The Path to least resistance

How in the world I was wondering the other day, do I get to a place where I choose the path of least resistance.  I didn’t realize until today I have started to do just that.  Today in a seminar I listened to, the lesson was about the path of least resistance. Isn’t it great that any question you ask an answer shows up?

I understand more each day that what I learned about the path of least resistance was wrong, in fact, it was a false teaching, the thought of least resistance was a lazy man’s way out of things, but what if the path of least resistance is indeed the way we are supposed to live?

Perfect example, if you want money to do things with, the path of least resistance would be not to work, now think about that. Would you manifest the money you want by not working?  Indeed the path of least resistance would be to find a job that would pay you the funds you want.  What if the path of least resistance was going to work, but seeing a reason to like going to work.  Could you then find a reason to enjoy and turn around the thoughts you had of hating work?? I mean that could work in anything that you are in resistance too right? Better yet maybe look into finding a job you might enjoy better.  Why stay at a place you hate.

I have for years believed and am finding others who have been under that same delusion, that life is supposed to be hard.  My mother always preached that you had to pick yourself up by the bootstraps and get back to work.  I would stay away from those things that made me very happy because they were to easy, and who hasn’t heard, anything worth having takes hard work? It didn’t matter what it was either, it could be a good grade in school, a relationship. A job, weight loss, a healthy body, and the list goes on and on. I always thought that love had to be really hard to have.  How about falling in love but then later in years you find that you’re not in love anymore?

Did the love change or did you change?  Did you evolve and the other person didn’t?

How dare you fall out of love with someone and fall in love with someone else.  Really?  Why is that such a bad thing? I am changing growing becoming, I am evolving, sometimes others don’t follow.  We wish they would but that doesn’t always happen, we have friends who come and go, why would marriage not see the same growth.  Isn’t marriage a friendship?  Why stay in a loveless relationship,  a friendship that is stressful, where there is no growth, for you or them??Why stay anywhere in life that isn’t a joyful, exciting, loving place??

Why are we taught to live a life of self-denial from who we are?  I am not here to live a life of constant sorrow.  Yet for 50 years I have done just that. Not every day was sad, depressing or wrong, I am so grateful for the growth I have been witness to.  I wouldn’t have known any better if I had not walked those difficult times.  I just didn’t have to camp there for all that time!!  Why deny joyful feelings, why live up to the expectations of others?  How was that working out for me?  Well, I saw around me a lot of domestic abuse, suicide, people killing others, illness and the list goes on and on.  When we are in resistance to who we are, not feeling the emotions that are showing up, which are showing us how we feel.  We are causing ourselves a lot of trouble for no reason! How lucky for me that the question I had been asking finally came to me. All I had to do is be still, let go of the chatter of others and listen.  The answers always show up, we just miss or ignore them.  I found that I didn’t have to live a hard, sorrowful life!  Life is easy when we go with the path of least resistance and allow our emotions to guide us to the best feeling we can find.

What if you lived life by your emotions?  What if you were given a guidance system that told you where you wanted to go, it not only showed you, but it was the most natural and happiest way to go.  What if that guidance system showed you the way you were meant to go? What if that guidance system was your emotions?

I have loved hard in my life, there are those who I knew belonged in my life, no doubt.  There are others that I believe are there to teach me how to use my guidance system.  The path of least resistance is part of that guidance system.  How many times have you had a fight with someone, and after you thought about it, you came to the realization that it was a waste of time?  If you could have had your emotions guide you to your best feeling which was to walk away, would you have walked away happy in your own world in your own beautiful thoughts? Wow, to walk away not saying something that makes you feel bad that you said it?  I would love to learn how to do that. In fact, that is what I am working on to date.

I have pushed away people that made me feel so alive, so happy, so eager to enjoy everything in this world and went back to those who make me feel the total opposite.  WHY?  Because it was the right thing to do by societies standards.

When I think about these feelings, I know I am onto something good. It feels good, it feels right.  It feels right it makes me happy I feel excited about these thoughts. I know I am right, my emotions are telling me my thoughts are dead on.  I should have let those people go, I should have chosen the path of least resistance. It would have been better to have loved and let go than to fight and fuss till there was nothing but a quiet uneasiness when around them.  It was my choice of course, but what would have happened if I had chosen the path of least resistance? What if I had taken the easy path, let go and allowed the other love I had created to flow carrying me on that beautiful stream of romance, adventure, new lessons, joy excitement, etc… It still can happen, I am not in resistance to those thoughts, dreams, and wishes anymore.  I can allow all those rockets of desires I had years ago, pick me back up, going with the flow!!

I am grateful and blessed for having followed the hard road, but I don’t have to continue to beat that dead horse. I have been there and done that, now to let go of the oars and allow my stream of desire to take me to that which I put off!!  I don’t have to stay in this place of resistance.  I can love, laugh, be who I want, I do not have to follow anyone else’s laws dictating how I should live.

HOW amazing to have that kind of control over my life. I can concentrate on those feelings that make me happy. I can walk away from those who are not in my vibrational frequency and allow them to be who they want to be.  I don’t have to do what I don’t want to do.  NO ONE CAN MAKE ME!!

I have been dancing around and play with the path of least resistance today.  I use my emotions to guide me.  If It doesn’t make me happy I find a soft noise to concentrate on.  I don’t want to bring into my life those things I do not want.  I think about what I want and before doubt can entire I either imagine what I want getting bigger or I find a clock to listen too so no doubt can enter.  It really sounds like work but it isn’t, it’s FUN!!  I have control over my thoughts, and I am watching where they go.  I want to bring into my life my desires, not by default but by purposely bringing those things I want into my life.

I have an excellent guidance system that will show me where to go.  All I have to do is trust it.  Following my emotions to the best feeling is my new go to.  Trusting your heart, WOW!




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