always been.  Then they start to judge others for the lives they are living. Why be jealous when you can join in the joy those you are criticizing have found?   All it takes is to follow your inner voice and unlearn the dogma you were forced to accept on faith.  Walk away and let go of it all.  Change your thoughts by listening to great music, not caring what has happened in the past!  How about this, when you want something, allow yourself to have it.  Stop complaining and start the change you wish to, by changing you first.  Don’t hold anyone in bondage or in an account for your good feelings.  I would rather have pure faith in myself than to listen to others beliefs on someone else thoughts that they have thought over and over until it became a belief.

I stand at times still and quiet, like watching Horned Owls outside my windows, I feel if I move all that will disappear somehow. Life has become so colorful, so alive, so much more tasty, so much fun, and I bring into my life all that I have ever wanted and dreamed. I am in awe of how incredible I am!

I am not worried about money anymore; I look forward to the new ways it is coming into my life.  I don’t doubt my abilities to manifest what I want.  I love putting it out there and watching source bring it to me in ways I would never have thought possible.

I found out that I have been manifesting like a mad woman for most of my life, my wants and my do not wishes have been what has directed my life. There was a time I  was leaving my life up to pure chance of running into what I wanted. Most of the time Law of Attraction brought me what I didn’t want.  I had this great love in my life, it was amazing, everything I ever dreamed or desired.  I allowed doubt to come into this fantastic time.  I let what I was taught by others, who were in lack, to change the way I felt.  If I had followed my own inner being, I would have never let go.  If I had believed in my emotional GPS God has given me, I would have been experiencing a beautiful part of life. The fear of allowing such beauty in my life had me second guessing myself. I wondered if I deserved this happiness.  I had commitments to another that had shown they did not want me.  But it was my duty to do the right thing, now I wonder why I allowed others to decided what was the right thing for me.  If it was a sin, then I am ok heading to hell.  How can allowing love and things that feel good be evil?  I thought I would lose out on other stuff for allowing this fantastic relationship to continue on.

I KNOW now I would not have lost anything I would have gained more and had the most delicious time.  I still lost the old relationship I had gone back to.  I just put off the inevitable.

Get this, we still can have those desire. Those vibrations will come back around many times in our life. We have the chance to allow them to manifest or refuse them over and over because of the same false beliefs, by holding onto our fear or misbeliefs we start to kick our own butts. This usually results in us shut down, get depressed, become ill or closing off from everything.  If we get out of our way and allow what we want and desire, by the law of the universe those things will come, growing into everything we desired even turning out better. Our source will not give us what we are in doubt with, but our source will keep perfecting it till we allow that desire to be. Please do not think this either, if you had a love and you let it go, be it mutual or singularly, the same person may not be the one you will rekindle your desire emotional vibration with. So don’t become a stalker.

I am so glad  I know what I know now!!  I can create by being happy.  I do not need to wait for divine timing I am the only one who brings into my life what I want, and I can allow it, or I can resist it.   I wish for more money in my life, but right now I am loving what  I have coming to me! I am not happy with my relationship, but I am learning what I want and what I do not want while in it.  I am learning to be happy in times of challenge, diversity, and conflict, no more do I allow myself to be guided by others vibrational energies.  If I don’t like the conversation I will try to change it, if that doesn’t work, I will give up and walk away.   I love therefore I am love.

There is this comical thought that runs through my mind.  I see all these people in this world walking around not paying attention to what they are doing, they get up and do the same thing day in and out.  But here is the funny part, as they walk around in their limited belief, taking the word of others, they run into a spider web of vibrational thoughts that continuously flow all around us.  That web of thinking can be happy, or harsh.  Their mood changes to reflect that vibration.  They are walking around bored like zombies and then all of a sudden they get this vibe to stand up for this action, they have no idea what it has to do with them, but hey these other people are up in arms, so they need to be too.  Or you have those who are watching something on facebook or the news and become passionate about this or that for no reason, they had no idea this event was happening just moments ago.  Those who sleepwalk do not direct their thoughts they are here and then over there and then back to the old routine of none committed thought.  They are like our tumbleweeds around here; they blow in the direction of the wind not understanding why,  staying on this course till they are hit by a car, or they get all bunched up in a wire fence.  Then the wind changes direction, and those who do not direct their thoughts are off rolling off in the direction of the wind.

You know these people as flighty, you walk out of the room, and they walk into a vibrational web of anger, you step back in the room to have your ass handed to you.  Then you stand there as they walk through a different feeling energy web and they seem to change again.  And if you are allowing them to influence you and get all bothered and offended, when they walk through that different thought spider web, you are left looking like you are insane for reacting to the previous spider web of thought they had stepped into the first time.  Before I knew what I know now, I would be driving down a road, and all of a sudden hear a siren and feel pain or even grief.  I would wonder what the heck happen to me.  I was happily minding my own business and then feel all these emotions.  I would react of course not knowing why.  Now I know that I was hitting energy fields hanging there from past experience and reliving it.  When this happens now, I can control it and get myself out of the vibrational web fast.

My Grandma is in the hospital,  she is okay, more than okay. She is probably healthier than most 30 years old.  She got a bit down because of digestive issues, of course, it leads to other things.  It all boiled down to her getting out of sink with her self and not listening to her needs for more water and better food choices.  Well since the medical community got a hold of her, she has been pumped with meds that have caused even more issues.  The one thing that she keeps saying is she feels like she is in prison.  It hit me that she had a choice. She could have accepted the diagnosis they gave her, went home and tried things naturally, but she decided to go to the hospital.  Her choices caused her to choose bondage.  We all are so free we can choose to be imprisoned in our life or be free!

While I know how I would choose a different course, there would have been a time I would have done the same thing, not knowing any better.  When we come into the alignment of who we indeed are, we are reminded of how we can cure anything that ails us.  We have taken the lazy way or get in resistance and cause most of our illnesses.  I wake up amazed at how well I have healed.  I am at 99% of my health, and I am working my way to being healthier than I have ever been.  I want to die healthy, and I want to choose how I want to exit out of my life.  And being sick and in pain is not the way I am going.

I want to hear people say at my memorial  “but she was so healthy she didn’t even look sick than one day she left quickly and so peacefully.”  It is my choice to leave how I want to.  It is false to think other than that. How do I know you might ask.  I heard it from My source.

And yes I do believe it!

I know because I feel it to the very beginning of my being.  You have felt it, there is this feeling you get and it feels like your happiest memory.  Think back to a time when you knew that fantastic, exciting, eager feeling.  That was when you were connected to your inner source.  You have a God-given GPS, it shows you when you are in the right place and right time.  It is run by your emotions.  When you are happy, exhilarated, in a position of pure faith and no matter what others say, you will not turn from who you are because you know that source will never lead you into harm’s way. The source doesn’t judge, you are perfect, and you know you are here to learn, to evolve, to grow. The source doesn’t make you believe in anything you have not witnessed yourself, or make you doubt your emotions,  or make you earn the right to be there by following their teachings.  There is no judgment, no fear, no second guessing, there is the only truth, uplifting feelings, there is peace, and there is acceptance.

Like Abraham Hicks says, “There is great love for you here.”


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