I proved to myself that I am non-physical and physical at the same time.

It took me a couple of days to publish this. I find people have a hard time believing that they are never ending. I am find that I am never ending to be truth.

I went to see my mother Yesterday in the nursing home that is now her home. Or is it? I will admit I have not been there in months, one of my siblings goes, and I made sure and sent her flowers.   I know I was hiding from the truth of how she really is. As I have been working on Tuning in, tapping in, and turning on my source.

I felt her visiting me in her non-physical state.  How beautiful to feel that love that I had always wanted, the acceptance that I had worked so hard to get while she was here in the physical form called mom.

I wanted to make sure she is taking care of.  I know from my source that she is, but my learned doubt had me wondering if she really was.  I wanted to prove to myself that my emotions are always telling me the answers I seek. I believe we should make sure that what we hear and see from others and are experiencing is what we feel is the truth.  I am a seeker of knowledge and I don’t take anything at face value.  I love to make sure by a searching for the truth

. That is what makes me so dang special!! I think that we need to show ourselves that Source, which is where we come from, is a much better place to get information than from others who are learning just like we are.

I wanted to show myself that what I am feeling to be the truth is the truth, my mom is here in energy and not stuck in a dying body.

I bought her new clothes, I was worried how the whole visit would be, yet I felt calm as well.  I allowed my desire to manifest an enjoyable visit.  It’s what I wanted.

We were greeted by a beautiful resident who stays at the same facility that my mom is staying at.  I had no idea who she was, but in spirit, we knew each other very. She hugged my husband and me as if we were her very own children.  She was so happy to see us, and she kept telling us how love was all that this world needed. To accept one another in only that one way.  LOVE.  I was so excited to talk and hug her. Her name was Nora, and she was darling, and she made my visit the best to date!!

I felt she was sent from above to help me know that all was okay.  She was a sign of what I was desiring, a great visit.   She was of kindred spirit, and I knew we would see each other again really soon.  Nora sent us on to my mother’s room with these words. ” Have a great journey and enjoy I will see you soon I love you both.”  Of Course, I hugged her again and told her I loved her too.

My mom’s room was just down the hall. On the wall by the door of each room, there are the names of the residents that are in those rooms.  I knocked on the door and noticed the name plaque, there was Nora’s name besides my mom’s.  WOW, feeling joy and awe, how great that this lovely lady was a messenger. I felt as though she had prepared me for what I was there to discover.

My mom was not there, her physical body was but her spirit her soul was not in that body.  There was nothing there.  I touched my mom telling her I was there, and she emulated my actions, but that was all.  I felt more from my mom this past couple of days in her non-physical state.

I put her clothes up and tried to talk to her, but she wasn’t there.  My mom didn’t look like her, her usually big brown eyes were tiny on her face with no real color.  I felt that it was just the shell of the body with no energy.

I have been learning that our energy is both Non-physical and physical in reality.  I am not here, or there I am in both places.  We are in both areas at the same time. Wow, let that sink in. One foot in heaven and one foot here on Earth. The life I am learning about is that I am here to learn, but I am not only here I am still connected to the part of me that I come from. The way I see it is I am not two different parts of a whole, I am One source, but am able since I am pure energy to be in two places at once. People lied and told me I can’t be in two places at once.  Another lie smooshed!

I have read stories of near-death experiences, but I wondered if that indeed is the end of the story.  What if those who had the near death as they call it, just made that move back into their energy source for a moment, they needed to while the body came back into alignment for them.  Maybe they needed to so they could decide if they wanted to return or not and chose to go back to their body.  What if they remember the journey the way they did because they can not get their belief around the part that they are both non-physical and physical?

We are immortal we have been taught that we are not.  I do not believe we die.  I know we transition back into our energy source and we have a choice when we want to do that.   There is no hell it is a choice that one makes to check out of this experience we call life.  I am not here to live for a God that has no idea what life is about.  I do not believe that I come from a being that is hell-bent on punishing me for experiencing my own evaluation!! I am here to overcome limited thoughts while using my emotions to feel my way to the happiest life I can find.  I am my own creator and a mighty creator at that.

So here my mom is in a body that is not working, a brain that is so damaged by calcification and she is supposed to be trapped there till she dies.  NOPE don’t believe that for a moment.  I think that we can leave the body and go back to the body whenever we want, especially when something sever happens to it.

I believe we create illness because we are in resistance to who we really are.  I have always felt life is way more than I was taught!! I know because I am experiencing just that, much more than the limited fear-based thoughts.  Belief is just a thought you think about over and over.

I have witness energies of thought kill cancer and heal deadly diseases.  Energy is the gasoline for this body.   If I want to change my life, my belief, my shape, I have only to feel, think and allow my self to have what I  wish.  It’s too bad we learned differently due to conformity.

I witness this for myself, my mom I tell you was not in that body, she was in the room with us, but she was not in that body.  I feel that the medications they have her on are causing her body to continue on artificially. Our bodies are able to create a state we wish, if you are in resistance, live in drama or unhappiness, your body shows those beliefs in physical ways.  When we are happy, excited, in love or in a joyous state our bodies change and we feel lighter, better, healthier.

Is the use of modern medicine causing us not to learn and trust in healing ourselves?

The overuse of modern medicine, why would a caring medical team of those who have sworn to cause no more harm, keep alive a human shell just in the name of the law?  I bet you can guess, they know no better. Right now maintaining someone in this state only creates excessive monetary reasoning.  I know that my mom would rather have forgotten to breathe and transitioned back to her usual state of energy than to have to watch her human form be used for monetary gain.  What in science’s gain are they learning from causing this kind of condition? There is no medical science gain here.  Evolution is not happening or is it?  Is it that we are here to learn from the mess that is the science of medicine, is in fact, interfering with the choice of living, creating?

The answer I feel is that we are not using our emotions, we are not using our feelings. It is sad to realize that for 50 years I have lived in a forgetful state of who I truly am.  I am so much more than I was taught.  I am learning that I came here to Earth to learn how to deal with the diversity and controversy of this world. I knew before I entered this body that I was able to come to this perfect world and learn how to create joy and all I wanted through all the diversity that this world would provide me.  I am not here to save this world or others for the matter, the world is okay. I am in a perfect place to help myself evolve.  I am more than the illusions that are taught here.  I am here to experience emotionally all that I am.  It is what I chose before I came here.  I am also learning that I have every right to decided how I will deal with these limitations.  My evolution of self is the most critical thing in this lifetime. How fantastic to be here at this time on Earth.

Yesterday I found that what I knew in my heart, my inner being was right.  I have only to look inside for all the answers I need.  I am finding since awakening from the limited thinking and beliefs I had thought over and over, I am fantastic! I am not a two dimensional being having an experience for others I am here to evolve, love and be the best I can for me.  I have the choice to be well or sick, tired or energized, live or die, yet not really being dead but only transitioning back to my real self.  I come from a place of pure loving energy with many others.  I am here to learn to live the best life in the most joyful of ways.

My mom created the calcification in her brain, she knows that she caused what her body is projecting.  She knows why and has lived her lessons the best that she could.  She had the choice, and that is what I am learning from her.  My mom did the best she could with the knowledge and beliefs she had at the time.  I am grateful for the lessons her and I shared.  She taught me so much and I can now say how much I appreciate all that she helped me to learn.  Those diversities contribute to make me the person I am today.

The truth of the matter is my mom is not there in that shell, she is out here with me, and I can feel her every time I think of her. She is proud of me and loves me more than I could have ever imagined.   And that makes me feel Amazing!! She is not trapped in a dead body she is as free as me, in fact, we all are free. We only have to realize it.  She and I will do what we need to do, as medical takes care of her human shell.

She is with me, and we are having a great time. I am so glad that I visited her and proved to myself what I already know!



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