“My normal healthy state!”

I have been losing weight, not that I am doing anything different.  I am doing all that I did before.  Right whole foods, some junk food once in a while.  I exercise more or less by chasing my dogs, feeding the birds and cleaning house.  I haven’t changed anything but my connection to my source. I have changed my thoughts which has changed my beliefs.

I am joyful more times and than not, and that was the key to finding my health.  Sounds easy huh, it is, we humans have a way of making things hard. When I got out of my way, I watched as my life changed. I was causing the issues I was trying to find a cure for.

The first rule or better word belief, I needed to memorize was telling myself every morning as I look in the mirror, ” I am perfect the way I am, my body is in excellent health right now.”  My bodys healthy is normal! My bodys healthy is normal.  Our bodies are not meant to deteriorate!! I want to die or croak in a healthy body and I will!

You can appropriately depart your body without illness or pain. You need not attract illness or pain as an excuse to leave your body.  (You are free to choose otherwise)  Abraham Hicks

I have been relearning how to heal others.  Those who come to me are already improving, they just haven’t gotten out of their way to allow the healing they desire.  It is my job to help soften their misguided beliefs of finding a cure.  I  don’t need treatment, my body knows what it is doing, Then align with that desire to be well and allow the body the time and space to do just that.  Thinking worrying and stressing will not help the body to heal.

I am finding myself drawn to food or an herb.  I don’t look up its benefits for at least a couple of days. I use to look up an herb for its healing abilities or that I heard would cure this or that.  It never worked, and if it did, it was by pure luck or wishful thinking.  When I allow my Source to direct me to what sounds or feels like something I should try, I get excellent results! I am learning that all I need is my emotions to lead me to help my body know what to do!

All my life I was taught that I am either a number or an illness.  I am Neither. I am not a Disease that is not my name, and that is not who I want to be introduced as. I want to walk into my Doctors office and introduce myself as ( my name here) I want to say after he/she ask what are you here for,  “Nothing Doc, I’m in perfect health, I am happy with who I am. I love my life, and I am eager every day for all that I will overcome because I can.  I am in joy, and I just wanted you to know that.”

I was sitting having lunch the other day with my husband, and I overheard the other dinners talking.  Two ladies in their mid-fifties were speaking of their illnesses, their children’s diseases their parent’s illnesses.  The couple next to them were talking of the surgeries they had or were going to have.  The next couple the same, I could not find one person who wasn’t talking about their illnesses.  It was sad, but I understood.  The way this world is you can’t go through a tv show without seeing two to three commercials on medical conditions.  The nightly news full of a flu epidemic, your Facebook news, friends who are sick, broken-hearted, down and out, depressed, lost, confused, and the list goes on and on.  How can you not feel like illness is the new black the new way of life!

Wow, how our world has become obsessed with the diseases of the world.  YOU are not someone unless you have an ouchy! It’s become this way, no matter the way you communicate you see it all the time.  Let’s take Facebook as an example, I am not just picking on Facebook, it’s on Twitter, Pinterest email, phone call, text, snapchat, you name it, and we all do it, we become an illness.

Hey, how are you today?  I am sick have the flu I am sure, I have hot flashes. My diabetes is out of wack my energy is low, looks like I have surgery on this or that coming up, I’m depressed, I am angry I am getting old, I suck, she sucks, he sucks… and it goes on and on and on.  HELLO, WE ARE CREATORS!! WE CAN CREATE MORE THAN SICKNESS!!

I am a creator from a pure loving source, this is not my home, I am only here for a short time. WHY the HELL would I want to come here to suffer???!! OH OH I know, because we are not here to suffer!!

Believe it or not, you’re not sick.  Let me say that once more.  YOU”RE NOT SICK!!! You are in resistance to who you really are.  Your body knows how to heal and its normal state is HEALTHY!!  <—- HEALTHY!!

When I become out of whack with who I honestly am, which is a perfect ever loving spirit residing in a perfect human body, that knows how to heal itself with no outside help. Having a wonderful time learning to be in a world of diversity and controversy while learning to keep my joy and well being.  Then I become sick I get cancer, I get a disease or illness. But wait this is what is so cool.  YOU have a Choice! Tell them, Bob, what do they get… Well if you want to fight for your illness you get to… drum roll, please… KEEP YOUR ILLNESS.  Applause, hoots, and Hollers!!

How do you reconnect with who you indeed are? Stop defending illness and start connecting to your source.  I am both Non-physical and physical, I manifested my self into this body.  My source is where I came from, and it manifests everything that I want, and if I believe hard enough and fight to have it, it will manifest what I do not want!

The way that happens is that when I am not in the same vibration as my source.  I can either paddle like a mad person up the stream of life, or I can let go of the oars and go with my desires.  Everything you dream, desire, wish for, want, are all downstream!

I am not meant to have a hard life or a sick life.  I did not come here to live in sickness.  I came here to learn how to let go of resistance to those things that I have no control over.  When I allow myself to get into others business and it affects my joyful life, I get into resistance from where I was meant to be. When I fight, allow drama, stress, and living the way I do not want to, then I become in resistance to who I am.  My emotions help me to feel when I am not in alignment with my source. If I am happy, eager, excited, grateful, exhilarated, passionate, I am in the same vibration field as my source. I can go through anything and come out on the other side feeling amazing and able to see the lesson I was learning.   I am going downstream.  If I am angry frustrated, depressed, I camp on resentment, argument, people who pissed me off, for days, tell all my friends, coworkers, family and find ways to stay mad I am fighting with my vibrational me. I am not learning, I am paddling like a freaking nightmare upstream and  I am heading for illness.

It’s really that simple.

How do we find our source?  How do you connect back with who you truly are? How do we help your body do what it is meant to do?

Meditation!  Here I’ll even give you one to start with. See ya Tomorrow.

WWYHS  (What Would Your Heart Say)

One thought on ““My normal healthy state!”

  1. Oh I resonate with what you are saying so much 🙂 Getting out of my way is my endless quest. It is inspiring to see how much Abraham’s teachings had sank into you. Even through screen I can feel how strongly you believe in what you are saying. Thank you for sharing. All is well 🙂

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