Why are you in resistance

I was meditating as I made my tea this morning, the snow coming down and the silence in the house made it very easy.  I notice that my body is sore today.  I had a rough couple of hours last night before heading to bed.  I wonder why? I had a great day, I got a lot done, and I felt like I was in the source for the day.  I still ended up in pain and sore this morning.  So my question to myself was what am I in resistance to.

I felt my way to the answer.  I have been teaching myself to find limitations all my life, I have shown myself that my body isn’t as healthy as it should be, place the reason here_____.  I know that is wrong.  It is not helping me to keep my vibration with my sources vibration.

The source is a vibration, as we all are vibrations.  If I am in different vibrations from my source than resistance happens.  I know this because my feelings help me to see. I will feel sad, depressed in pain I know I am not in the right vibration with myself.

The first step in resolving conflict is acknowledgment.  I had to acknowledge that I have learned that I have limitations when it comes to moving heavy objects, I was taught that I should have someone else lift for me. Why?  I guess because I am a girl and girls can’t lift as much as men.  Maybe because I felt I needed to be weak so I could make someone else feel stronger.   I have no reason other than that is what I have learned.  I know that I didn’t lift more than I could handle, but my mind was telling me I had.  My thoughts of limitation were working.

The second step is allowing the feeling to come and then finding relief.  I know I was alright lifting what I did, my body is much stronger than I was giving it credit.  I am healthy, but I am in resistance in allowing my body to do what it was meant to do.  I have been teaching myself illness due to outside forces.

It’s hard not to educate yourself into illness, just watching tv for an hour we see how many commercials for medicines are shown.  We are taught by our society that as we age, we start to break down.  WHY?  Our body is remarkable they can do things like kill cancer, mend bone, repair cells, it is only the thoughts in which we are taught that cause us to be in resistance of what our bodies are meant to do!

The third step allowing the source to come in and show me how healthy I am, I know I am healthy, I feel healthy, the body heals and knows what to do! I need to get out of the way by limited past thoughts.  I told myself that my body is healthy and can do what I want, it is only limited views that make me think I can’t. I loved myself with all my doubts and limited thoughts.

I Tapped in tuned in and turned on my vibration to the source that is always waiting to help, love and encourage me.  I allowed my feelings to guide me to the reason I was in resistance to a pain-free morning. I helped myself find a sense of power and joy, I am more than I was allowing myself to be. By the time my tea was made, I was not in pain anymore.  NO pills, no herbs, just pure love and thought!!

Here’s the crazy thing, last night I had this feeling come over me before the pain hit me.  I was sitting watching a cute movie while playing a favorite game and I got the most forlorn feeling, I felt lost and sad.  WHY?  I was doing nothing but enjoying.  I must have slipped off the vibrational hold I had and fallen back into the limited thoughts of doubt I use to be in all the time.  Doing the activity, I had, even though I enjoyed it very much brought up past false teachings and caused the pain I received due to the resistance it was causing me while I was in my source of energy.   I was in a state of resistance with where I am meant to be.  Life is about having joy, love, happiness, excitement, and all those incredible positive words.

I am so happy to be learning what I am.  I am more joy now than I have ever been.  I am more in love with life today than I have ever been.  Life and all the lessons I am experiencing are deliciously fantastic! I look forward to more, to feeling more and allowing resistance to show me how to blast away all those negative things I have learned.


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